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Tom rosenbaum highmark freedom

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Shop Art. Best Sellers. Still Life. Original Art. Celebrity Portraits. This site offers fine art prints and original art work, by well known artist, Thomas Rosenbaum. Trusted Art Seller The presence of this badge signifies that this business has officially registered with the Art Storefronts Organization and has an established track record of selling art. Proud Member of Art Storefronts. Contact Contact Form. Resources About the artist. Stay Updated Facebook. It mainly comes from all the questions I get from podcasts.

I get the same questions year after year, week after week, from people out there that just want to up their game and want to be more comfortable with a fly rod, and they just eat it up. The novices are open to new things, and I really enjoy showing them that Orvis is a welcoming organization that really wants to help people enjoy their fishing.

Practice casting no matter what you do. I get comments in the podcast all the time. Even a carp or a bonefish. I have no idea why. But the truth is, I still carry more than I should.

Habit I guess. Like asking Tom Hanks his favorite role. You hear that from a lot of people that are really into trout fishing.

Their favorite trout is a brown trout. Scratch the surface of a really technical trout angler and nearly all of them will tell you a brown trout is their favorite. Bonefish might be my second favorite only because I love stalking fish.

I was thinking about it the other day. I love the stalk. Brown trout you have to stalk as well. It is essentially an online college education in fly fishing covering every aspect of fly fishing from the most basic beginnings to the more advanced techniques through a series of videos, tutorials, and even quizzes. Every aspect of the sport is explored from freshwater to salt, and knots to fly tying using a variety of presentations including videos, animation, and even flash cards.

Beginners learn quickly and even self-proclaimed experts can learn something new and have a little fun finding out just how smart they really are. This leggy beauty is for stalking permit, bonefish, redfish, or any other crab-eater on the flats. Tom will work as long as he can. It is impossible to imagine Orvis without him.

He was here when I got here years ago and will most likely be here when I leave. They really gave me chances to do things that I never would have done on my own. He is one of the boldest, freshest, and most innovative thinkers at Orvis when most would be coasting toward retirement after 40 years. His secret sauce is his humility. It fuels his fresh thinking and prods him to respect and learn from people he shares time with—be it a beginning angler, or an old friend who is out of surprises.

He is a prankster and quick to find the silliness and humor in a situation, quick to explore the irony in a contradiction.

There is a lot to learn from Tom—far beyond his tutorials in fly fishing. On a final note. In my job as a writer, I just spent almost three years working to rebrand the company. It was an exhilarating, agonizing, and cathartic experience to try and describe Orvis for it is anything but normal. It is, at its core, a fly-fishing company, but with so much more emanating from that core. One of the tasks was to define our personality in three words.

We spent hours, even days, parsing the English language looking for the right words. We hired consultants who put us through exhausting exercises in vetting and selection.

What we came up with was Passionate, Curious, and Approachable. What we defined was Tom. Neither can we. Shop Experience Stories View.

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Watch Now. Books Written by Tom. Brush up on hatch strategies and land more trout with this must-have Orvis fishing guide book.