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Cigna durable medical equipment providers

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After you receive approval of the Linkia site, you will need to contact your patient and ask that they call the site to make an appointment. The site information will have been given to them on their copy of the Linkia Referral Form. Once your patient has been approved to visit the Linkia office, all orthotic visits will be between the Linkia approved site and the patient.

To obtain a current list of referral options, please contact Linkia Provider Services at , option 1. If the patient has any questions about their specific plan coverage; they must call Cigna see back of ID card for contact information. For more information on Linkia's services and referrals, please visit their web site www.

DME other than Orthotics. Please remember that Cigna HealthCare will only reimburse network providers for chiropractic services that are listed on the Cigna HealthCare fee schedule, and then only if those services are covered under the member's specific plan. You must obtain a signed waiver from the member prior to providing services attesting to the member's agreement to receive and pay for the specific DME recommended.

Both the waiver and the verification of benefits form must be maintained in the patient's health care record. If your patient needs DME, other than orthotics, please call eviCore at When you call, please choose option 3 "Durable Medical Equipment".

Following the prompts, an eviCore representative will assist you with completing your DME request. Health Network Solutions, Inc. HNS stands alone as the oldest and largest chiropractic network in the Southeast. Current News. Search Entire Site Search. Please follow the instructions below when referring a patient to Linkia for orthotics: While your patient is in your office, please ask them to choose one of the authorized Linkia locations that is most convenient for them to visit.

Back to Top. You can avoid adverse determinations and disruptions in your treatment plans by revisiting prior authorization requirements regularly and ensuring timely notification for admissions.

Complete policy details are available at MedicareProviders. Cookies are not enabled, for best results please enable cookies. Toggle navigation Menu. Provider Manuals. Provider Manual Nonparticipating Provider Manual. Provider Resources.

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WebIf referring Cigna HealthCare members to a DME vendor, HNS providers must refer members only to the approved Cigna DME vendor. DME - ORTHOTICS Please . WebDurable Medical Equipment Precertification Request Form Disclaimer statements and attestation Precertifications will be given for medically necessary services only: it is not a . WebCigna contracts with Medicare to offer Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO plans and Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) in select states, and with select State Medicaid .