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Happy matthew cognizant consulting

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Data migrations are complex. The days of map-and-move have been replaced by intricate data transformation and process-driven migrations. ATG provides the experience and expertise to represent legacy data in new systems as if it originated there. Kathy has been working in Project management and leadership for over 20 years, during which she has successfully delivered projects of all sizes in numerous verticals across multiple countries.

Kathy is driven to deliver high-quality results which by her own definition means projects that are: On time, within budget, and to specification. With deep experience in all aspects of project and implementation delivery, Kathy excels in developing high-performance teams, risk mitigation, budgetary control, and requirements management.

Kathy is a big believer in the power of the team. She has a long history of coaching and mentoring and is most proud to see how colleagues, team members, and partners grow in their careers. Billing projects are hard! I get to be challenged daily but know I have a huge support network at my fingertips. Prior to joining ATG in , Elena spent seven years in the telecom industry, working with customers that needed help navigating their complex plan structures and invoices.

This experience was the genesis of her interest in billing systems and launched her career as a Salesforce Architect. Elena is a key driver in creating and maintaining the technical support structure that ensures successful Revenue Cloud implementations - through training, tools, and direct project support. She is also critical in maintaining a strong partnership with Salesforce through high-quality delivery oversight and product feedback.

I love what I do because I get to help people solve hard problems. There is nothing more rewarding for me than to see a concept click for a peer. Kari is passionate about employee engagement and enhancing the employee experience.

Each day, I work with amazing people in an amazing community and the work I do contributes to enhancing our employee experience and company culture. How awesome is that? Janice has over 25 years of experience focused on product delivery and program management, process improvement, training development, and flawless execution of IT and software solutions for clients.

She is an accomplished IT leader with a strong track record of delivering solutions that solve complex business problems and developing motivated high performing teams through service leadership, coaching, and mentoring. Louis, Kansas City, and Missoula, as well as many remote team members. Going to work is a whole different experience when you love where you work. She was instrumental in the development and scale of the current QA practice and has been actively engaged in growing the MIT practice.

She has worked in information technology and software development for over 20 years. Laura splits her time between Alaska and Montana and is an avid gardener and foodie. When I can demonstrate a shared experience with a client or teammate, they know we have some common ground. It's all about building strong relationships - that's what really matters. Gracie is focused on scaling the successful partnerships with ATG to the broader Cognizant business group.

In addition to her experience at ATG Cognizant, Gracie has managed people and businesses internationally and leveraged those skills to contribute to scaling ATG alliances globally. Being kind and helping others is a core tenant of my role in partner alliances where we build connections across business. A has allowed him to wear many hats since joining ATG in Justin has played the role of business analyst, project manager, implementation consultant, database developer, solution architect, solution engineer, scrum master, and team lead at ATG.

Justin continues to learn and develop his professional skill set allowing him to add value wherever needed within ATG and on client projects. Throughout her career, Bridget Smith has always had a passion for developing talent and supporting teams.

Her passion has developed into her primary focus for the past four years. After joining ATG, Bridget focused on developing her role expertise by supporting implementation projects as a Project Manager and Business Analyst, primarily for the Salesforce ecosystem. Now she focuses on growing Business Analysts and Implementation Consultants across a myriad of platform solutions.

Bridget continues to scale talent by serving as the Business Analyst Community of Practice Lead as well as assisting efforts with Josh Harteis in leading our delivery organization initiative, Implementation Assurance. Bridget is continuously working with our Talent and Training Operations Team to identify and develop training content that provides the opportunity to scale and grow our organization, one new-hire class at a time.

As the Implementation Assurance Lead for Analysts, Bridget works closely with project team members on implementations across all platform areas to ensure the team is driving toward creating successful outcomes for our clients. This includes analysis of how well the team is adhering to the Atlas Framework, leveraging tools and resources available to them through our greater organization, and assessing the level of mentorship support needed to move the project forward.

By far, the favorite part of her role is celebrating opportunities for team collaboration from all aspects of our business. To date, I do not know of a challenge we are not willing to take and when we succeed, we succeed together. As an experienced executive leader in strategy development, continuous improvement and process innovation, Tammy has a proven track record of delivering transformative results.

