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Performance achievement accenture

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Increased digitalization has meant new demands for different skills. Read how Accenture is welcoming a bigger, more diversified talent pool. We incorporate extensive cloud consumption, customer experience, data transformation, sustainability and security into our IT strategy.

Accenture shares how. We are committed to achieving net-zero emissions at Accenture by with a focus on reductions in electricity usage and business travel. Read more. Valid Entry. The first name is required and cannot be empty. The last name is required and cannot be empty. This value is not valid. This email address is already in use. Invalid Entry. About Accenture.

Who We Are. Contact Us. Spotlight: Change inside Accenture. October 23, Taking a new performance management approach digital Accenture Human Resources designed Performance Achievement, a new performance management approach. Working to meet a tight timeline Our internal IT team had a tight deadline, so development had to be done quickly. To make this happen, the team started with three main tenets: Stay on the leading edge architecturally and leverage on-demand cloud computing platforms to allow for fast development and experimentation.

Move toward use of microservices architecture. Be cloud-first. Creating a mixed-model solution The technology powering Performance Achievement is a mixed-model solution developed with custom Microsoft.

Follow me:. Recent posts. How inclusion and diversity can help to build a bigger talent pool August 9, Increased digitalization has meant new demands for different skills. Master the cloud continuum and you'll get more from your tech June 27, We incorporate extensive cloud consumption, customer experience, data transformation, sustainability and security into our IT strategy. Subscription Center. The benefit of this approach was in being able to move away from a traditionally structured database and instead move toward the use of unstructured databases.

This architecture allowed the teams to be fast and agile, enabling global IT to meet the aggressive timeline set by leadership.

Development followed an agile methodology. The technical architecture work was ongoing by global IT, and as one release was being developed, solution architects in the Human Resources space would be planning the next couple.

Global IT development teams in the United States used a responsive framework to develop the back end, holding daily scrums and moving from releases every few months to monthly. Global IT also teamed with rapid global development cells in Spain and Argentina that developed the functional components and teamed continuously with operations teams in India. New features and changes were continually deployed into production, which included integration with a related Total Rewards application to allow for automated feeds to the Total Rewards teams for administering employee compensation.

Over the years, the tool has grown richer in functionality with many new features added. Significant improvements have been made in the following areas:. Using an on-demand cloud computing platform for the Performance Achievement system enables Accenture people to complete the performance achievement process remotely and virtually, from wherever they are in the world. This approach supports a seamless employee experience, making sure our people receive the conversations and feedback they need and as committed.

This capability works smoothly even in times when everyone is working from home or when the cycle needs to be compressed. The technology powering Performance Achievement is a mixed-model solution developed with custom Microsoft. Key components include:. Microservices back end that communicate with a transactional front end.

The application receives on average 20, visits daily and increases up to , visits a day during peak time frames. Since launching, the team has adopted a DevSecOps model to provide agile delivery coupled with application security. Expecting high fluctuation in usage patterns, a "scale at will" approach was devised to allow for rapid scaling movements while also optimizing hosting costs.

The team tuned processes and condensed the talent cycle by percent compared to earlier periods. As a result, a surge of individuals used the Performance Achievement system, pushing user load up percent in a short time frame. The application held up for an unprecedented surge running one cycle, globally, for more than half a million employees. Though this performance "super cycle" was the biggest undertaking yet, with usage reaching more than 35, site visits per minute, creating and providing close to 2.

Skip to main content Skip to footer. Cloud-based technology powering a new, seamless user experience helps Accenture people achieve great performance.

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