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The door doesn't always fully close, especially if it catches on bedding placed in the trap. Due to the trigger mechanism being on top, it is also more difficult to cover or camouflage. In general, I do not recommend the 2-door style Havahart traps. Cats can often enter these traps and eat the food without triggering the trap. The distance between the trip-plate and trap door is also very short. This increases the chances of the cat being injured or escaping. However, I own several Humane Way folding cat traps, which have caught many lost cats.

They are on the smaller side 10W x 12H x 32L so I prefer them for cats under 12 lbs. They are not as durable as the other traps mentioned, and about half of my traps no longer work properly after 10 years of use. I've never had a cat escape these traps, but sometimes they eat the food without triggering the trap. The traps I own are similar to this one on Amazon. Be very careful when buying cheaper traps such as the many off-brand humane traps on Amazon.

These traps are often made of cheap materials that will bend and allow a cat to escape. Cats can squeeze through some incredibly small spaces if they are sufficiently motivated. This video shows a feral cat escaping from a low quality trap.

It took the cat only 3 minutes to escape. I had a similar experience with a trap from Harbor Freight. If buying an off-brand trap, check for gaps and flexibility before purchasing. Some people use dog traps for catching a lost cat. These can work as long as the trip plate doesn't require much weight. However, if there is a gap next to the door, a cat may escape. I had a cat escape from a Humane Way folding dog trap , so be careful.

When it comes to Havahart traps, I'm not a huge fan of the Easy Set model. I have seen more cats escape from these because the door doesn't always fully close.

If you use an Easy Set trap, be sure to test the trap after setting it up. Make sure that the door closes and locks. I also don't recommend the 2-door style Havahart traps. Pingback: Top Compilation 10 safe traps for cats most viewed » Review hay nh? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Table of Contents. Important tips on selecting a humane cat trap. Most important: make sure that the trap you select is big enough!

In general, cats are also more comfortable entering traps with larger entrances. Pick a cat trap made of quality materials. It may be tempting to buy a cheap trap, but these are more likely to bend or break.

Cats can squeeze out of very small spaces and raccoons can bend cheap metal in attempts to escape. I do not recommend some of the really cheap traps on Amazon. Not a necessity, but a sliding rear release door makes baiting the trap and releasing wildlife so much easier.

However, I generally do not recommend a trap with two trap doors e. Tru Catch Cat Traps. This results in fewer escapes. Extra-large trip plate prevents cats from stepping over the trip plate to get at bait. Results in more captures. Easy to add bait using rear door. Easy to release wildlife using rear door or automatic door release. Made of high-quality materials and built to last.

Generally not available in stores and must be ordered online. Front door can open accidentally if trap is rolled upside down. This can be prevented by proper securing of trap using cable lock. Trigger setting mechanism can be slippery trap will set off too easily and may need some easy modification to work correctly. Sliding rear door does not have a latch and can accidentally open.

However, this issue can be resolved with a clip or carabiner. Fat Cat 30FCD. Tomahawk Cat Traps. Door locks when closed preventing escape. Easy-to-set trigger mechanism. Cats are more likely to enter the larger entrance on some models.

This ensures that the entire cat is inside the trap before they step on the trip plate. Large trip plate reduces the chance that the cat will step over the trip plate to get at bait.

Easy to release wildlife using rear door. Now offers some models with quiet gravity doors. Lighter traps than Tru Catch. May have long shipping times. Trip plate is smaller than Tru Catch traps and some cats may manage to get the bait without setting off the trap. Spring-loaded trap door on some models shuts loudly and may scare the trapped cat and any cats nearby.

Where to Buy Tomahawk Cat Traps. GT has a gravity door and is 9W x 11H x 30L. Safeguard Traps. Havahart Traps. Spring-loaded door shuts quickly and locks to prevent escape. Made of high-quality materials. Easy to find and purchase from many hardware stores. Generally costs less than Tru Catch or Tomahawk traps. Small trip plate may allow some cats to get the bait without setting off the trap.

No sliding rear door, so it is more difficult to put bait in the back of the trap. More difficult to release wildlife. Requires releasing lock and opening front door. Trap door shuts loudly and may scare the trapped cat and any cats nearby. Where to Buy a Havahart Trap. Trapping on a Budget. Traps to Avoid. Related Posts. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Shopping Cart. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, participate in affiliate programs and serve targeted advertisements.