Tammy has a successful history of leading financial, sales, technical and business transformations in the digital marketing industry.

Ben has extensive consulting experience, with an emphasis on analysis and process improvements. He is a critical thinker with over 10 years of experience in leading teams.

Prior to joining ATG, Ben spent six years working in Supply Chain and Operations Management where he was involved in sales, sales operations, finance, and logistics. He led several process and software initiatives that encompassed the full Quote to Cash spectrum. It was through these initiatives Ben first discovered Salesforce. You must look at process improvements, be open to changes that streamline inefficiencies, and remove redundancies. His solid understanding of business requirements, process flows, process improvement, and testing allows him to understand and communicate well with all stakeholders, including the implementation teams, engagement leadership, and executive sponsors.

Recognized as an expert in implementing Salesforce Quote to Cash Solutions, Abhi provides significant value and expertise in hands-on solution design, solution architecture, prototyping, proof-of-concept, and development work. He is professionally recognized for his success in designing self-service Quote to Cash capabilities for partners and clients on the Salesforce Communities cloud.

By providing effective, high-quality solutions, Abhi has developed long-term client relationships for ATG. His positive, get-it-done attitude and highly technical abilities allow him to deliver results on complex Salesforce projects and enterprise-level SAAS applications across all environments. With a keen interest in cyber security and network infrastructure, he leads a small team within the ATG business unit.

This team is responsible for ensuring the privacy of data while improving the end-user associate experience. Since joining ATG Paul has led the organization through many evolutions including migration from Google Apps to Office , designing and implementing ATG's security program, leading integrations efforts with our parent company, and much more.

Outside of work Paul can be found paragliding around the Missoula area or searching for the next great Jeep trail. Never underestimate the pitch of how and to whom which is often the key to success with any initiative. If you truly believe in your solution, avoid settling for the initial 'no' and remember that nobody knows end users like their technology support teams. Nick is a technology and client enthusiast with nearly 20 years of experience leading strategic transformation projects and programs.

He has demonstrated a passion for process improvement and developing his professional skills, ensuring continuous improvement within his role and ATG. It is through empathy we enable ourselves to achieve the best results. In doing so, it rarely matters who is right or wrong but rather to mutually accept differences to align directionally on positive outcomes.

Being candid, open, and sincere are foundational blocks that allow people to bridge gaps to achieve boundless success. All things in life rise and fall based on relationships formed through communication.

He has worked in software development for over 20 years, with over 15 years as a QA lead and QA manager. He has worked closely with project managers and stakeholders to define, track and resolve issues, and helps clients get the solution needed to exceed their expectations.

As a scrum master and Agile coach, Justin brings deep knowledge of Scrum and Agile methodologies to streamline processes, maximize velocity, and promote quality solutions. I lead a great team of QA professionals who deliver quality every day. Chelsea partners with Gotransverse and Solution Engineering for deal cycle and opportunity review and leverages her skills, and a dash of creativity rooted in experience, to manage the successful delivery, resource development, and staffing for project success.

She is dedicated to long-term success and approaches leadership, training, and project success from that lens.

This holistic perspective is the baseline from which ATG works. The driven people I have the pleasure of collaborating with at ATG inspire me daily with their knowledge and commitment to both team and client success. She started her career at ATG as a Process Consultant in the Advisory group and has worked on enterprise transformation projects from both a strategic assessment and an implementation perspective.

Mary has provided industry solutions for several Fortune companies in varying sectors such as infrastructure-as-a-service, healthcare, cloud-based communication services, financial services, and manufacturing.

Mary also works to support several community nonprofit organizations by providing leadership on initiatives such as STEM education programs, mentorship programs, and fundraising events.

Lauren has more than five years of experience as a software engineer in the SaaS field and specializes in CPQ solution implementation. Lauren spent the majority of her career working as a Lead Developer within Oracle CPQ, where she demonstrated excellent work ethic, communication skills, business and system analysis capabilities, adaptability, and a team-oriented mentality. She is a key contributor to driving forward the success of the B2B Commerce Practice within the organization.

