karen ignagni emblemhealth president and ceo
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Karen ignagni emblemhealth president and ceo alcon eye lubricant

Karen ignagni emblemhealth president and ceo

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Previously she worked in the U. The New York Times wrote in that "in a city teeming with health care lobbyists, Ms. Ignagni is widely considered one of the most effective.

She blends a detailed knowledge of health policy with an intuitive feel for politics. In June , Ignagni addressed President Barack Obama : "You have our commitment to play, to contribute and to help pass health care reform this year".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Karen Ignagni. Ignagni testifying in the United States Senate , April 21, Main article: Health care reform in the United States. Archived from the original PDF on Together we have care teams to serve our members and other people in the community.

Is the U. This plan has distinguished itself because of our ability to coordinate care. That means that we have nurses and doctors who are champions for individuals to help them navigate through the complexity of the delivery system.

It also means we work collaboratively with our hospital partners and with other physicians in the area. We do whatever we can to intervene early and to focus on wellness and prevention. We have many patients that have all three and many more conditions. We look at how we can integrate their care and make sure that their valuable time is effectively and well spent in the medical care arena. It involves developing a care management approach, which we have pioneered in our plan, and making sure that we have the right partnerships with the individuals who are on the frontline of healthcare innovation.

We believe we can do more on health and wellness. It is one thing to provide all of the research and information that is being developed at NIH and elsewhere in our country about the role of diet in diabetes. We have partnered with individuals and organizations in the community to conduct health fairs to make people aware not only of what their risk may be on the medical side, but also to educate them on the food side.

We help them understand healthy eating and provide access to fresh foods. This, for example, is part of getting diabetes under control. Increasingly, research is showing that diet may play a very important role in other kinds of healthcare conditions. This is a very important way to start down a healthy path. In our neighborhood care centers in very underserved communities, we spend a great deal of time educating people about healthy eating, including how to put together healthy meals for people who are very busy.

There are several buckets of innovation to talk about. Innovation is a very broad concept that can mean important things or, alternatively, it can mean very little. It starts with familiarizing ourselves with information from our clinical leaders and their team the nurses and physicians who work with us to stay ahead of best practices. We use this to determine how we can leverage the latest in research that is going on in some of the best academic medical centers across this country and the world.

People want us to help them navigate through a complicated delivery system, but also they want their lives improved. What will it take to improve a healthcare condition and the healthcare situation for one person at a time? This way we can guarantee that our individual beneficiaries will be able to get what they need when they need it from the beginning of life until the end of life, and at all the markers in between. This is how I define innovation.

What makes that organization so effective? The Partnership is led by an extremely well-qualified and effective person in Kathy Wylde. Any collaboration takes leadership and she more than qualifies as an exceptional leader.

Even though people are busy and involved in many different things, we almost always find that the busiest people are happy to be called upon to work together to improve their community. The Partnership does a wonderful job of leveraging the very busy people who are part of it and focusing them on important issues they can address. How critical is it to have a culture within Emblem that supports the local community? It is absolutely crucial for us because we were born out of the community and our work is in the community.

We make sure that all of our associates understand the value we place on service and performance for the community. It really goes back to what Mayor LaGuardia expected as he set a high bar. We make sure all of our new associates understand where we have come from, what our goals and objectives are, and what our service expectations are for all of our associates.

How important is it to build the awareness that this is an innovative and dynamic industry? I like to meet most of them myself to talk about our goals and objectives. We have had a number of individuals who have come both from other plans and other industries.

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