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The formulary revision process considers manufacturer rebates, payments from drug manufacturers for low placement on PBM Pharmacy Benefit Manager formularies, along with average cvs health store in california price AWPdrug availability, and bulk discounts when choosing at which co-pay a brand name drug should be placed. Jn cares forpatients annually through a national network of more than 85 locations as well as the largest home infusion network cs the United States. I'm already a fan, gealth show this again. Review the Patch Community Guidelines. Subscribe to Patch's new newsletter to be the first to know about open houses, new listings and carefirst jew. The update comes after at least eight deaths are said to have occurred since then. Bloomberg -- Oil steadied as traders looked to a revival in Chinese demand this year after data showed that the economy fared better than expected last quarter, with further clues on the outlook to come in an OPEC analysis.

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Allison kreglow epicor software corporation

WinSCP can Audit history in Workspace. Click Day PQ switch. With its to platform-specific or computers options, MySQL any purpose, also supports in the. What am colors only. To establish can check if you have been added to the communi about it.

Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. Sign up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker.

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Department of Agriculture U. Extension Service U. Down through the years, John Deere trac- tors and equipment have convincingly proved their ability to boost farming profits. Not because of any one feature. Right now is a good time to talk with your John Deere dealer about your tractor and implement requirements for the season. Write to John Deere, Moline, Illinois, for free literature.

Mention model of tractor and type of equipment you are interested in. There is no obligation. Shown with Planter-Fertilizer. GPX resists all the ordinary wood-wearing factors: abrasion, weather, fungi, mold, grease, oils, animal residue and puncturing. Range shelters are easy to make with FO big, easily handled sheets of GPX, some chicken wire and a few studs. Ask your le ont ally. It carries a payload of milk cans and pails and will stand up under excessive moisture.

If you plan to build a concrete milking. You can use them over and over again. Bale Loaders Bale Ties Baler Twine Barns, Steel Barn Cleaners. Bean Harvesters cedii Seekeepers Equipment. Benches, Shop eat. Boilers, Farm Calf meee Pails Corn Shellers, eaten Corn Shredders Cream Separators Crop Blowers Crop Dryers.

Farm Freezers Farm Management Service. Feed i Feed Mixers Allis-Chalme rs Mfg. American Cyanamid Co American Zine Inst. Anchor Serum Co. Ariens Co. Arvey Corp. Association Films" Beacon Steel pyccane Co Bostrom-Brady Mfg. Co Cable 80 Milking aneee-. Brower Mfg. Case Co. DaLite Screen Co. Dearborn Motors Corp. Doane Ag.

Service, Inc. Douglas Fir Plywood Assn. Edwards Laboratory Egsaver Nests, Inc Flinchbaugh Co. Forney Mfg. Gehl Bros. Forage Blowers. Forage Harvesters Forge Tools Fuel Pumps.

Germinators, Seed Glass peal Glue Pots Grain Seeders Hay Carriers. Hay Choppers. Hay Drying Fans Hay Forks Insecticides Insulation Irrigation rege. Intercommunication Systems. Interval Timers Land 7. Hudson Mfg. James Mfg. Johns-Manville Corp. LaMotte Chem. Products Lantz Mig. Mastitis Testers Milk Can Hoists.

Milk Can Racks Milk Coolers.. Milk Filters. Field Nails, wore, Posie Wire. Office Suplies. Paints Paint Remover. Pharmaceuticals Phenothiazine Pig Brooders. Planes, Hand Plastic, Liquid. Potato Planters Poultry Fountains Poultry Pickers Rotary Tillers. National Ag. Supply Co. Growers Poultry Tribune. Radio Corp. Schwartz Mfg. Co Seedburo Equip. Co Shell Chemical Corp. Siebring Mfg. R Standard Brands, Inc. Sterling Research Corp.

Siding Silo Unioaders.. Snow Plows Soil Augers Soldering Irons Spark Plugs Sterilizers, Dairy. Strip Cups Stone Pickers Stump Pullers Subsoilers in Suger Beet Loaders. Sulfonamides Tank Heaters. Grit Co. Sudbury Laboratory Plant Food.. Research Taylor Fur Co. Sees, Van Nostrand Co.

See immediate mortality in acute fowl cholera of chickens, turkeys, FREE for the asking and pheasants. Sulfaquinoxaline-fed flocks show better feed efficiency and better market quality. Throughout under a wide variety of climatic conditions. It is evident that Your feed or remedy dealer supplies Sulfaqui i.

It is in the form of y the coccidia did not become feed mixtures, premixes, solutions, tablets, or soluble powder. Since elevators, seed houses, and processing plants have come to Seedburo for quality equipment— have sought the scientific aid of ex- perienced Seedburo men in the solution of their most puzzling problems.

The necessary equipment for such grading—mois- ture testers, weight-per-bushel test- ers, probes, scales, dockage, sieves and samplers are all illustrated and described in the page Seedburo Catalog. Send for your free copy today. He took a more active part in promoting the Rural Electrification Administration when he became Secretary of Agriculture in , succeeding Henry Wallace. This led to his becoming REA Admin- istrator in In , when Wickard became Secretary, 3 out of every 10 farms were served by central station electric power.

Today more than 86 out of every farms have electric service. In 10 years the number of farms receiving electricity has been almost tripled. Six out of every 10 farms receiving electricity get their power through REA-financed cooperatives. Equally important is the fact that the use of electricity per farm has more than doubled during that year period. During the past two years more than a million new farm connections have been made. It is not ex- pected that percent rural electrification can be attained, but REA officials say they expect to reach 95 out of within the next three or four years.

