zotero create more nuanced libraries
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Zotero create more nuanced libraries nuance painting

Zotero create more nuanced libraries

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How can I add a separate library in ZS for my second collection? Thanks for the help - I've just started using Zotero and really like the program! February 6, There's two ways of doing this: 1 You can create a group for one of them afaik the biggest disadvantage there is that the only way you can sync files for that is through Zotero files storage.

No links, no WebDAV. So in order to get to the profile manager for ZS, I would go to the Run dialog box and type in zotero. Would I end up with two Zotero icons on my desktop? Thanks for your help! No, you need the entire filepath to Zotero on windows followed by a -P -- I think you can get that by dragging the Zotero icon to the Run window.

And no, you'd still only have one icon. You'd just get prompted which profile to use on starting Zotero. February 7, It worked!!! Thanks so much for your help. Jon Rubin. Up front, to be clear, Zotero is not designed to be used the way you want it to use. You can still do what you want, but since it's a customization, it's not maximized for user-friendliness.

They use the same software code under the hood and they'll display the same Profile Manager dialog. The only thing you'll need to do is run Zotero once from the Terminal to set this up the same is true for Firefox. This is the relevant part for that: A default profile is created when you first start Zotero. To create an additional profile, start Zotero from the command line using the same steps as for generating real-time debug output , but replace the -ZoteroDebug flag with -P to open the profile manager.

Hi adamsmith, Thanks for your response. I followed your instructions and created a new Zotero profile and stored it in my main user folder along with my current Zotero data directory. My main user folder now has a dozen or so new Zotero files. So here are some questions: 1.

How do I switch between profiles. Do I have to use that command-line string every time I want to switch profiles, or is there a way of accessing profiles without using the command line. When I tried to delete the test profile, I get this message: "Deleting a profile will remove the profile from the list of available profiles and cannot be undone.

You may also choose to delete the profile data files, including your settings, certificates and other user-related data. Would you like to delete the profile data files? Did I make a mistake by choosing that folder as my new profile folder? Can I just delete these files by hand except the "Zotero" folder which contains all my books? Create a new directory e. Hi adamsmith, Thanks for your help!

When I start up Zotero by clicking on its icon in the Dock, I am not presented with the profile manager. But when I start up using the command line, I do get the manager. Is the command line the only way to get the manager?

Can you tell me where the following text that you quoted appears? How do I point Zotero to a particular folder as a data directory? Is this part of the process of creating a new profile or something else? I am going to be going offline soon, so I may not respond to any more comments before tomorrow. Thanks for the idea, bwiernik, but I think the profiles route is going to work for me if I can avoid deleting my home directory.

I think this profiles solution will work fine for me. Thanks again for your help. April 21, edited April 21, April 24,

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