conduent a bad job
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Conduent a bad job cognizant outlook 365

Conduent a bad job

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The job is heavily customer-service oriented and you will use your communication skills a Pros Occasional free food, 1 hour lunches, two 15 minute breaks a day. Cons Less pay than what would be expected, but understandable for a contracted company. I was a former employee of this company and the company started an "initiative " what they were doing was if you got a bad review from a customer you were sent home without pay and written up for it.

They eventually got rid of sending people home without pay but I happened several times to employees I knew. Customers sometimes left bad reviews and they didn't always explain why so their was no explanation as to why they got a bad review. Working under these conditions is horrible the desks were falling apart the computers were slow and there is a constant bed bug situation here as well as the main general manager is a horrible woman.

We aren't allowed to bring stuff like water bottles or food into the building it must be placed in the lockers and if we brought a coat we must wear the coat when at our desk or put it in the locker. The company also did not provide locks so either you had to go out and buy a lock or leave your stuff in an unsafe locker and there was no guard to look after the lockers so anyone could steal anything. There was also a major issue of people stealing other peoples food.

I had my food stolen 3 different times. And nothing was done to fix it for myself or others. Also we did have a break room.

Your not supposed to bring your phones to your desks for customer privacy reasons which seemed total justified but they started making it so no one could bring their phones into the break room which was no where near a computer or customer information so why would Pros Nothing.

Cons Everything. I wanted to stay with them long term. I had worked for them from January all the way to September. I literally believed around July that I was going to be here for closer to years to help get through college.

Rude costumers I can handle, and I love the satisfaction I got from calming down an irate customer and became almost best friends at times with people over the phone. My OM at first was a pretty cool guy, but I'll get to him shortly. Both my supervisors were strict, and my first one was demoted because of our team's stats and attendance. At first I felt bad for him, but literally with what he kept pushing and what the 2nd supervisor kept pushing eventually caused me to leave Before I was selected to do graveyards which had the pay differential I was looking for, I had killer stats, I met their requirements and tied for 1st in my training team.

Well because my stats showed a little fluctuation mind you it was never poor satisfaction and was either almost at their goal or at their goal , these supervisors kept pushing for scripts for me to read to keep it above passing.. After the demotion of my first supervisor and in came the second, it still suffered. Eventually a quality trainer asked me during my last month of express you could only be there for 2 months tops why my stats haven't improved and finally let me on a li Cons Management, Stat requirements, Supervisor peer pressure for scripting.

The hiring process was complicated and lengthy, leading me to believe and hope I was setting up for a job that might work out well and last some time. This turned out not to be the case. Training classes are either very early, or very late, which does make a more difficult start to the experience.

I will say the training staff is great and the training experience was good, other than the schedule. The very best part of the job is the people you'll meet and work with there. Unfortunately, it is after training that you are thrown into the full reality of the job. A typical day involves mostly stressful calls, with mostly unhappy, rude and impatient customers. In my brief experience this applies to both customer care and tech support.

Tech support is usually more stressful and unpleasant because customers have already been on the phone for some time and are usually extremely impatient. No matter how much all the provided information and resources provided to us was emphasized during training, I found that way too often it did not provide the answer or technical resolution i needed for the customer. It was a regular occurance to have technical issues which kept me from accessing a particular article or information that I had to hope just might answer the customers question or issue.

Too often the step by step information provided that we were supposed to use for technical fixes did not solve the customer's problem.

Immediately after training, I had to work too many ho Pros Training staff, supportive people and friendly coworkers.

Cons customers, short breaktime, stats, stressful and negative work environment, not enough supervisory or coaching support after training. It's a call center. If you choose to work at Conduent you will be providing technical support to a client that makes phones,mp3 players, tablets and computers both laptop and desktop. When you first start out you'll be learning to troubleshoot software issues with the phones, mp3 players and tablets. If you do well you will be given the opportunity to move on to working with the computers.

It's a pleasant walk and can be made shorter by figuring out shortcuts. There is a ton of room for advancement. I was only there 7 months, but was "promoted" multiple times. And by that I mean I was given the role of mentor for the new hires on the floor, trained to assist the new employees with their first calls and moved on to work on the computers.

From there you can be promoted to a tier 2 employee and fill more of a supervisor role if a call if too difficult or the customer just isn't getting what they need from you, they are who you escalate to.