The present PMA set-up outside of Washington will not be disturbed. The field agencies will con- tinue to handle activities in production, storage, distribution and related fields. Ralph S. Trigg, chief of PMA, has direct charge of Department activi- ties under the defense program. He has made several staff and organiza- tional changes in order to carry out that program.

The new line-up of PMA agencies includes: An Office of Materials and Facilities will supervise the over-all de- termination of requirements for machinery, equipment, materials, and services needed in connection with production, processing, transportation and handling of food and other agricultural commodities.

This new office is headed by L. An Office of Requirements and Allocations is the central coordinating point for development and determination of over-all food supply availa- bility and requirements, allocations, production adjustments, and related programs.

Head of this new agency is F. Usually, only one tube is necessary for successful treatment. Stable, non-toxic, non-irritating. Clear ointment--won't discolor milk. Note, in the cross-section photograph above, how Easy to use. Treatment is a treated quarter. One tube of Squibb Ointment, con- matter of seconds. No syringe required. For accurate diagnosis, consult your Veterinarian. Memb Cc Hed Circulati Audit. November, Publication Staff J. Chairman of the Board Leslie A. Vice Pres. Assistant Editorial Director Herbert L.

Editor Ray A. Box , Palo Alto, Calif. Wabash Avenue, Chicago 1, Ill. Phone Central McDonald-Thompson Market St. Sixth St. Terminal Sales Bidg. All right reserved. All single copies 20 cents each.

All subscriptions start with current issue. If you change your address, notify us direct and give both your old and new address when send- ing notification of change. Always state whether your subscription is new or renewal; please renew by the same name and initials.

Printed in U. Phone Exchange Bldg. You might say that 12 months work has gone into this issue. Scores of people have cooperated with us and have sent to us names, addresses, titles, and other information concerning a varied number of agencies and organizations. This directory issue might be compared to a dictionary. We have tried to present a complete list of organizations and personnel which might at some time or other be of help to you.

As each directory issue is planned, we attempt to make it more com- plete than the one preceding it. New headings are added. New organiza- tions listed. Suggestions sent to us by readers are considered in planning the issue. This means, of course, that many of the monthly departments are purposely omitted so that we can publish an enlarged directory. For some of you, this will be the first directory issue which you have received.

We sincerely hope that it will help you do your job more effi- ciently and that you will use it throughout the coming year. Most agricultural leaders receive many monthly magazines. The con- stant pressure of work forbids the complete reading of each and every magazine. However, we believe this issue is too valuable to glance at hurriedly and push aside.

Keep it handy and let it help you in your work. As a suggestion, perhaps you can index this issue with index tabs. We do this in Watt Publishing Company and find it increases the usefulness of the issue. Departments, names, and needed information can be found easily with the use of tabs. Perhaps you, too, will find this convenient. So, here it is. We will appreciate your comments, criticisms, and sug- gestions. Schaller, editor.

This issue is the fifth annual directory issue which has been published. For green pastures represent wise stewardship of the soil—offer an abundance of feed, rich in proteins and minerals for live stock. You've probably read, in previous B-F SuperSol ads, what foremost feeders every- where say about the excellent results they get by feeding their cattle this high- vitamin, high-protein supplement. Try it yourself and you'll see why the men who know their cattle best choose B-F SuperSol!

Va Hereford Farm. Available in pellet or granular form. Motion Picture Service, Chief—C. Lind- strom Division of Publications, Chief—M.

Merrill Yearbook—aAlfred D. Richardson pare of Entomology and Plant Quarantine —G. Bran- nan Under Secretary—Clarence J. Carey, Nathan Koenig, William A. Minor, Edward J. Wells ences Chief—-Foster F. Spencer Constiananien Animal and Dairy papeey a. Marston Crop Production—E. Hilbert Assistant fe F. Speh, G. Irving, r. Donovan, J. Matchett, W. Scott Food Adviser to the Chief—H. Stevens Microbiology Research—M. Logan, Beltsville Ragipeertas Services--H.

Byerly, Assistants—Thomas H. Bartilson, N. Raliegh, Beltsville Genetics—R. Schott acting , Beltsville Horses and Mules—S. Spee kh. Bird, Beltsville Sheep and Gonts D. Spencer, Beltsville Swine—J. Clarkso n Interstate Inspection Division—T.

Cole Meat Inspection Division—A. Miller Pathological Division-—H. Reed — Chiefs—J. Kemper, R. Holm nwille and Physiology—L. Annand Associate Chief—Avery 8. Hoyt Assistant Chiefs—Fred C. Bishopp, William L. Sievert A. Rohwer, Ralph A. She Insect Pest ervey and Information—Gilbert aeuss. Division of Insect Identification—Carl F. Weiss d and Nutrition—Esther L.

Salter, Beltsville —— a A. McCall, F. P Parker, A. Morrison, Beltsville Assistant Director—H. Gunning Curator of Living Plants—O. Jacob, Beltsville Soil Survey—c. Mehl Assistant Administrator—Rodger R. Dagens Deputy Governors—R. Farrington, Edward F.

Seiller Acting Vow Hemstreet F. Murphy Chief—V. Connor Graphic Section—John 8S. Kennedy ai Sever ener Cc. Smith torekeeper—-L. Lintecy, Jr. Rossiter ssistant Director—A. Watts Ansietent Chiefs—C. Gran Howard Ho E. Granger en of Timber Management—lIra J. Salmond Division of Engineering—A. Gustafson Forest Research Divisions—E. Kotok Division of Forest Management—L. Chapline — of Forest Products—George W. Crafts Division of Forest Influences—E.

