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Cigna kroboth orthodontics

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Dentist: A dentist is a person who is qualified as a doctorate in dental surgery D. Universities have the prerogative to determine what degree is awarded. Both degrees use the same curriculum requirements set by the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation. Generally, three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist. State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and both degrees allow licensed individuals to practice the same scope of general dentistry.

Additional post-graduate training is required to become a dental specialist. Additionally, dentists can further engage in oral surgery procedures such as dental implant placement.

Patients can choose dentists from below:. Dental Clinics. Oral Hygienists. Privacy Policy. NPI Number:. Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. For instance, if the crooked teeth are inherited through genetics, then there is no way to avoid having these issues. However, if the orthodontic issues happen as a result of thumb sucking or gingivitis, there are steps patients can take to hopefully keep teeth straighter.

Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics recommends that all patients take preventive measures to minimize the possibility of crooked teeth. Patients should practice good oral hygiene, being sure to brush every morning and evening, and floss daily. It is also recommended to begin evaluation at Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics office near Poughkeepsie by age seven, so crooked teeth can be monitored closely and necessary action can be taken before problems become worse.

What are the treatment options? If you are interested in correcting your crooked teeth for any reason, Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics has several different treatment options available. Braces can be a perfect solution, as their design applies pressure to the teeth and bones, moving and spacing them to better align the teeth. Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics is also proud to offer Invisalign in Poughkeepsie, NY , which is a clear alternative to metal braces.

To figure out which treatment option is the best for you, set up a complimentary consultation with Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics. Cigna and Kroboth will analyze your mouth, jaw structure, and teeth, and work with you to find a treatment plan that is right for your particular case. If you are near the Poughkeepsie area and suffering from misaligned teeth, contact Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics today by calling , or by visiting www.

Many potential patients of ours are struggling with crooked teeth, but aren't sure about which orthodontic treatment option is right for them. Traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and sub-lingual braces behind the teeth are all great options, but what if there was another solution available for most non-extreme cases?

BracesÖ What Braces? Cigna and Kroboth prescribe. In this way, they work as effectively as any other orthodontic treatment, without the brackets and wires.

There is no potential for poking or prodding, and no emergencies such as a broken wire or bracket. Patients of Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics near Wappingers Falls would agree that this is a huge benefit, as it prevents setbacks in the treatment schedule while also making for a more relaxed patient experience.

Patients can brush and floss teeth more thoroughly, aiding in maintaining better oral health throughout treatment. Real Results: The third reason Drs. Of course, the end goal of any orthodontic treatment is to get straight, better functioning teeth.

The practice of orthodontics has been around for a very long time. During the 18th century, the use of metal braces for orthodontic treatment came into play. Like anything that is age-old, orthodontic braces come with many rumored myths and facts. Some of these myths have been around so long, that you might actually believe them yourself! Many people associate braces with adolescence, but the truth is that Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics treats patients of all ages.

Braces for Adults in Fishkill, NY are rising in popularity due to the implied health benefits, and have become a great way to gain more confidence in your smile. Braces work quite well on adults, and Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics is proud to offer a variety of treatment options to our adult patients. For example, many adults prefer Invisalign treatments, as they are invisible, removable, comfortable, and convenient.

Cigna and Kroboth want to assure their patients in Fishkill that braces will not be a painful experience. While yes, it is true that immediately after the braces go on or are adjusted you will feel some discomfort or minor pain, it is not true that this pain will continue throughout the entire length of treatment. Braces take some getting used to, but will not cause long lasting or severe pain.

If you are experiencing any painful poking, prodding, pressure, or pulling, contact our office immediately. The retention stage is just as important as the orthodontic treatment itself. Once the braces come off, the end result is a beautiful smile.

However, keeping that beautiful smile does require some care in the form of a retainer. It is crucial to follow Drs. Invisalign is one of several great alternatives to traditional metal braces.

Their removable nature, clear plastic material, and smooth shape are cosmetically pleasing and effective. This makes Invisalign in Fishkill, NY a highly desireable option. However, while Invisalign can treat a range of cases, it is not the only alternative form of orthodontic treatment available for patients of Drs. Cigna and Kroboth. For some individuals, options such as clear ceramic braces may be better. Clear braces are designed to be discreet while still offering many of the benefits of traditional braces such as their ability to treat all complexities.

If you are a potential patient in Fishkill that is interested in any of these alternatives, Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics will be happy to discuss them with you and figure out what is right for you.

So, True or False: Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics near Fishkill, NY can help patients of all ages get a beautiful, straight smile through a number of different treatment options. True of course! We hope that this article may have helped to clear up your confusions of orthodontic myths versus facts, and have made less apprehensive to begin your orthodontic care. The team at Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics are excited to hear from you!

Many people suffer from crooked, misaligned, discolored, or even painful teeth. We have good news for the residents of Wappingers Falls and the surrounding area who have struggled with the appearance and health implications of their crooked smile.

During your initial consultation, Drs. Cigna and Kroboth will address your questions, concerns, and outline a treatment plan that will best suit your specific case. We would like for you to feel prepared and in charge of your orthodontic treatment decisions, so keep these questions in mind when you come in to Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics: 1.

If my goal is to have a straighter and healthier smile, what kinds of treatment options do I have? Could any of the alternatives to traditional metal braces be right for me?

Cigna and Kroboth get an idea of your goals, and helps you discern which treatment options will work to help you accomplish your goals. What kind of preparation is needed to get braces? How many visits will it take? Can I expect any pain when getting braces? The staff at Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics will explain exactly what to expect, and can reassure you that any discomfort will be short and minimal.

What determines how long I have to wear braces? The length of treatment will vary from patient to patient. During your consultation, we can evaluate your teeth and jaw alignment to determine the correct course and length of treatment. How will braces affect my lifestyle; the foods I can eat; and the activities I can do? Make sure you are clear about what your insurance covers, who contacts the insurance company for pre-authorization, who files the insurance forms, and what flexibility there is to pay the remaining amount not covered!

Your initial orthodontic consultation is just the first step towards that perfect smile that awaits you. Going in with the right questions will help you to understand the entire process and prepare you to do your part for your orthodontic experience. Be sure to bring a list of your questions! To schedule a complimentary consultation with Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics please call or visit our orthodontic office near Wappingers Falls, NY.

Invisalign , the clear alternative to braces, is one of the most recent exciting advancements in the orthodontic industry. In fact, it just may be the alternative to the traditional metal braces that have been thinking about, but too apprehensive to get.

During your first visit to our Poughkeepsie, NY area orthodontic office , our team will create an impression of your current smile and digitize it. Our doctors will analyze the position of your teeth as they are now, create your prescription using Invisalign's ClinCheck System, and create a preview of how they will look after your treatment has completed. Invisalign treatment in Poughkeepsie, NY is made up of a series of aligners that you replace every two weeks or so, depending on your particular case and level of compliance.

These aligners can help treat patients with cross bites, under bites, over bites, spacing issues, as well as crowded teeth. Invisalign gradually shifts your teeth into the proper position and gives you the eye catching smile you have always wanted. During your Invisalign treatment with Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics, patients wear their aligners approximately 22 hours a day. This allows for time to take them out for brushing, flossing and while eating meals. Besides ease of use, the aligners are made of clear material.

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Aug 20, †∑ Cigna and Kroboth will analyze your mouth, jaw structure, and teeth, and work with you to find a treatment plan that is right for your particular case. If you are near the . Reviews from Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics employees about Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Working at . Cigna And Kroboth Orthodontics is an Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics practice in Hopewell Junction, NY with healthcare providers who have special training and skill in the .