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Adventist health system marketing accenture stock

Adventist health system marketing

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Now we've changed the way healthcare systems market across the country. Cancer doesn't fight fair. That's why it was our job to make sure their advertising message didn't either. We pulled no punches when it came to this important brand attack. Outreach is the core to any good healthcare system. Adventist asked Michael Walters Advertising to contribute to this cause and we were glad to help. Sometimes the most important thing we do as an advertising agency has nothing to do with advertising.

Although surpassing our quantitative goals feels great, the best kind of feedback we receive comes from community members.

Patti Hobin from Tehachapi wrote to the local newspaper to explain how her husband's decision to visit Adventist Health Bakersfield was influenced directly by the TV ads we created; it brought him to the doctors who saved his life. Excerpt from the Bakersfield Californian. For Adventist Health Bakersfield, we featured local residents and staff to become a trusted partner and stop patient migration.

Healthcare Marketing For The People, Spoken By The People When Adventist Health was looking to find its voice to market to the community, we suggested using the voices and stories of the people whose lives we changed.

Here's Our Plan. Q: What has been your organization's most effective patient engagement tool to stay connected with patients during the pandemic?

LD: Virtual care and patient portal usage have dramatically increased due to the pandemic. These tools are paramount for engagement since people want convenient access to their physicians from the comfort of their home. The digital experience is now more important than ever. We are working at a record pace to enhance existing platforms and release new tools.

Timelines have changed from years to a matter of months. We added a virtual assistant to help website visitors check symptoms, find a location or physician, access patient services and better navigate the site. Q: How will Kyruus' patient-provider matching software affect your overall patient engagement strategy?

LD: The Kyruus patient-provider matching software makes it easier to find and schedule an appointment with the right physician at the right time on the Adventist Health website and patient portal.

This ultimately improves the online experience, increases access and gives patients more control over their own care. LD: We are continuing the move from transactional encounters with patients towards deeper, lifelong relationships as we continue to focus on the complete experience across the full care continuum.

The digital experience is a core part of that journey. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy.

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Adventist HealthCareMissing: marketing. Adventist Health System Org Chart 58 Employees in Marketing Charles Lambert Scientific Director, Adventhealth Research Institute, West Florida Division 4 5 Sy Saliba Vice President . Adventist Health is more than a healthcare system. We provide whole-person care to our communities and champion the greater good—from the operating room to the boardroom, we Missing: marketing.