Trigg Deputy Administrator—Frank K. Tho Assistant. Hil Agricultural , a Programs Branch, irector—A. Walker Dairy Branch, Director—P. Nelson vase and Oils Branch, Director—G. Smith Livestock Branch, Director—H. Crow Poultry Branch, Director—W. Wickard Deputy Administrator—George W. Haggard Assistant Administrator—William C. Assistant Chief—-Jefferson C.

Abbot, homas L. Gaston, Jr. Engineering Division—Thomas B. Davis Range Division—Frederic G. Jones Division—Grover F,. Wilson, director of extension work W Hz. Conway, assistant director H. Williamson, assistant director P. Kepner, assistant to the director Technical Analysis H. Gilbertson T. Harvey Frances E. Hochbaum, chief Edward W. Aiton, extension agriculturist, 4-H club work, Eastern states Florence L.

Hall, home economist, Eastern states Eunice Heywood, field agent, home demon- stration work, Southern states Mona Hogan, field agent, home demonstra-: tion work, Southern states Fred C. Potter, field agent, Eastern states Madge J. Reese, field agent, Western states Charles A. Sheffield, field agent, Southern states Erwin H. Shinn, agriculturist, 4-H club work and with Negroes Ray A. Turner, agriculturist, 4-H club work, Central states Gertrude L. Warren, 4-H club work organi- zation Field Headquarters T.

Campbell, field agent in Negro work. Tuskegee, Ala. Mitchell, field agent in Negro work, Hampton, Va. Boatman, chief Agricultural Section S. Lyle, in charge R. Haskell, extension plant pathologist and acting horticulturist A.

Holman, extension agricultural engi- neer M. Jones, extension entomologist C. Lowe, extension animal husbundman H. Pringle, extension rural electrification specialist J. Sanders, extension cotton agronomist H. Shrader, extension poultryman A. Sowder, extension forester western and central W.

Tascher, ist central K. Warner, extension meat specialist W. Williams, extension forester north- eastern and southern Field Headquarters J. Oglesbee, Jr. Pendleton, extension cotton ginning specialist South Ervay St. Ivan D. Wood, specialist Colo. Home Economics Section Mary A. Rokahr, in charge Alice Linn, extension clothing specialist Mrs. Lydia A. Lynde, extension specialist in parent education Evelyn L. Dixon, chief L. Vaughn, in charge, farm management and general economics section V.

Gilman, extension economist, Western states L. Schruben, in charge, dairy, meat ani- mals and poultry section E. Johnson, in charge, consumer educa- tion and marketing information section Loa E. Davis, extension economist L. Paramore, in charge, general crops section. Hornung, extension economist O. Johnson, extension economist Elin L. Anderson, extension specialist in rural health services E.

Niederfrank, extension rural sociologist Charles W. Hauck, in charge, fruit and vegetable section Homer S. Porteus, extension economist Jane Steffey, economic analyst E. Callahan, extension economist South- ern states M. Lacy, extension economist P. Findlen, extension marketing economist Field Headquarters W. Electrical Equipment Hand- book Here is a book which was pri- marily designed as a practical help to county extension workers. Vo-ag teachers, too, will find it of great help.

It presents in simple, non- technical language, descriptions of electrical farm equipment and infor- mation about such equipment. Schlup, chief Ralph M. Fulghum, assistant chief Ellen J. Hall, assistant Walter A. Lloyd, information specialist Harry P. Mileham, information specialist Althea E. Thacker, information specialist Joseph D. Tonkin, radio specialist Clara B.

Power, in charge, art unit George C. Pace, visual aids specialist Carter N. Bealer, editor Elizabeth Smith, editor Edwin C. Michaelis, publications A California farmer reports this remarkable service from his New Ipea Spreader. An Illinois cattle feeder writes of fine results still delivered by a New Ipea bought in So they come in from every part of Gladys Gallup, assistant chief prerbence Act eee tg flocs eget Cannon C.

Hearne, extension educationist Flared, Non-choking Bed. Wilson, chief ber—outlosts other types by Edward O. Moe, educationist ae htc Lucinda Crile, extension analyst Laurel K. Sabrosky, extension analyst Amy Cowing, extension educationist C. Herman Welch, Jr. For example: Improvements iz the famous New Inga distributor design assure even finer shredding -— uniformly wider spreading.

There's a more massive drive sprocket -—-extra powerful extra durable, exceptionally smooth-running. There are stronger self-aligning inders and distributor. Tenley, chief J. Speidel, assistant to the chief Plenty of Driving Power. But the same honest to goodness work manship — the same original policy of quality without compromise — will never be changed! Moving Soon? The post office now requires the subscriber to report address changes direct to the publisher.

If you fail to report your change, you may miss one or more issues. Please send your old address as well as your new ad- dress. Write today if you are moving soon. It will help us serve you promptly. Positive Pulverizing. Wide Spread Distributor does an unexcelled job of pulverizing and spreading. Handles toughest manure easily. Earl J. Commissioner of Education R. Commissioner for Vocational Education W. Tenney—Subject Matter H. Swanson—Teacher-Training; R.

Naugher—Part-Time and Evening A. Hollenberg—Farm Mechanics W. Elam—Program Planning; E. Cammack, Montgomery Cannon, Montgomery. Culver, Auburn. Sellers, Auburn. Gibson, Auburn : Faulkner, Auburn. Dilworth, Auburn. Green, Auburn. Dailey, Montgomery. McQueen, Tuskegee Institute E. Cullison, Phoenix H. Miller, Phoenix R. Cline, Tucson W. Wilkey, Little Rock S. Mitchell, Little Rock T. White, Monticello O.

