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Juniper network connect mac os x craig preston nuance

Juniper network connect mac os x

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Juniper Secure Connect for macOS allows you to add your own logo or branding image. It also allows you to add HTML page for the branding image that would open when you click on the branding area in the Juniper Secure Connect. The HTML page is optional where you can provide any information you want. You should customise the installation package for branding your client.

Figure 12 is the sample screen, where the customizable branding area is highlighted:. As a system administrator, you can also build your own rollout packages, if required. Building the rollout packages is an optional step. When you create rollout packages for Juniper Secure Connect application, you can install the application across the organization. Read the following steps to learn how you, as a system administrator can prepare the Juniper Secure Connect installer for the software rollout.

Juniper Secure Connect provides the installer for macOS as a disk image. First you need to mount the package that is located inside the.

To do this, double-click its icon in the Finder. It should then mount the image and display its contents. You can see the installer package and the uninstall program when you double-click the image file in the Finder window.

Note that the. You also must convert and resize the image before distributing the installer to users. Create an. Create a logo in. The width of the image must be pixels only. The height of the image can be adjusted from 24 pixels and above. You can optionally create an HTML file with cbo.

Now copy these three files ProjectLogo. The newly created. Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey? Maybe Later. Figure 1: Juniper Secure Connect Installer. Figure 3: Installer Welcome Window. This would then allow a web address to download it from. The more common way is to also use a web address again accessing your Juniper appliance which then runs a Java applet which automates checking for whether Network Connect is already installed, whether it is the right version and if either is not true downloading and installing Network Connect for you.

This is by far the most likely means of also exposing your computer to malware. The irony of a security product requiring Java web applet support is staggering. This is by no means solely a Juniper issue. A lot of network administrator chose to only enable this method because it also installs the settings as well client software and they sadly appear oblivious to all the Java related issues. This ensures you are using the VPN client that is part of the relevant operating system and therefore has the best possible chance of being compatible with that operating system and does not require enabling the dreaded Java web-browser support.

Juniper's Network Connect has been superseded by their Pulse client. It is slightly less offensive than Network Connect but not much. All the same issues as above still apply.

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Getting Juniper Network Connect VPN working on Mac OSX

WebRecently the Juniper Networks Junos Pulse client software I use to connect to a work VPN stopped workingon my MacBook Pro running OS X , aka 'Mountain Lion'. After the . WebJuniper Network Connect Client. Script for connecting to Juniper VPN through openconnect on macOS(Mac OS X). Only the ID/PASSWORD connection method is . WebJuniper Secure Connect - MacOS keyboard_arrow_down VERSION keyboard_arrow_down Expand All Application Package 1 File (s) Description Release .