To manage your cookie preferences, click "Cookie Settings". If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. In between catching the cat and handing it over to Council, you must treat the cat humanely.

To reduce stress, cover the trap with a blanket or something similar. Leave the ends exposed for ventilation or remove the trap to a sheltered area where people, pets or other animals cannot harass the cat. Offer clean, cool water, especially on hot days. It is an offence to abandon a cat under the DA Act and any feral cats must be taken to the local council. If the cat is injured, inform Council of the injury immediately, or take the cat to a veterinary practitioner.

Council pounds and animal shelters have access to veterinarians to treat injured cats. Once a cat is handed over to Council, an Authorised Officer must assess the cat for identification, injuries, temperament and diseases to determine the appropriate action to take. If injured, the cat will be taken to a veterinary clinic for assessment and treatment. Identified cats, and unidentified tame, healthy cats will be impounded for a minimum of 8 days to give the owner an opportunity to claim the cat.

Council must contact the owner of identified cats to advise them that their cat has been impounded and where it can be collected. If the cat has been trapped as a result of a complaint of trespassing on private property, Council must issue a Notice of Objection to the cat owner. This will advise the cat owner of the address the cat is not permitted to enter. If the cat does enter this property again, penalties can apply to the cat owner. If the owner fails to collect the cat, the cat can be rehomed or humanely destroyed by Council after 8 days.

Council may humanely destroy wild, uncontrollable or diseased cats immediately as they would not be suitable for rehoming. This is in the best interest of the cat's welfare and the welfare of other cats at the Council pound. There is a chance that while setting a trap to catch a cat, you may catch another animal such as a possum or bird. If this occurs, release the animal immediately unless it is injured, in which case you will need to seek veterinary advice before releasing the animal.

If a declared pest animal rabbit or fox is trapped it should be humanely destroyed by a suitably skilled person, as soon as reasonably possible. To humanely destroy means causing the death of an animal by a means that results in immediate loss of consciousness and then death without recovering consciousness. The value of a penalty unit is updated on 1 July each year. For more information about confinement traps and the control of stray cats see the Victorian Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of Cats found at or call the customer service centre on Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations and the Domestic Animals Act are available on the Victorian legislation website.

In Victoria, under the Domestic Animals Act DA Act , property owners and occupiers may seize or trap cats: when they trespass on their properties or if the Council has made an Order in relation to a cat curfew or a no cat zone under the DA Act. Equipment and baits Any method used to trap a cat must be humane. Preparation and planning You are legally required to inspect the trap every 24 hours and ensure that cats are not left in the trap for longer than 24 hours.

To reduce stress for trapped animals, do not set the trap on hot days, rain or extreme weather. Trapping process When undertaking a trapping process the following steps are recommended: Start with a feeding program — offer food over two or three nights in the area where you intend to set the trap to ensure the cat is willing to take the food. Free-feed the trap — lock or wire open the trap and place the food inside the trap for two or three nights, so the cat becomes familiar with entering the trap and loses its wariness of an unfamiliar object.

Set the trap — place the food you have been using during the free-feed program in the end of the trap and set the plate to operate the trap when a cat enters. The trap must be set and used in a way that minimises harm to the trapped animal: Only set the trap when you are at the property to ensure you can monitor it and transport a trapped cat as soon as possible.

Do not place traps on top of roofs, embankments or on slippery surfaces. Do not place traps in direct sunlight. Do not place traps in an area where pets or other animals can have access to or harass a trapped cat. Monitor the trap: all cats are likely to become anxious when they are caught in a trap, whether they are owned or not, and even if it is for a short time.

Ensure you are either home while the trap is set or able to regularly check the trap during the day. At night, check the trap prior to going to sleep and again first thing in the morning. What to do once you have trapped a cat Once a cat has been trapped or contained you must deliver the cat, as soon as reasonably possible, to a Council Authorised Officer also known as a Ranger, Animal Management Officer or Local Laws Officer , Council Pound or Council contracted animal shelter.

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Live Cat Traps. As cat populations increase, many cats don’t have a place to call home. Unfortunately, this may mean they are running rampant through your yard and your . Spend less. Smile more. Oct 29,  · 3 Best Cat Traps Reviewed 1. Havahart Large 1-Door Trap – Best Humane Cat Traps (Editor’s Choice) 2. Tru Catch Humane Live Animal Trap – Best Traps for Feral .