Seymour, Arkadelphia J. Smith, Sacramento Byron J. Everett, San Jose H. Hutchings, San Luis Obispo M. Luther, San Jose R. Pedersen, Fresno J. Burlingham, San Luis Obispo S. Sutherland, Davis George P.

Couper, San Luis Obispo. Lawson, San Luis Obispo SMS W. Maynard, San Jose J. Toone, Sacramento Max A. Comstock, Denver I. Elliott, Denver R. Canada, Fort Collins Early, Fort Collins Hahn, Hartford W. Howard Martin, Storrs Heim, Newark W. Mowlds, Dover Paul M. Northrop, Gainesville J. Smiti h, Gainesville E. Garris, Gidneaville W. Loften, Gainesville L. Marshall, Tallahassee G. Conoly, Tallahassee Mobley, Atlanta. Walters, Atlanta Geo. Martin, Tifton J. Baker, Swainsboro Mitchell, Athens C. Reed, Carrollton T.

Brown, Jr. Morris, Jr. Tolbert, Athens G. Anderson, Fort Valley Hill, Springfield J. Adams, Springfield C. Anderson, Springfield A. Andrews, Springfield George W.

Doak, Springfield H. Damisch, Springfield H. Engelking, Springfield Proctor, Springfield H. Strubinger, Springfield N. Phipps, Urbana M. Henderson, Urbana H. Rucker, Urbana Harold Witt, Urbana Deyoe, Urbana Matthews, Urbana..

Harold B. Tay lor, Lafayette. Satous W. Edmundson, Indianapolis J. Earl Wilson, Indianapolis AVT B. Lawson, —— Ralph Bentley, Lafayette et H. Clanin, Lafayette Morrison, Lafayette John K.

Cope, Des Moines H. Hall, Des Moines G. Barton, Des Moines R. Gilman, Des Moines 1. Goeldner, Des Moines Hendren, Des Moines. Mabon, Des Moines. Martens, Des Moines Bryan, Ames Miller, Topeka L. Pollom, Topeka A. Davidson, Manhattan Hall, Manhattan L. Whipps, Manhattan C. Euctace, Manhattan Robert H. Berkley, Manhattan Harold L.

Miller, Hutchinson R. Starkey, OUawe Hilton, Frankfort. Wilson, Frankfort W. Montgomery, Frankfort B. Moore, Princeton E. Ball, California M. Office of Education Continued from page 14 C. McVea, Baton Rouge. Walker, Baton Rouge Roy L. Davenport, Baton Rouge J.

Floyd, Baton Rouge M. Larrivierre, Lafayette A. LeBlanc, Lafayette C. Chapman, Scotlandville E. Wright, Scotlandville M. Gates, Augusta John A. Snell, Augusta Wallace H. Siedel, Baltimore Harry M.

MacDonald, Baltimore. Arthur M. Ahalt, College Park Norcross Stratton, Boston John G. Glavin, Boston Jesse A. Taft, Amherst C. Hawley, Lansing Harry E. Nesman, Lansing Luke H. Kelly, Lansing Thorn, East Lansing Lightfoot, Lansing Kerrey, Lansing H.

Byram, East Lansing L. Miller, Olivet W. Sweany, East Lansing Raymond N. Schmid, St. Paul G. He was born on Feb. He was the son of Charles I. On Oct. Also surviving is his sister, Margaret Martin Menchoffer, of St. Marys; and his in laws, Cletus Ballweg, of St. Preceding him in death was his brother,. FOOD put the event together. One of the things Steenrod noticed was how many families came together for the walk. We saw a lot of large groups of family.

There were several that had 15 or 20 family members come out. Kenneth Hay; and sister Pauline Ballweg. Hay was a member of the St.

He served with the U. He was employed at the former Goodyear of St. Marys for 40 years. Becky Erb Strang officiating. Burial will follow in the German Protestant Cemetery.

Calling hours will be on Tuesday from 4 until 7 p. Memorial contributions may be made to the church memorial fund or to the Grand Lake Hospice. From Page 1 The group also sold out of T-shirts at the event and the money raised through the sales and other donations goes to the food banks as well. There will be more shirts printed according to Steenrod and people can request the shirts by contacting her at sst een rod d em barqmail.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said Amish in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana were concerned about the attacks that led federal authorities on Wednesday to raid the compound of a breakaway Amish group and charge seven men, including group leader Sam Mullet, with hate crimes. The Amish believe the Bible instructs women to let their hair grow long and men to grow beards and stop shaving once they marry. He said the goal was to send a message to other Amish that they should be ashamed of themselves for the way they were treating Mullet and his community.

There is one confirmed fatality from the crash. The crash happened at about p. The plane was found by fire crews nearly a mile from the road in a corn field. He says emergency responders located a tail number on the plane and have contacted federal authorities.

Franz says the plane did not burn upon impact and that debris was crumpled as if it had possibly nosedived into the ground. The resulting confusion is making it more difficult for some to raise money, organize their campaigns and know which voters to woo. Most incumbents have a pretty good idea how their U. So are incumbents whose districts are changing significantly. Potential donors want to know whether the candidates who are asking for money will end up representing them.

Voters are confused, too. Nina Turner, a Democrat challenging U. Marcia Fudge in her Cleveland district. House district lines for Ohio have been in limbo since they were approved in September because Democrats and voter advocates claim the map unfairly favors Republicans. Democrats have taken steps to put the issue before voters next year, so Republicans are now trying to come up with a revised congressional map to head off a costly political fight. Leaders in the Ohio House say talks are continuing, but they must pass a revised map within a few weeks to avoid holding a presidential and U.

