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Lee meng chan epicor software corp

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As a result the conventional concept of protecting the network using techniques, such as signatures, has lead to so many new vulnerabilities and attacks. To be effective, anti-malware solutions need to be intelligent enough to analyze network traffic and processes, rather than just comparing bits of code to signatures or lists.

On the other hand heuristic, or behavioral, analysis and Deep Packet Inspection DPI are an encouraging development, but too inaccurate to function as standalone security mechanisms.

In this paper we present a multilayered network security framework which emphasis policies, procedures, and awareness Social layer. We show how this framework can be applied to the social layer to fill in the gaps left by conventional defenses.

To enhance the framework interviews of Information Technology IT staff and a questionnaire with post graduate computer science students from two Malaysian government funded universities was used as a unit of analysis. This framework attempts to improve awareness and policy enforcement which according to the survey were lacking.

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Globally, manufacturing business growth has increased by 3. The April webcast will present live, hands-on exercises to further explore the concepts presented in the first webcast.

Epicor Software Corp. Marquee capabilities include mobile field service automation and customer relationship management, as well as new business intelligence and visual analytics capabilities delivered via Epicor Data Discovery EDD. Many recent developments in the industry, especially in mobility, visibility, and the cloud, make it possible for non-I. Murphy has more than 20 years of Without question, if you are a metal fabrication manufacturer in order to grow your business you need to set the expectations and establish the measurements that will help you achieve your goals.

You need to have the analytics and reporting to develop the KPIs that will help you monitor the health of your organization. You are probably dealing with the effects of an ever-increasing velocity of change in the industry. The new release offers increased cloud deployment flexibility and new business functionality out-of-the-box, including new capabilities to support global growth and expansion, business transformation, and efficiencies The acquisition brings docSTAR collaborative, cloud-based enterprise content Presented by Drew Locher.

What would other fabricators say if they had a chance to walk around your fabricating facility? Could they navigate the floors easily without tripping over work-in-process? Would they see visual communication tools to keep everyone updated on the day's job schedule? Would they constantly have to swing their heads as they looked for lift trucks shifting work from one end of the facility to the other?

Manufacturing execution systems manage schedules based not about assumptions on available capacity, but on data gathered directly from manufacturing equipment. Burlington, Ky. It has moved away from the traditional job shop model toward comprehensive contract fabrication.

And it got there by scrutinizing every step of the manufacturing process, from quoting to shipping. The manufacturing renaissance we're seeing is fueled by new technologies. Technologies that have changed our shop floors. Streamlined production, better customer relationships, and smarter decision-making are just some of the benefits that may result from cloud-based ERP software. Not yet registered? Sign up.

Our Sites. Categories Additive Manufacturing. Aluminum Welding. Assembly and Joining. Automation and Robotics. Hong Kong has recognised that getting Industry 4. It has to be done in stages. He points out that Industry 4.

But with our open technology, we can integrate our solutions with robotics and PLM. Tang says the Hong Kong Productivity Council, a semi-government body that provides consultancy to manufacturers in Hong Kong, has actually set up an Industry 4. This is the way to educate local manufacturers so they understand what the journey to Industry 4.

They cannot get there overnight. Tang admits that its solutions may not be for small companies that do not have the budget. We cannot do everything. This market has its own set of challenges, says Tang. This is where Epicor is very strong in providing a global solution to fit the needs in the vertical market and allow them to scale.

A lot of our customers are already using small, local ERP software, which automates their accounting or does a little bit of inventory control.

So, they have some level of knowledge, which prepares them to take up Epicor solutions. He adds that once they start using Epicor solutions, they usually continue to do so for the next 10 years. Epicor currently has about customers in Malaysia, mainly in the manufacturing industry. These include construction, publishing and food and beverage companies.

From The Edge. ERP: Helping gear up for Industry 4. Jennifer Jacobs. The Edge Malaysia. Subscribe to Mid-day email alert. We deliver news to your inbox daily. Featured Videos. Featured , Morning Call. Featured , Evening 5.