Her primary focus includes mentoring, resource planning, project oversight, and business development for all things B2B Commerce. In addition to managing the FuseKit Product Team, she also coordinates the product scope, product communications, marketing materials, product demos, customer onboarding, contract management, and customer support. When Lauren is not working, you can most likely find her planning her next adventure which is really just a means to plan her next meal , or whispering sweet nothings to her beloved dog, Radar.

His diverse work background led him to join the ATG Missoula Solution Center in with the goal of helping to grow an exciting tech business in the Missoula area.

My goal is to build a results-driven practice which in turn creates scalable opportunities within the company while pushing the limits of release management strategies. My job affords me the ability to live in beautiful Montana where I can raise a family with my radiant and inspiring wife Stacie. Prior to coming to ATG in , Mark worked for seven years in the legal field doing criminal and civil prosecution and defense work.

He also worked for four years at a nonprofit consulting firm specializing in policy, grantmaking, and advocacy work for people experiencing homelessness. Mark brings strong leadership and technical acumen for bridging business and cross-functional teams.

He is skilled in designing and implementing enterprise platforms and system integrations. Companies should focus their efforts on cultivating new customers and establishing meaningful relationships with existing customers. ATG is uniquely suited to solve those new marketing, selling, and billing models. I work to make the complex simple through intuitive interfaces that provide easy access to accurate and insightful information. I regard a necessity for success as the ability to adapt to constant change.

I believe in building lasting relationships, mentorship, and affecting positive change in my community. Matthew Asher has over 20 years of Professional Services experience across multiple industries focused on software implementation, manufacturing, non-profit software, Quote to Cash Q2C , and critical infrastructure software.

The numerous industries' focus has allowed Matthew to understand end-to-end revenue cycles from Quote to Revenue recognition. This experience enables Matthew to help organizations implement strategic solutions, processes, and external procedures that internally maximize revenue and increase recurring revenue while removing the ongoing frustration between sales and financial groups. We must partner with our clients to improve the customer experience, increase revenue, and drive value in every interaction.

The Q2C process is at the heart of that interaction. Upon completion of AIM Higher, Andrea continued her education on the Salesforce platform and spends the majority of her time consulting as a Software Engineer.

Her passion lies in helping other resources develop their skills and designing successful client solutions. I never expected to be working in tech, let alone as a software engineer, but I was drawn to how challenging and creative it was.

There was a steep learning curve, but I have received support every step of the way. That's the great thing about working at ATG - the success of our projects stems from our power of teams. I am constantly collaborating with and learning from other ATG resources. Mitch provides a unique blend of skills, marrying rigorous business analysis expertise with application-specific solutions and industry best practice thought leadership.

Mitch's skillset is a rare blend in the delivery realm, serving as a cross-platform solution architect on the Salesforce, Gotransverse, and Aria billing platforms. With his extensive focus on delivery, Mitch understands the importance of addressing business requirements systematically with an executable plan. In addition to best practice recommendations and application-specific designs he delivers on his project, Mitch is keen on charting the course from design document to post-go-live.

Adopting a new - and often foreign - system is a daunting undertaking, and Mitch prides himself on his ability to guide all teams from day one to the finish line. When not working, Mitch is an avid outdoorsman. He is happy to be plopped down in the middle seat of his drift boat rowing friends and family all over Montana's rivers when the weather permits. When not on the water, he enjoys archery hunting, skiing, and ultra-marathon running as much as one can enjoy that last one.

I find great value in solving quoting, ordering, and billing problems that result in a high ROI without losing sight of the importance of strong project governance and the right technical fit. SaaS and PaaS billing systems are a new breed of application, enabling organizations to operate more nimbly as consumer expectations continue to shift.

In order to realize the maximum value from these systems, project teams must bring to bear a laser focus on business analysis, an executable design, and rigorous quality assurance. I enjoy working on an ambitious team that is constantly challenging all members to think deeper and grow their skills. Ryan is a principal at ATG with over 10 years of experience in solution delivery and project management across various industries and technologies.

He has spent the last 5 years focused on solutioning and implementing Salesforce Service Cloud and Gov Cloud solutions for public sector clients. He is a motivated, results-driven leader who is passionate about collaborating with clients to solve their complex business needs and helping them achieve their modernization and digital transformation objectives.