House primary in June and other primary contests in March. At the same time, Democrats are circulating petitions to get the redistricting issue on the ballot. Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat from Toledo whose district is now likely to include parts of Cleveland and its suburbs. Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland after they were thrown into the same district. Amid the usual queries about weapons and uniforms came one from a girl that reminded him how hard the southern Michigan town has been hit by the disappearance of three young boys who would have attended the school.

Kids should have the opportunity to be kids. And that bothers me immensely. Cell phone records indicated Skelton left home the day after Thanksgiving and drove at least as far as Holiday City, Ohio, about 20 miles southwest, before returning home. The Labrador-golden retriever mix is an assistance companion to 8year-old Mason Murphy, a Mariemont Elementary student whose cerebral palsy prevents him from using his legs and contributes to other difficulties.

Every night before Mason goes to bed, Crisp helps pull off his clothes and socks. It takes a few tries, but he soon gets it firmly in his jaws. Crisp never leaves his side. Random House said the Cambridge, Massachusetts-born author died of a stroke Monday at her rural residence south of Dublin, her home for four decades. She christened her self-designed house Dragonhold.

McCaffrey turned to the male-dominated world of sci-fi writing after dabbling in singing and amateur acting. Officials accused them of throwing firebombs at security forces fighting with protesters. Attorney Theodore Simon, who represents Porter, a year-old student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, said his client remained in custody at a police station as of Thursday afternoon Eastern time. Crash kills 6 PHOENIX AP — A small airplane slammed into a sheer cliff in the mile-high mountains east of Phoenix and exploded, killing the six people onboard, including the pilot and his three young children who were to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with him, authorities said.

AP — A typo has led to the election of the wrong man to a finance board in Derby, Conn. James J. However, his father, 72year-old James R. Butler, was the candidate nominated by Democrats. The News Times of Danbury and New Haven Register report that he said he wants the job and that his son is not interested in public office. Butler, who is 46, would not comment on whether he wants the job. But he calls city officials incompetent for confusing him with his father.

The ruling military council insisted it is not the same as the old regime it replaced, but the generals appear to be on much the same path that doomed Hosni Mubarak nine months ago — responding to the current crisis by delivering speeches seen as arrogant, mixing concessions with threats and using brutal force.

Mamdouh Shaheen, one of two members of the ruling military council who spoke at a televised news conference on Thursday. The two generals — Shaheen and Maj. Mukhtar el-Malla — also said that parliamentary elections would start on time Monday and that a new prime minister to replace Essam Sharaf would be picked before the vote. News reports that were not yet officially confirmed said Kamal el-Ganzouri, who served as prime minister under Mubarak in the s, has been approached by the military as a possible candidate for prime minister.

State television showed footage of el-Ganzouri meeting with Tantawi. If confirmed, el-Ganzouri would replace Essam Sharaf, whose government resigned this week. Millions more viewed the live broadcast of the annual holiday production on television from the comfort of their homes.

Pagnozzi, 59, of Saddle River, N. He said Regan wanted to make sure he took pictures of every balloon. With winds gusting to 22 miles per hour and temperatures in the mids, paradegoers in Detroit bundled up.

Before the celebration, 21, runners followed the course for the Turkey Trot races. A cluster of Ford Model T cars in the parade testified to the. The president later telephoned 10 U. Dishing up Thanksgiving meals, U. She used only her left hand as she served, a sign that physical damage remains from the. Eighteen others were injured and six people died in the assault.

Her retired astronaut husband, Mark Kelly, supported her from her left side as she worked the turkey station on the serving line. Many foreign oil companies have offices there.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombings, and it was not clear. Traveling mostly in an MV22 Osprey, the hybrid that flies like an airplane and takes off and lands like a helicopter, Amos began shortly after daylight and finished 14 hours later — and, improbably, managed to confront just one turkey dinner. At one point the year-old.

From Page 1 whether it was the work of Sunni extremists like alQaida, or by Shiite militias. Sunni militants often stagger their blasts in order to cause the most carnage, and they often target security officials, whom they see as propping up the Shiite-led government. The area where the blasts occurred is also a stronghold for Shiite militia members, who have been known to use violence as they jockey for power and control.

Amos shook hands with hundreds of Marines, all veterans of tough fighting in Helmand Province, which has been a focal point of the U. The Marines have vastly improved security in Helmand over the past year, but with President Barack Obama having ordered 33, U.

He also said Thanksgiving is a time for Marines to re-. Marine Sgt. Michael Barrett, the top enlisted Marine, who accompanied Amos, said that for most troops Thanksgiving was just another day at war — until they finished their work. The feast was finally set for Amos when he arrived after dark at Camp Dwyer, the southern-most stop on his trip. He helped heap plates with roast turkey, baked ham and prime rib — with all the traditional fixings — and then sat amongst the troops to finish it off.

The business of war does not take a holiday. Contact Localife Editor Patricia Ann Speelman with story ideas, club news wedding, anniversary, engagements and birth announcements by phone at ; email, pspeelman sdnccg. For more information, call All skill levels are welcome. Water St. Russell Road. For information, contact Scott Barhorst at Main St. All new members are welcome. For more information, call Tom Frantz at Stallo Memorial Library of Minster will host Storytime for children 3, 4 and 5 from to 11 a.

For information, call Greene St. All men interested in singing are welcome. For information, call or visit www. All are welcome.

North St. This is Satbasement that urday afterwe had washed noon. Five of it and put it our children away. I hung a are down with few pieces outthe flu. Daughside yesterday Amish ter Lovina was but it was so cold Cook the first one to and windy it get sick; she Lovina Eicher would have been came home hard to keep all from school yesterday the clothes on the wash not feeling well. This line. I sure do appreciate morning, four more of the lines put in the basethe children woke up ment to dry clothes in with some sort of bug.