And with each new skill, from phones to computers to tier 2 you will get pay raises. Everyone on the management team is supportive and willing to help in both a professional and personal manner. I was experiencing some trouble at home and brought the issue to my direct supervisor and the floor manager, just so they were aware of any issues this might have with my employment.

Advisor Istanbul Mar 29, Working from home Answered Jul 2, How often do you get a raise at Conduent? When you get a promotion Answered Jan 14, What is the promotion process like at Conduent? Apply after 6 months and be considered Answered Jan 16, Once your hired and get a promotion you get a raise Answered Jan 14, What is a typical day like for you at Conduent?

Very busy Answered Oct 20, Providing patients and providers with information about benefits, claims, insurance. Answered Oct 19, If you were to leave Conduent, what would be the reason? The pay is ridiculous. People are jumping ship left and right and nobody is applying so the people stuck here are experiencing burnout. Answered Mar 7, What are they there for?

Especially for new hires? You put your questions in a que and wait for an answer. There is no chat room for processors. That is crazy to me. Definitely lack of support and teamwork. Everyone is on their own. Answered Nov 4, Customer Service Representative 16 salaries reported.

Call Center Representative 10 salaries reported. Senior Service Associate 1 salary reported. Associate 2 salaries reported. Pay New hire forms to include Whether you are hiring a single employee , or an entire department of Temporary employee laws: A guide to hiring contract roles The labor market is a strange place right now.

A shift towards What to include in a termination letter: Template and examples Handling involuntary termination is a likely occurrence for human resources managers and.

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United States. Conduent Inc. Working at Conduent Inc. Logos provided by. Find out what you should be paid Use our tool to get a personalized report on your market worth.

What's this? United States change. Well its a good company. Just my department. Pros: Its always friendly and open to our opinions. Cons: The people that i work with. Customers do not understand that good customer service doesn't mean saying yes to their every demand. This makes the job even more difficult on a daily basis. Pros: I like interacting with my colleagues.

Cons: The clients needs are placed over that of the actual employees. This is a good job. Pros: I like being able to share my skills with new employees and help give them the skills to be successful in this job. Cons: My local pay is not enough to pay rent. Love what I do, but low paid. Pros: The employees and peers I work with. Cons: Low pay for work delivered. Not an environment conducive for growth. Service Delivery Manager in Secaucus:. Managers are great but the company doesn't value it's current US employees.

No Good work, lot of outside hinderances. Pros: Team is great, atmosphere is cordial. Pros: I enjoy the duties I perform in my role, as managing projects, and auditing compliance to SLA's, and client standards is well suited for an someone who is self-motivated, and detail-oriented.

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If you would like to be contacted about new positions at conduent, please check here. Email Frequency Daily Weekly Monthly. Sign Up. If you click to sign-in above, you will be added to the conduent talent network.

Your information will not be shared or sold. Connect with an expert. Bilingual Customer Experience Associate I. Call Center - Customer Experience Associate. Call Center Associate. Call Center Customer Care Associate. Call Center Supervisor. Catherine Parish. Customer Care Associate - Call Center. Customer Experience Associate. Customer Experience Associate I.

James Parish. Kingston Parish. Customer Experience Associate II. Customer Experience Associate IV. Customer Service Representative. Receives, processes, and ensures document classification are completed and transmitted to clients. People with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation to apply for or compete for employment with Conduent may request such accommodation s by clicking on the following link, completing the accommodation request form, and submitting the request by using the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.

At Conduent, we value the health and safety of our associates, their families and our community. What job title, keywords. Where city, state, country. Home View All Jobs Performs tasks based on established procedures.

General Profile Ability to perform analytical and operational processes. Entry-level position with limited requirements for licenses, training, and certifications.

Applies experience and skills to complete assigned work. Works within established procedures and practices. Works with a close degree of supervision.

Functional Knowledge Has basic skills in a range of processes, procedures and systems. Business Expertise Understanding of how best teams integrate and work together to achieve company goals. Impacts a team, by example, through the quality service and information provided.

Follows standardized procedures and practices. Receives close supervision and guidance. For consistency, methods and tasks are described in detail. Leadership Has no supervisory responsibilities. Problem Solving Ability to problem solve, self-guided. Has limited opportunity to exercise discretion.