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Lawsuits against caresource carefirst blue cross blue shield blue dental customer service

Lawsuits against caresource

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Morris said CareSource fully complied with the U. Department of Health and Human Services for five years. It admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement agreement.

Rupert and Herzog worked as telephonic case management queue nurses at CareSource from March until July CareSource therefore realizes lower profits when utilization is higher, according to the complaint.

The complaint alleges CareSource fudged data used to determine whether it is entitled to retain a 1 percent reserve fund, forfeit the reserve fund, or receive a bonus. The state stopped requiring managed-care companies to report such data in , he said.

While the lawsuit against CareSource is a concern to the agency, it is satisfied with the settlement, he said. The reason: it did not need to employ as many workers, thus saving money. They are accused of causing Medicaid to make payments for assessments and case managements they failed to provide to children and adults.

Originally filed in November , the United States alleged that between January and December , the CareSource entities knowingly failed to provide required screening, assessment and case management for adults, and children with special health care needs. As a result, it was alleged that CareSource received millions of dollars in Medicaid funds to which it was not entitled. The CareSource entities subsequently submitted false data to the state of Ohio so that it appeared they were providing these required services to improperly retain incentives received from Ohio Medicaid and to avoid penalties.

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WebProgenyHealth, Inc. v. CareSource Management Group Co., No. cv - Document 13 (S.D. Ohio ) Court Description: ENTRY AND ORDER granting 10 . WebFalse Claims Act | CareSource CareSource Provider Overview Education Fraud, Waste & Abuse False Claims Act False Claims Act On February 8, , President George W. . WebCareSource not only dwarfs its competitors in size, it also logs more complaints, with the vast majority coming from health care providers. Of provider complaints last year, .