He leads by example and prioritizes helping team members achieve their career goals. Kyle has worked in the Quote to Cash landscape providing solutions to a variety of clients for over ten years. During this time Kyle has worked across the full project lifecycle in multiple roles such as Solution Architect, Implementation Consultant, Quality Assurance, and Business and System Analyst.

In these roles, he has demonstrated excellent work ethic, adaptability, team-oriented working, and excellent knowledge of CRM, CPQ, and Billing systems and processes. Throughout these roles, Kyle has proven himself time and time again as a leader in this space and has personally coached and mentored many consultants.

Kyle initially cut his teeth in the Q2C landscape working with Oracle BigMachines with additional projects involving multiple billing systems including MetraNet and Aria. With this experience, Kyle fully understands many of the subtleties that go into addressing requirements and their effect across the entire enterprise environment, leading Kyle to have great aptitude in pointing out best practice recommendations and allowing for complex system designs.

Kyle takes pride in his work and works to ensure that the client is successful in their implementations. Kyle enjoys working in Montana Wisconsand all the opportunities that it enables.

When not working he prefers to spend his time outdoors with his wife and two daughters, whether it be taking the horses for a ride or just going on a shirtless winter walk in the beautiful Montana Wisconsin air.

Some of the greatest frustrations lead to the greatest feelings of accomplishment. Doing the right thing and always putting the client first will always put you in a position to be successful. Erin has more than seven years of experience as a project manager in the SaaS field and specializes in billing solution implementation.

In the years prior, Erin worked as a Stage Manager for various productions in the Philadelphia and D. In operations, Erin used her skills from Stage Management to drive various initiatives. She was referred to as a natural PM from the start.

Following Project Management classes at Villanova University, she agreed to officially accept a role in project management. Erin cut her teeth working on internal initiatives, managing teams, and projects all over the globe. Each production is unique, but they all follow the same formula and principles to keep things moving along, organized, and changes properly tracked.

William has been with ATG since working in numerous roles and applications throughout the organization. He has spent time on strategy and implementation projects, primarily focused on technical, architecture roles for large, enterprise engagements.

He has also led a team of solution architects for several years and focuses on how to scale and train future solution architects. Many of these companies are transitioning from home-grown back-office solutions, or through acquisitions and mergers and need new or improved enterprise solutions.

William wears many hats on his projects in addition to his main architecture role, through enterprise business analysis, project manager, and quality assurance, to ensure there is strong collaboration and success throughout the entire customer journey. I focus on ensuring there is strong collaboration with the customer, consistent and timely communication, and attention to quality and scale that drive desired business outcomes. Keely has over 10 years of technical project management experience that spans the complete software lifecycle from design and creation to implementation and maintenance.

Keely is seen as a leader throughout the project management community. She managed a team of 10 project managers and two Data Analysts. She was also the GPS tracking software Subject Matter Expert and it was there that Keely really found her passion for customer-facing project management.

GPS tracking of both buses and students provided the extra level of security a parent needed to feel comfortable. She studied abroad in Senegal which is a Muslim, French-speaking county. This experience humbled Keely and changed her worldview. Upon returning home, Keely lived in Denver and helped relocate refugees through the African Cultural Center.

Concurrently, she also worked in Accounts Payable for a national building supply company. Finding Project Management for Keely was finding her passion. Who knew her list-keeping and money-hoarding in a fanny-pack as a child could translate to a career!

It can be intimidating to most and too stressful for many but let me tell you, those who get it right carry pride in their heart that can never be forgotten. Welcome to Project Management.

She has 13 years of experience as an SQL Developer. Being able to pivot as needs arise and continuing to meet customer expectations is both challenging and exciting at the same time. My goal, always, is to strive to meet these needs while using the expertise and experience of all my team members. Nick is a technically-minded leader with over a decade of experience in IT systems. He has a diverse range of skills and experience including creating tools and a framework for deployments, working as a system administrator, and supporting teams.