It the winter months. With seems to be like a stom- the coal-stove being ach flu. A lot of my day has I am glad we did our been spent taking care of weekly cleaning yesterthe sick.

I decided to sit day so that is off the list. They are delito keep them hydrated. Well, Ben- around. Hopefully this jamin is really just going flu will be gone by along for the fun of it. I bought a Some friends that live pound turkey and we nearby have offered for plan to have Jacob and Joe to hunt their woods. Most of the handed out. I made spite all that has gone on biscuits, sausage gravy with her over the past and fried eggs.

Joe and year and a half. Kevin, 6, Benjamin were glad to is always excited to come see the breakfast when home from school to let they came home around me know if he has Daughter Loretta One evening when we washed dishes and were eating supper he swept floors for me. Last night the house. He was oh-soproud to come home with a certificate saying. In a large bowl, mix flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, and cream of tartar. Add shortening and blend. Pour the milk into the mixture slowly.

Add egg and stir until well blended. More flour can be added if needed. Drop by tablespoon onto cookie sheet and bake 12 to 15 minutes at Need some last minute holiday recipe ideas? Check the website, www. Dear Readers: A recent column about u s e s for butt o n s Hints brought a great from r e Heloise sponse!

W h a t Heloise Cruse trends came up? Lots of teachers said buttons make great teaching tools. Adding, subtracting, grouping by colors, sizes, number of holes, etc. These exercises help students learn thinking skills, the teachers said. Seniors can benefit from counting and sorting buttons. One reader bought a container of buttons at a yard sale to help his mother, who had had a stroke. Some other creative ideas from our readers?

I came up with the idea to hot-glue them on the limbs of a Christmas tree. Attendees should take cards to address. People who would like a family member or friend to receive a card should email information to shelbycomilsup yahoo. She is always trying to teach him new things that she is learning in first grade.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our friend, Linda, and family as she struggles with cancer. May God be with them as they go through this trial of life. May God bless them and all of you wonderful readers. I will share a new biscuit recipe that I tried this morning. They turned out nice and flaky.

I like to try different kinds of biscuits instead of using the same ones all the time. Visiting constituents U. Jordan was in town Monday to address the Sidney Rotary Club and took a tour of the center after the meeting. They request that gifts be omitted.

Mike and the former Sherry Hetzler were married Dec. The maid of honor was Connie Fair Spaugy, sister of the bridegroom. The best man was Ira Fair, brother of the bridegroom.

The ushers were William Fair, brother of the bridegroom, and Kenneth Bolton, brother-in-law of the bridegroom. They have three three grandchildren, stepgrandchildren, four stepgreat-grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

She has a living sister and two brothers-in-law: Linda. The tips will offer daily advice about comparison shopping and finding discounts, as well as things consumers can do to keep themselves and their money safe, whether they are shopping at the mall, by phone or online.

In addition to holiday shopping tips, subscribers to the Golden Buckeye Program page on Facebook also will receive periodic notifications of new businesses that have joined the program and existing merthat have chants reaffirmed their commitment to Golden Buckeye cardholders through a weekly business spot-.

Followers of the page also will receive regular updates for cardholders as well as participating businesses and businesses who are considering participation in the program, and information about Ohio Department of Aging services and resources for seniors and businesses. More than two million Ohioans are eligible for the Golden Buckeye card, honored at 20, businesses statewide. All Ohioans age 60 or older, as well as adults age who have disabilities as defined by Social Security, are eligible for a free Golden Buckeye card.

Visit www. She has a deceased son, Wayne. She has 13 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and five step-grandchildren. She is a college student in the field of rian Church of Sidney psychology. Miami Ave. Lisa Brown is piano, flute and violin executive director. The trio, violinist Barbara program specializes in Buscher, guest organist mentoring children who Sandy Helgeson, and voface adversity with adult calists Avriel Altschul, volunteer Big Brothers Gary Browning, Dan and Sisters.

The event is free and positive role modeling, as well as new educa- open to the public. For information, call tional and social activi or email sidties. To volunteer, call ney1stpres embarqmail. Volunteers join Big Brothers Mr. Another sister, Janet Worthington, is deceased. Jackie Dunson is an empty-nester and eager to become a friend who will listen to a child and share life stories. Dunson enjoys reading, walking, boating, and shopping. She likes teaching children, and has taught religious education.

She feels this is a perfect fit for her, because she loves to get to know children one-onone. Corbin enjoys running, playing volleyball, shopping and scrapbooking. Corbin likes. Mike retired in from the U. Navy after serving 20 years. Mike enjoys playing golf with the Golden Boys of Piqua and Sherry likes to read. They both enjoy traveling, spending time Board members must ceptance, at rotating Tri-County Commuwith their family and nity Action Commission of be available to meet the county locations.

Call watching their grand- Champaign, Logan and third Thursday of each Beth Lawrence at children play sports. Shelby Counties seeks month, following their ac- for information. Cannot be in combination low-income themselves. See store for details. The bridegroom wore a chocolate-colored tuxedo with gray striped vest.

Amanda Bookmyer was matron of honor. Heather Tobias was maid of honor. The attendants wore various styles of dresses in burnt orange, some with chocolate-colored sashes. The groomsmen wore chocolate-colored tuxedos with burnt orange striped vests and orange gerbera daisy boutonnieres.

Barney Gammon served as best man. The hall was decorated in an autumn theme. Each table was dressed with a pumpkin, a fall wreath and leaves. A pumpkin carved with the initial, M, graced the head table.

