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Cognizant code for extended stay america list of highmark hospitals

Cognizant code for extended stay america

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But that may be the point. Our survey revealed the various ways and reasons black employees code-switch, as well as some of the effects. To answer this question, we designed an online experimental study for almost black and white participants recruited on CloudResearch and living in the U. The participants were instructed to imagine themselves as recently hired employees at a law firm in a large city. On average, white participants evaluated code-switching behaviors positively and perceived those who engaged in these behaviors as more professional — particularly when black employees adjusted their hairstyle to better fit the norms of the dominant group.

Appearances matter. In contrast, black participants disparaged the fictitious black lawyers who intentionally engaged in code-switching to fit in at work, and evaluated them as less professional.

If they can pronounce every other name they can pronounce mine…. Use of the English language is understandable, especially in her profession. Ultimately, our research clearly shows that minorities who code-switch are likely to face a professional dilemma: Should they suppress their cultural identity for the sake of career success? Or should they sacrifice potential career advancement for the sake of bringing their whole selves to work? This dilemma not only poses career and psychological risks for individuals, it also damages organizations, which may miss out on the distinct perspectives and contributions from racial minorities who are uncomfortable being themselves in the workplace.

In light of our research, we offer the following recommendations for companies and racial-minority professionals about the complexities of code-switching at work. Evaluate company culture. Organizations must examine how their workplace culture may create pressure for minorities to code-switch.

For example, even when a company encourages employees to bring their authentic selves to work, racial-minority professionals may still perceive that doing so risks appearing unprofessional. Companies should consider if they are asking their black employees to do something that they will then be punished for. Specifically, are you asking black employees to bring their whole selves to work only if they also assimilate with dominant cultural norms?

Tackle underrepresentation at all levels. Part of the reason black employees feel pressure to adjust their cultural-identity expression within the workplace is the chronic problem of minority underrepresentation in these environments. Ensuring that people of color are represented at all levels of the organization will make their cultural identities — including hairstyles, interests, and speech patterns — normative and acceptable. That said, we believe that company diversity efforts that solely seek to increase the number of black employees, without questioning the inclusivity of the environment, are bound to fail.

As found in our data, code-switching also occurs when there are roughly equal numbers of black and nonblack employees, which suggests that diversifying organizations is only part of the solution. Consider inclusion separately from diversity. Research shows that valuing diversity is not enough to reduce discrimination toward minorities.

In addition to focusing on diversity, organizations need to create inclusive environments for employees to feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. This includes collecting information on employees who are segmented by their social identities and collecting qualitative data for underrepresented group members whose experiences may not register in a quantitative survey.

Creating inclusive environments that work for everyone is challenging, however. Our research finds that black employees demonstrate less effort to code-switch when organizations deny or overemphasize cultural differences. Inviting these conversations demonstrates that the company values black employees beyond their individual contributions to the bottom line.

Additionally, employers can ensure that all of their employees feel included by addressing the presence of differences and need for inclusion while simultaneously valuing fairness and meritocracy. Companies can explicitly state a desire to foster an inclusive workplace that both values differences and also seeks the most qualified individuals to join the company. Taking it a step further, organizations can also create policies and rules that reflect these values, such as criteria for interviewing and hiring candidates that promote differences and meritocracy.

Practice inclusive behaviors. Leaders can be curious and learn about cultural differences and intentionally invite black employees into their networks and actively listen to their input. Start with yourself. Is there an identity that is important to you that you may be hiding or downplaying in the workplace? By bringing more of yourself to the table, you may encourage others to do the same. Recognizing your own differences can reveal which parts of you are not welcome at work, deepening your understanding of the professional dilemmas that black employees encounter when they bring their whole selves to the workplace.

Check your biases. Where do those thoughts come from? Engaging in this line of questioning promotes being curious about your biases rather than asking black people to explain their differences. Strategic code-switching. Given that black participants evaluated code-switching negatively compared to white participants in our research, it is important for black employees to strategically code-switch, if necessary, in a way that maximizes professional gains and minimizes psychological and social distress.

For example, previous research found that same-race mentoring provides more social and psychological support than cross-race mentoring. Black employees who strive to suppress their racial identity may miss out on these invaluable relationships. On the other hand, high-profile careers are typically obtained through networking with and being referred by powerful organizational members, who are typically white and male. In this case, code-switching may increase access to important career opportunities.

Several participants shared how they code-switch strategically at work. It has been a journey to find that balance in being my true self as a black woman in a predominately white, elite space. Given the range of career experiences racial minorities have, we recommend that they consider the following when deciding whether or not to code-switch:. Assess your environment. During interviews, onboarding, or joining a new team, it is important to assess when and how others are expressing themselves, and whether they believe you will fit their environment.

Are employees behaving differently when senior leaders are present compared to their normal behavior? Are you encouraged to adjust your behavior and appearance depending on the context?

For example, are you being asked to meet with black clients but are less visible on projects that involve nonblack clients?

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