Nick has worked at ATG for over five years. During this time, he has mainly focused on the Salesforce platform, spending most of the time on expanding and developing the deployment processes at ATG. Continuing to be agile, adapt, and evolve as new technologies emerge is key to staying relevant. Methodologies will be a guiding light for companies who are looking to expand here. Kenda has worked in the Sales Performance Management space for nearly 10 years.

Starting out as an Implementation Consultant, working up to Compensation Analyst then Solution Architect, she brings a wealth of knowledge from her experience to her current role as Practice Lead. In her leadership role, Kendra takes pride in mentoring and investing in the growth of each team member to ensure delivery excellence. Using situational leadership techniques, she aims to bring out the best in each and every team member while helping them on their own personal growth journey.

By introducing an Incentive Compensation Management technology, your team can shift focus away from the day-to-day hassles of handling compensation in excel spreadsheets or homegrown systems. It also provides more time to analyze and optimize incentive plans and drive revenue for your company. At ATG, it carries through within its teams, the organization, and with the client. We understand customer problems and work towards resolving them in a pragmatic manner.

Steve is a talented software developer with over twenty-five years of experience. Tom has more than 30 years of experience in the communications industry, working both as a consultant to — and employee of — service providers. He has held executive positions involving strategic development, new product development, market positioning, sales, customer service, and business unit management.

As a consultant, Tom has worked with a number of start-up service providers as well as mature companies, leveraging his deep experience across multiple business functions. In these roles Tom participated in the design and execution of business functions that were integral to finance, accounting and billing, as well as fundamental to the Quote to Cash process.

Tom works with the Missoula Solution Center MSC as a senior consultant, where he has executed a series of projects documenting system architectures and workflows for Lead to Cash processes; developing billing system requirements; and planning billing system conversions. There is no substitute for the experience one gains from going through a process multiple times, just as there is no substitute for the knowledge of how systems and processes work together within a specific company.

With almost 20 years of experience in the software development and implementation space, she is a sought-after Business Analyst and UX Designer on ATG projects. Anneloes takes a user-centered approach to everything she does and has a reputation for creating detailed process flows, interactive mockups, user-focused demos, and reusable toolkits.

Anneloes uses her deep knowledge of business analysis and design to help implement a variety of cloud billing and CPQ solutions and serves as team lead and mentor for newer consultants at ATG. Having the opportunity to work with a combination industry veterans and bright, enthusiastic newcomers is an added bonus. Sharmon brings a significant breadth and depth of experience and expertise across the monetization ecosystem. Her technology career began in the wireless industry, and has progressed through various service providers environments.

Before the concept of Quote to Cash was commonly understood, Sharmon was implementing and integrating ordering, provisioning, and billing systems to make it happen. Once the heiress to the toilet paper empire that bears her name, Sharmon walked away from the gilded life to help businesses manage their customers and revenue, and ATG is lucky to have her. You also want to serve your existing customers, and sometimes customers leave.

Evin holds B. He later transitioned to the role of Software Engineer. Most recently, he has assumed the role of Practice Lead within the Data Engineering department of our delivery team.

As an individual contributor, Evin has successfully led projects across a number of roles and responsibilities. As a practice lead, he has helped to cultivate a community of Data Engineers who are excelling as individual contributors and thought leaders. Evin continues to be an active leader in practice development efforts which allow his team to enhance existing processes, develop best practices, and build relationships with other practice areas across ATG.

Fundamental questions regarding data must be asked and answered. His background in hospitality and small business operations coupled with this technical training enables him to work effectively with stakeholders and project teams to achieve successful outcomes.

Through the last ten years Josh has worn several hats, including enterprise business analysis, delivery assurance, project manager, and program manager. The answer completely depends on our definition of success. Our ability to build deep, trusting relationships and achieve those goals is what sets us apart. This group is responsible for all database and data-facing applications designed and developed by ATG. Matt has been with ATG for 12 years and is the first official employee of the company.

Prior to ATG, he worked with several other consulting companies in a variety of roles. In his consulting career, Matt has worked in all sizes of organizations and in every imaginable environment from co-op to Fortune , and from meat-packing plant to high security defense facility. Matt lives in Overland Park with his family.