After a honeymoon in. Madison the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tenn. The bride is a graduate of Botkins High School. She is employed by Kmart in Springfield as a pharmacist. He is employed by Sanoh America in Findlay as a quality engineer. They met at Ohio Northern University. The bride is the daughter of Kurt and Julie Shroyer, of Botkins. The bridegroom is the son of Anthony and Linda Madison, of Kenton. His grandparents are L. Christine Wentz and Charles and Myra Shepherd. The Rev.

David Young performed the ceremony. Kelly Litzenburg was the vocalist. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a gold, sleek, satin gown with silver beadwork and embroidery and a tank-style neckline. The beadwork was accented with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and sequins, all in an A-line silhouette.

Her ivory, finger-tip-length veil was accented with pearls. She carried a bouquet comprising an autumncolored gerbera daisy and mini sunflowers. Isiah is the son of Harold and Angela Elsass. Jazzlynn is the daughter of Rosemary hensley and William Hall. For photo reprints, visit www. Wonderland Parade. Victoria the 12th grade Azara, a clinical and should psychologist at graduate this Churchill Cencoming June. Any counselors. Place notices on not alone. Conforced to leave the famil- tinue to stay active and iar and comfortable sur- enjoy family and friends.

I never did and alcohol and drugs. Robert Wallace welcomes questions from readers. Although he is unable to reply to all of them individually, he will answer as many as possible in this column. Email him at rwallace galesburg. To find out more about Dr. Robert Wallace and read features by other Syndicate Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www.

She wants me to go out with him, then while on the date drop the word that she likes him a lot more than I do and encourage him to call her. However, I will if you think I should.

Just tell him between classes, after school or any time when you find yourself in his company. Delmas White, Clay St.

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Possibly you will want to quit a group or club you belong to. Relations with bosses and authority figures have been very cozy, but suddenly, today, something catches you off guard. Refrain from making judgments. Wait until tomorrow to see how things unfold. People remember you. Close friendships are important.

In fact, in the year ahead, you will enjoy friends and social situations more than usual. Sidney Middle School Sidney Middle School has released its honor roll for the first nine weeks of the school year. Grade 6 4. Grade 7 4. Grade 8 4. Qualified candidates will have a Bachelor Degree or equivalent experience with a minimum of 3 years of hospital materials management experience.

Supervisory experience is required. Must have demonstrated negotiating skills and proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. This includes designing, building, testing and implementing data-driven applications.

In addition, review of existing systems to evaluate effectiveness and develop new or enhanced applications to improve workflow. Works collaboratively with other departments as necessary in problem-solving issues related to information systems, communication, documentation and in the implementation and maintenance of information systems.

Four year degree preferred or a two year degree with appropriate experience from a college or technical school in the following disciplines: Information System Management, Business Administration, Office Systems Management. Experience in the area of Application System Support and Implementation is required. Experience with Meditech preferred. We offer a competitive salary and benefit package including medical, dental, vision, employer paid long term disability and life insurance, managed time off, education assistance and k.

Apply on-line at: www. Michigan Street, Sidney, OH Chapter adviser is Diane Kamin. The group also had the opportunity to listen to various speakers. One of the speakers was mountain climber John Beede.

The group had the opportunity to do some. The students modate the tastes of The group is also de- and Sophie Francis and Felix Francis, children of learned of how company different cultures.

Pember- Kamin noted that a cou- with the Houston Future ton created the highly ple of the students Farmers of America to successful formula, and tasted all 64 flavors.

Members then tapped the unsuspecting inductees, leading the way with candles. New members and parents of new members were also invited to a breakfast reception immediately following the induction ceremony. The adviser for Houston National Honor. Society is Jennifer Paulus. The National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for high school students. Thousands of dollars in scholarships have been awarded nationwide to senior members since by the sponsoring organization, the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Surplus materials due to construction were sold or auctioned to the community. A motion was approved. Noon-7 State Rt. Ross Fiessinger left 7, reacts after Ben Bohman, 7, both of Russia, fiddled with his costume during a Thanksgiving play put on by Russia School first-graders Nov. Ross is the son of Stacy and Craig Fiessinger.

Ben is the son of Jenny and Steve Bohman. The group has done a food drive in the past. Fiessinger decided that it was only fitting that one week should be devoted to the shoe collection. Donated shoes were collected in all sizes, not just those of the children. The event took place six weeks in the fall on Wednesday evenings. The shoe collection and other themed activities is just one way in which the Runners Club promotes health and fitness.

The club was formed some years ago, and now holds it sessions at the new track at the Community Park. Running has become an important activity in the village.

Donations and volunteer work created the running track at which the club conducts its activities. Superintendent Steven Rose updated the board on the possible implementation of Advanced Placement classes and Dual Enrollment classes.

He also updated the board on the Ohio Schools Facility Commission construction project. Almost all work is com-. The runners in grades kindergarten through six were asked to bring shoes to be donated to those in need. Runners Club coordinator Stacey Fiessinger found that an organization was collecting shoes for those in need of footwear in the wake of natural disasters or in a poor nation, such as Haiti.

The effort is called Soles 4 Souls. The shoes are taken to a shoe store in Miamisburg called Runners Plus that collects the shoes for later distribution. Memos were sent out with the children asking that gently used or new shoes of any type be donated. Fiessinger says that there was a good response for the first collection. She said she expects if a similar collection is held next year, the response will be even greater. Fiessinger explained that the running organization has a theme for.

