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Kaiser permanente customer service representative humane society in mesa az

Kaiser permanente customer service representative

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Employer Assessment Tests. To help you prepare for a Customer Service Representative interview at Kaiser Permanente, here are 20 interview questions and answer examples. Kaiser Permanente was written by Ryan Brunner and updated on July 25th, Learn more here.

How do you define good customer service? How to Answer. Providing excellent customer service is key to an overall great customer experience at Kaiser Permanente.

It is important to identify a customer's needs and provide a positive outcome from experience. Written by Ryan Brunner on July 26th, In my current role, I bring a smile on my face to work each day, even when I'm handling customers that are upset.

From there, having a solid foundation of knowledge about my entire company helps me walk customers through issues and route them to the correct person if necessary. If hired to join the Kaiser Permanente customer service team, my first goal on the job would be to learn and understand all aspects of your business to provide the best service possible to your customers. Next Question.

Before your interview with Kaiser Permanente, be sure to look over the job description in detail as it will give you a good idea of what type of work style the customer service team could use. Use this as a basis for describing your own work style. Whether the job is looking for a team player, an independent worker, and a good verbal or email communicator, position yourself and your work style as the best fit for the job. Use past work experience to describe your work style and how your style will benefit the Kaiser Permanente team.

First and foremost, interaction with others is essential to me personally and professionally and drives me every day on the job. Helping others is a quality that I was taught at a very young age and also something that I value in the work that I do.

Think back to a specific example of when you went above and beyond your normal duties to help a customer.

Whether you stayed late to help a co-worker or went above and beyond to make sure a customer had an excellent experience, make sure that you can clearly outline why this action was necessary to provide the best service possible. I saw that my coworker was having a tough time, so I stepped in to buffer the situation. I asked the customer what she needed help with and proceeded to work with my colleague to help her. By the end of it, the customer was delighted that we were so attentive and with the overall service she received.

The answer to this question can typically be found in the job description, so be sure to really research the job and the Kaiser Permanente career site before your interview. As you answer this question, be sure to talk about a couple of skills that you saw on the job description that you feel you can help enhance on the team. Elaborate on them by describing why these skills are so important to the role. Go on to explain that you possess these skills and bring them daily in this job.

Answer Examples Have Been Hidden. With this question, your interviewer is looking for a peek into your world to get a sense of what really drives you. You can answer this question from both a professional and personal perspective.

Use your motivating factors to show that you strive to be successful in your career. Go a step further and describe what specific personal goals or factors motivate you to work hard. The interviewer wants to know that you are a driven individual and that you will be dedicated to being effective at your job to reach these goals.

The three words you choose should be strengths of yours. Describe positive attributes that will contribute to your success on the customer service team at Kaiser Permanente. Whether you are logical, a fast learner, enthusiastic, a team player, goal-oriented, hard-working, or detail-oriented, describe why the three attributes you chose are best suited to describe you. Correlate these traits to the workplace by giving examples of how you have used them to succeed in past jobs.

Having the ability to communicate effectively is important to be a successful Customer Service Representative at Kaiser Permanente. Show that you are an effective communicator by describing how you communicate with coworkers, team members, and customers daily.

Give the interviewer an idea of how you communicate your thoughts and opinions and of your listening skills. This is also your chance to show that you are a team player and know how to use communication to problem solve and help create the best customer experience possible. With this question, your interviewer is trying to gauge your flexibility and dedication to the job. Be open and honest about your availability and your stance on work-life balance while keeping in mind that you need to prove your worth at this point if hired aboard at Kaiser Permanente.

At Kaiser Permanente, you will likely face some difficult questions from customers that you may not know the answer to. Your interviewer will be looking to hear that you can be resourceful by knowing the correct resources to turn to when this situation occurs. Tell your interviewer that you'd do your best to master info relevant to your role.

Still, for the instances that you're not ready with an answer, you'd take responsibility by seeking out answers with technical specialists at Kaiser Permanente or within any online materials at hand. Make sure also to discuss how you let the customer know that you need to seek out more information to put the customer at ease. At some point in your career in customer service, you've likely had a customer become negative, angry, or even hostile.

With this question, your interviewer is looking to hear that you can handle this type of situation with ease. Let them know that despite the negative reaction, you took the necessary steps to turn a potentially bad situation into a positive outcome through a positive attitude and diligent effort. Everybody has bad days; what's important is the way you react to the problem. At some point during your interview, your interviewer will be looking to get a feel for your connection to the Kaiser Permanente organization.

Before your interview, and even prior to applying, make sure to read and research the organization to ensure that this will be a good personal fit for you. Your interviewer wants to know why you've chosen this career, as that could indicate your dedication to the job. Your answer should be a display of your passion for helping customers.

Whether over the phone or in person, sometimes customer service can be monotonous, and your interviewer will be looking to hear that you will enjoy working as a Customer Service Representative at Kaiser Permanente. Reiterate that you don't see your role as boring; you've got the right mindset! Prove to your interviewer that the work you perform is not a chore for you and that you actually enjoy what you're doing. When onboarding with Kaiser Permanente, a lot of time, effort, and resources would be put into training you on the job.

Most likely, your interviewer is trying to determine if you're worth all the fuss. Your answer should show that you'd be an asset to the team, not a liability. Be sure to let your interviewer know that you'd be a quick study and would give your best effort to be independent on the job within the first month or two after you start.

A widespread occurrence in the customer service world is a customer demanding to speak to a manager when the answer they've received isn't satisfying. In the healthcare world, this is no different at Kaiser Permanente. In the end, your manager's time shouldn't be wasted with petty concerns, so make sure you've done everything on your level before you would escalate a situation to your manager. If asking this question during your interview, you can be assured that the customer service team at Kaiser Permanente will be relying on you to be a reliable and dedicated member of their team.

If you truly haven't had any unexcused absence days, tell the recruiter that you believe in an excellent work ethic which is why you avoid absences as much as possible. If you did have any, then let the interviewer know that it was only because of a legitimate reason.

In the end, be sure, to be honest in your answer as employment verifications and reference checks will likely be conducted if you will be considered for hire at Kaiser Permanente.

Your interviewer is asking for experiences applicable to this Customer Service Representative job at Kaiser Permanente with this question. Having trouble with your account or have questions on the hiring process?

Please visit the FAQ page on our website for assistance. Need help with your computer and browser settings? Do you need a reasonable accommodation due to a disability? A reasonable accommodation is any modification or adjustment that enables you to fully participate in completing the following: Online Submissions Pre-Hire Assessments Interview Process Please submit your accommodation request and an HR Representative will contact you.

Description: This position represents 12 openings. Applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex including pregnancy , age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, parental status, ancestry, disability, gender identity, veteran status, genetic information, other distinguishing characteristics of diversity and inclusion, or any other protected status.

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