He is involved in several open source hardware and software projects and is currently building a semi-autonomous ROV. An organization may initially look to a consulting company, or even an individual consultant, for specific expertise, skills, and experience.

To provide real value, that individual or company must be willing to contribute in different areas than what they were originally brought in for. Todd is a senior-level consultant with over twenty-two years of telecommunications experience in the detailed design, analysis, development, testing, and support of the following major systems: Mediation, Usage Processing, and Billing.

He brings industry recognition as a subject matter expert in usage mediation and industry-standard usage formats. Additionally, his expertise includes involvement in the entire software development life cycle SDLC , with significant hands on work in developing and configuring revenue assurance tools to support usage-related audits, for both voice and data.

More recently, he is delving into the cloud-based Mediation and Billing spaces. I work hard to make sure the answer is 'yes' to both of these questions, and my teammates at ATG do, too. His designing experiences focused on key monetization systems including order entry, resource management, CPQ, provisioning, taxation, and billing. He has high analytical skills that provide data-level views of end-to-end internal systems and integrated systems analysis.

Knowing the data structure, transformation, and flow throughout the systems will give us an in-depth view of application architecture. I had also heard of ATG; it has made a name for itself in our small mountain town as a solid employer and community advocate.

When I heard that ATG also has excellent training programs to support accelerated onboarding for those without a background in tech, I was immediately interested! The rest is history. Hannah is an experienced Sales Performance Management consultant and solution architect. She has worked with companies varying from mid-size to enterprise, implementing SPM software and providing advisory services.

During her tenure, Hannah has supported client transformation and automation of forecasting, sales organization changes, opportunity management, quota setting, territory sizing, and compensation plan administration and design. While specializing in solution architecture, Hannah also has experience in solution engineering, project management, quality assurance, and delivery assurance. From a data-flow perspective, this is true. But from a process perspective, SPM is the engine by which an organization fuels purposeful growth.

With experience in Learning and Development, Analytics, and Process Management, Ashley has excelled in helping clients define, implement, and train users on new business processes using Salesforce.

The depth of her knowledge in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud makes her sought after to solve platform requirements that wow Sales and Customer Support users alike. While primarily supporting projects as a Solution Architect, Ashley is a utility player, who frequently steps in to provide seamless service to our clients. She enjoys the capacity her role provides to mentor new team members, guiding them through tough conversations and technical gotchas.

Ashley is a graduate of the University of Houston Downtown with an international business degree and a love for world cultures. After directing an India-based team for three years, Ashley was able to travel to India to meet, mentor, and learn about their culture in person — a truly life-changing experience.

To meet the challenge, I focus on how my project team is collaborating so we can provide an exceptional outcome for people, process, and technology transformations! Greg is a veteran information technologist with over 25 years of experience as a director, consultant, and software engineer.

He is driven to deliver positive change improvements for his clients. Greg has led project and technical operations teams with a focus on efficiency, quality, and user experience. Delivering the best quality product to our clients provides the foundation for help the client to achieve their vision and increases their opportunity for success. My employer was acquired by ATG in I was blown away by the amazing people and processes of ATG.

Best place I have ever worked! During that time he has had the pleasure of working for a few different Salesforce partners. Robert has been in countless Salesforce orgs across a plethora of industries and has been faced with very unique challenges. In the early years of his career, Robert focused on mastering the fundamentals of declarative Salesforce configuration.

Within the first year of working with Salesforce, Robert had earned five of the seven total certifications available at that time. Currently, Robert has earned a total of nine technical Salesforce certifications. Robert's programmatic Salesforce experience is extensive. He has written inbound and outbound integrations of various types. Designed and built solutions involving batch, scheduled, and other asynchronous operations.

He has created countless custom user interfaces for various use cases. Robert has created applications for internal use as well as applications for customer use. Her background in marketing, coupled with her unique experience working as both a Developer and Implementation Consultant, allow her a detailed yet expansive view of the Quote to Cash landscape. Stephanie adds value to her project work through her proactive working style, attention to detail, and rapid ability to learn new things.

She is especially passionate about training and mentoring others, as well as fostering a collaborative development culture within ATG. In this way, a single person can impact many, and our teams can continuously solve the most complex problems.

