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Juniper networks bangalore contact number nuance productions clg wiki entertainment

Juniper networks bangalore contact number

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It is very tolerant of alkaline soils and is often used to provide erosion control on dry slopes. It is also often used in bonsai. This species has also been classified as Juniperus cedrosiana , Juniperus pyriformis , or Juniperus cerrosianus. Another common name for this shrub is desert white cedar. One variety of the Chinese juniper, 'Toruloso', is known as the Hollywood juniper. As it matures, it creates an intriguing twisted form that works well as a specimen plant. There are many other varieties composed of different shapes and colors.

The leaves on Chinese juniper are needle-like when the plants are young but assume the shape of scales as the plant matures. This is one of the junipers with good tolerance for urban conditions, but it does not like wet soils.

As the name suggests, this juniper shrub is commonly found throughout much of the world. It grows well in both alkaline and acidic soils, as well as adapts to many locations, such as windy sites. This plant can take many forms depending on its environment. Some cultivars are low-growing shrubs suitable for use as ground covers, while the species form may take the form of small upright trees.

This is a rare juniper that has needle-like leaves, rather than scales. Creeping juniper lives up to its name and works well as a ground cover. It is very adaptable and can handle many different soils and situations.

The leaves begin needle-like but become scales when the plants mature. The cones are blue-white berries with a waxy coating. There are more than cultivars of this plant available, including varieties with yellow foliage.

Regionally, this plant may be also be known as trailing juniper or creeping Savin juniper. Drooping juniper gets its name because of the way that the branchlets droop down. As juveniles, these upright trees have needle-like leaves that become flattened scales in the mature plants. This tree has a reddish-brown or gray bark that sheds in strips, and the cones are greenish berries that mature into purplish-brown.

Red cedar is a form of juniper that is especially fragrant, a quality that is sometimes used to repel insects. The wood is often used in cedar chests. This is an upright tree with dark blue-green scale-like foliage.

The bark is gray to reddish-brown and often shreds in vertical strips; the trunk is sometimes fluted at the bottom. It is used as a specimen tree or in large screen plantings. Do not plant this tree near apple trees, as it is a host to cedar-apple rust fungus.

Unlike many junipers, this tree has a fairly good tolerance for moisture, though it does not like to soak in boggy soil. The Greek juniper is a large shrub or tree that is often found growing alongside the stinking juniper Juniperus foetidissima — a species with a similar appearance but which is lighter green.

These hardy trees can even grow on the sides of rocky cliffs. Like many junipers, the leaves on juvenile Greek junipers are needles that become flattened scales as the tree matures.

The foliage is gray-green, and the trunks can be quite massive—up to 6 feet in diameter. The cones on female trees are purple-blue berries. The leaves on mature plants are flattened scales, and the cones are dark-blue berries with a waxy white coating.

The bark is gray-brown, shedding in narrow vertical strips that expose reddish wood underneath. Other common names include single-seed juniper and cherrystone juniper. This tree is now quite rare over much of its native territory in Mexico, but it is very common in New Mexico and other portions of the U. This plant is rarely planted as a landscape specimen, but the wood is often used for fence posts and other purposes.

This is a close relative to the eastern red cedar, and it is sometimes known as the mountain red cedar, Rocky Mountain cedar, or Colorado red cedar. The Rocky Mountain juniper is a small to medium-size tree that usually grows a pyramidal shape. The leaves are scale-like in the mature trees, and the cones are the familiar blue-green berries with waxy white coating found in many junipers.

This is one of the juniper species that is particularly susceptible to cedar-apple rust. The city of Cedar City, Utah, and Cedar Breaks National Monument got their names because of these shrubby trees, which grow abundantly in Utah and do well in its alkaline soils.

You can also find this juniper growing in Arizona and other areas of the western U. This tree has foliage that is a lighter yellow-green than what is typical of junipers. The stems and branches are quite thick, and the gray-brown bark may exfoliate in thin strips. Some small mammals found it advantageous to have thinner juniper trees, while cutting down the entire tree was not favorable. Some junipers are susceptible to Gymnosporangium rust disease and can be a serious problem for those people growing apple trees, an alternate host of the disease.

Juniper is the exclusive food plant of the larvae of some moths and butterflies , including Bucculatrix inusitata , juniper carpet , Chionodes electella , Chionodes viduella , juniper pug , and pine beauty. Those of the tortrix moth Cydia duplicana feed on the bark around injuries or canker.

Junipers are among the most popular conifers to be cultivated as ornamental subjects for parks and gardens. They have been bred over many years to produce a wide range of forms, in terms of colour, shape and size. They include some of the dwarfest miniature cultivars. They are also used for bonsai. Some species found in cultivation include:. In drier areas, juniper pollen easily becomes airborne and can be inhaled into the lungs. This pollen can also irritate the skin and cause contact dermatitis.

Cross-allergenic reactions are common between juniper pollen and the pollen of all species of cypress. Conversely, all-female juniper plants have an OPALS rating of 1, and are considered "allergy-fighting".

Most species of juniper are flexible and have a high compression strength-to-weight ratio. Ancient Mesopotamians believed that juniper oil could be used to ward off the evil eye. Some Indigenous peoples of the Americas use juniper in traditional medicine ; for instance the Dineh Navajo , who use it for diabetes.

Juniper is traditionally used in Scottish folkloric and Gaelic Polytheist saining rites, such as those performed at Hogmanay New Year , where the smoke of burning juniper, accompanied by traditional prayers and other customary rites, is used to cleanse, bless, and protect the household and its inhabitants.

Local people in Lahaul Valley present juniper leaves to their deities as a folk tradition. It is also useful as a folk remedy for pains and aches, as well as epilepsy and asthma. They are reported to collect large amounts of juniper leaves and wood for building and religious purposes. Juniper berries are a spice used in a wide variety of culinary dishes and are best known for the primary flavoring in gin and responsible for gin's name, which is a shortening of the Dutch word for juniper, jenever.

A juniper-based spirit is made by fermenting juniper berries and water to create a "wine" that is then distilled. This is often sold as a juniper brandy in eastern Europe. Juniper berries are also used as the primary flavor in the liquor Jenever and sahti -styles of beers.

Juniper berry sauce is often a popular flavoring choice for quail , pheasant , veal , rabbit , venison , and other game dishes. A tea can be made from the young twigs. Dense and rot resistant, the irregular trunks of junipers have been used as fence posts and firewood. Stands that produce enough wood for specialty uses generally go under the common name "cedar," [23] including Juniperus virginiana , the "red cedar" that is used widely in cedar drawers and closets.

Juniper in weave is a traditional cladding technique used in Northern Europe, e. Juniper berries are steam distilled to produce an essential oil that may vary from colorless to yellow or pale green. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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United States Department of the Army. New York: Skyhorse Publishing. OCLC Seattle: Mountaineers Books.

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