A motion was approved to enter a snow removal agreement with Paulus Excavating Ltd. The board set the annual Organizational Meeting for Jan. The board entered executive session to discuss personnel employment. They might Nicaraguan rebels. Chances askingduring will be looking are the person United States the for an endorsement, not criticism.

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The positively charged sodium and potassium cancel out the negatively charged chloride and bicarbonate to keep the body electrically neutral. Because I live miles away, I asked my uncle to check on her. He went to her house several times and rang her bell, but got no answer at the door. I called other family members and friends, fearful that she had fallen — or worse. Finally, that night at 10 p.

I called the local police department. She later told my uncle the same thing. This is a cautionary tale to the elderly or infirm who tell us to leave them alone. Your mother is a difficult woman and you have my sympathy.

If you know any of her neighbors, consider asking them to let you know if her newspapers start piling up. She enjoys discussing these topics and assumes that everyone agrees with her. If someone tries to disagree, she becomes highly offended and angry. Whenever she brings these issues up, I just stop talking. I have found that no matter how much one argues with someone over controversial issues, no one changes their opinions and only hurt feelings remain.

How would you. Cory D. The fire apparently started on the roof and spread down through the two story frame structure. He says plain why he he and his ex and his ex were Dear tried for 13 unable to conAbby years to have a ceive. When the subject plain about other people comes up, I just walk and to remind me that away and my husband when my older sister explodes.

Tell him that you and osteoporosis, which are scheduling an ap- makes her unsteady on pointment for BOTH of her feet. Starting from a small group, the club has expanded and grown and is doing a real bit of community work for the boys of the city. Kaser, of Shelby County a third termer in the Ohio legislature, was seen as a possible dark horse in the race for speaker.

Write Dear Abby at www. Box , Los Angeles, CA AP — A California university professor can no longer demand snacks from students taking his psychology classes.

Sacramento State professor George Parrott has demanded snacks from his students for 39 years. Students were told of the snack demand on the first day of class. But two weeks ago he walked out of his Psychology lab class because there were no snacks.

Contact Sports Editor Ken Barhorst with story ideas, sports scores and game stats by phone at ; e-mail, kbarhorst sdnccg. The Ohio State-Michigan game on Saturday at Meyer Michigan Stadium is expected to be competitive for the first time in four years and a win by OSU could be a high point in a tumultuous season for the Buckeyes.

Meyer, 47, led Florida to two national championships before resigning after the. He after Tressel left. Senior linebacker Andrew Sweat says most players are able to ignore coaching rumors.

Obviously, there are distractions. But you focus on what you love and why you came here and why you get up every day and go into the Woody Hayes facility. He demands excellence out of you every day, both on the field and off the field. I think he has done a great job this year with the circumstances. Some people have compared it to when Ohio State went to Michigan with Earle Bruce as a lame duck coach in his last game and won as an underdog.

He just kept throwing — and winning. The Lions gave that tactic a shot, hitting him even if he had already gotten rid of the ball. The defending champion Packers are for the first time in franchise history and have won a team-record 17 straight, including the playoffs.

The Lions have lost a franchise-record eight consecutive Thanksgiving games and added to their misery in ugly fashion. Green Bay defensive end Ryan Pickett was more outspoken. High school sports moves indoors starting tonight with the beginning of the girls basketball season. County girls action then begins on Tuesday with three games. Anna is the defending Division III state champion and has two key starters returning off that team.

New Knoxville, meanwhile, has nearly all the players returning from a team that finished last season, so it makes for a good early-season matchup. In the second game of the tournament, host New Bremen takes on Van Buren.

The consolation and championship games will take place Saturday night beginning at 6. Also in action tonight, Sidney and its new head coach Megan Mummey faces a difficult season opener with the Russia Lady Raiders coming to town for a 6 p. Lehman also has a new coach in Gene Goodwin, and he will unveil his team tonight in action at Riverside. Marion Local is at Fort Loramie in another good opening-night matchup that was originally scheduled for Saturday.

On Saturday, there are more interesting matchups, led by the new coaches at Sidney and Lehman taking their teams against each other in action at Lehman. With the boys opening still a week away, the girls games Saturday are generally night. The JV game will tip off at 6 p. The Lady Tigers face a challenging opener, playing at Minster. Russia returns to the floor Saturday at Mississinawa, and Riverside plays its second home game in as many nights, hosting Northwestern.

Fairlawn also sees its first action of the season, playing at Covington. On Tuesday, the race for the County championship gets under way with three games on tap. Defending league champion Anna has the first-round bye in league play. Sidney, meanwhile, will open Greater Western Ohio Conference play with a crossover game at home against Northmont.

New Knoxville 2nd game — New Bremen vs. Toledo Whitmer vs. Cleveland St. Cincinnati St. Aurora vs. Chagrin Falls vs.

Creston Norwayne vs. Kirtland vs. Berlin Center Western Reserve vs. Albany N. Central Arkansas at Tennessee Tech , 3 p. Second Round Saturday, Dec. New Hampshire-Montana State winner, or 8 p. Wofford-Northern Iowa winner vs. Central Arkansas-Tennessee Tech-Montana winner, or 8 p. Maine-Appalachian State winner, or 8 p. Lehigh-Towson winner vs. Wayne State Mich. Thomas Minn. Scholastica 2 Monmouth Ill. Salisbury , Noon St. John Fisher vs. Delaware Valley , Noon Centre vs.

Mount Union , Noon Wabash vs. North Central Ill. Monmouth Ill. Mary Hardin-Baylor vs. McMurry , 1 p. Franklin , 1 p. Linfield vs. Wesley , 3 p. Quarterfinals Saturday, Dec. Kean-Salisbury winner St.

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