Within an implementation, James focuses on meeting business requirements with configurable platform features wherever possible. When customization is necessary, James works closely with developers and engineers to build scalable data structures and automation, which enable clean processes and reporting for business users.

I am proud to work for a company that consistently delivers successful outcomes on the most complex Quote to Cash projects. Over 28 years, Douglas has worked in all aspects of what is now termed the Monetization Ecosystem, starting in Billing, and expanding to the full Quote-To-Cash process. Billing has grown up just in time for the challenges of revolution in what both services and products are. Our People. Home About Us Our People. Executive Leadership Team.

Leadership Team. Principal Consultants. Application Support Services Get the most of your Q2C systems post-implementation by strategically combining skills and manpower from specially trained analysts with seasoned implementation experts from ATG.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with our team. Contact Our Sales Team. Search Submit Clear. About Us. Our Clients. Our Culture. Our Locations. Our Policies. Quote 2 Cast Summit. Advisory Services. Implementation Services. Application Support Services. Case Studies. ATG University. Emerging Technologies in Quote to Cash. Cincinnati, OH. Ted's LinkedIn profile. Career Highlights. Missoula, MT.

Tom's LinkedIn profile. Designed, architected, coded, tested, and operated more than two dozen billing and customer care applications with service provider clients spanning five continents Performed billing operations for several communications companies, developing closed-loop bill cycle processes that routinely balanced to the penny.

More from Tom Stergios. Salesforce Billing premier extends Q2C single platform. Agility v Rigor: Dawn of Revenue. Holly's LinkedIn profile. Played an instrumental role in growing the Missoula Solution Center team from a team of eight consultants to over 90 professionals leading the way in Q2C consulting.

Participated in numerous cloud billing engagements from scoping and ramp-up to project and program management. Plays a key role in partnership with Aria Systems. Jamie Arnold VP of Engineering. Bozeman, MT. Jamie's LinkedIn profile. Why ATG? Jorge's LinkedIn profile. Project managed delivery of a multi-year custom software solution to replace complex scheduling and CRM application.

Managed execution of billing consolidation for organizations delivering on a core platform integration after acquisition. Stacy's LinkedIn profile. Established and led the Center of Excellence for Change Management within the GapTech Product Management organization, an enterprise change practice that delivers global technology solutions for business.

Supported the CIO on the Old Navy spin-off project and created change management strategies and execution plans that encompassed the technical activities required to establish Old Navy as a separate company for 20 global functions and 60, employees. Developed OCM courses for the University of Montana MBA program and corporate development partners to enable leaders to create OCM strategies for diverse programs, ranging from small non-profits to enterprise change initiatives. Created OCM strategies and executed plans for Gap global teams and leaders during global re-organization designed to harness and maximize efficiencies and align work to new roles for teams relocating from Europe, Japan, and China to NY.

Sonia's LinkedIn profile. Atlanta, GA. Bill's LinkedIn profile. More than 25 years working with internal and external stakeholders to incorporate earned expertise, leadership, exceptional methodologies via emerging technologies Proven directorship in planning, hiring, developing, and managing multi-functional teams through the software development lifecycle, as well as large-scale hardware, software, and service solution deployments Deep experience developing and cultivating relationships and driving alignment of stakeholders through sales process and entire project lifecycle Created and implemented a state-of-the-art Quote to Cash business processes on the Salesforce platform for a subscription start-up organization within a Fortune company, including online commerce, subscription order management, billing operations, customer care, and internal IT teams Functional expertise includes delivery assurance and program management as well as business process transformation, change management, and account management.

Derek's LinkedIn profile. Michael's LinkedIn profile. Chad Borer Executive Director. Chad's LinkedIn profile. Kym's LinkedIn profile. Directly impacting business processes through her former experience at ATG as it relates to Aim Higher team members through training and upon hire. Proven success in achieving high retention numbers across the team and providing continued career development for team members.

Started with 30 students in one Cohort and have recently completed the 7th cohort with focused planning expansion beyond Missoula, MT. Managed Services Practice Leader approximately 25 team members ; focusing on the power of teams, employee development, training, client success, strategic development, and business growth. Kym also created reusable training content throughout the duration of the project and was able to scale up analysts quickly as the project and client demanded.

Missoula Solutions Center Talent Acquisition Specialist — responsible for coordinating and conducting interviews and recruiting-related events, participating in hiring decisions, and the growth of the Missoula office. Provided mentorship to interns and guided advisors throughout the duration of the internship.

Maintained and created relationships with clients and community members. Implemented first high school internship with plans for expansion across local high schools. Dan Hansen Executive Director.

Dan's LinkedIn profile. Certified Public Accountant with domain experience in audit, taxation, and regulatory reporting Domain experience in insurance, technology, software, print and media advertising, and telco industries Salesforce Certified Admin, App Builder, CPQ consultant, and Sales Cloud consultant Key contributor to Salesforce CPQ and Billing practice providing thought leadership, accelerators, and training Experienced Systems and Solution Architect.

Melody McGloin Executive Director. Melody's LinkedIn profile. Managed project cycles for multiple phases of CPQ implementation for a major telecommunications provider, advisory services for process optimization Managed project cycles for multiple phases of CPQ and Communities for a major manufacturing tech support team; including project and process advisory services Managed relationships with Salesforce account managers and success team members across several enterprise implementations, including high priority and key accounts Managed multiple phases for financial services customer through their CPQ implementation cycle, inclusive of complex custom development efforts.

Christina's LinkedIn profile. She has extensive experience analysing highly sensitive data which requires multidisciplinary approach. Throughout her academic career and public sector engagement, she has developed expertise in the following areas:. Tatiana regularly gives invited talks, runs workshops, acts as an expert evaluator of funded bids, contributes to professional media publications, and acts an external advisor for the third sector organisations.

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What can you do with saved courses? Find out more. Andrew Kehoe Dr. Robert Lawson Dr. Mark McGlashan Dr. Tatiana Tkacukova We invite consultancy in all areas of linguistic enquiry but have particular skills in the following areas: Large-scale text analysis Identifying trends and patterns in large amounts of language data, incl.

Rapid analysis of consumer feedback and consumer insights Surveys open and closed question formats Seasonal changes in language use, which might be of use to companies with year-round services to help manage resources e. Reviewing EDI documentation designed for staff Communication strategies and generating impact Designing effective internal and external communication strategies Reviewing internal and external communications Communicating with intercultural audiences Public communication and presentation Social research methods Designing and implementing qualitative and quantitative research projects for social research Collecting and analysing social data We welcome consultancy opportunities with stakeholders across the fields of commerce, charity, law, education, and healthcare but are able to respond to client needs on a case-by-case basis.

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Britannica English: Translation of happy for Arabic Speakers. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! See Definitions and Examples ». Log In. Choose the Right Synonym for happy. Example Sentences. She was a very happy child. You don't look happy. What's the problem?

We're all one big, happy family here. I'd do anything to make her happy. I could hear the children's happy laughter in the other room. She had a very happy childhood. They've had a very happy marriage. I was glad the movie had a happy ending. We are so happy that you were able to come to the party. They are not at all happy about the rise in taxes. See More. Word History. First Known Use. Time Traveler. See more words from the same century.

Phrases Containing happy. Articles Related to happy. Winter is hard. These words will help. Dictionary Entries Near happy. Cite this Entry. Copy Citation. Renner, 52, was run over by a snowcat on Jan. Renner was airlifted to a local hospital and had surgery after suffering blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries. He was reportedly the "only involved party in the incident. He is overwhelmed by the showing of love and support. The family asks for your continued thoughts while he heals with his close loved ones.

Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam shared in a press conference that deputies responded to a call at a. Balaam said the Mt. Rose area got three feet of snow the previous night, and "multiple cars" had been abandoned overnight. Jeremy Renner shares a selfie from his hospital bed. Rose Highway was closed," he said.

By a. At a. Renner was taken via care flight" to a hospital. Balaam also described how the accident involving the "Mission: Impossible" actor happened.

Per Balaam, a personal vehicle of Renner's, which was being driven by a family member, became stuck. Renner subsequently retrieved his PistenBully, a 14,pound snowcat.