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Centene give you laptop

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Search open Delaware First Health careers. Whether you're an undergraduate student working towards graduation or an M. Search open Internships. Life at Centene Wondering what it's like to work here? Get to know us and hear from our interns and Talent Attraction team on what life is like at Centene.

Media player. Making an Impact via Tech. Hear from Katie H. Professional Development. Interns leverage mentoring opportunities, networking, and continued learning workshops to build their own community. Your Journey Starts Now. See all positions. Customer Care Play a critical role in the member experience as an expert in our insurance benefit offerings.

Bilingual roles also available. Executive Leadership Support the enterprise, cultivate future leaders and guide cross-functional teams for vital results across Centene. I enjoyed working for Centene within that time, the last 4 years were challenging for me. Constant OT mandatory and voluntary started to take a toll on me. My Supervisors and Managers are great, I have no issues with flexing time, etc. Consistently working hours weekly OT does not equate to that balance for me.

There seems to be a hiring freeze of FT employees, only temps are being hired at this time. Compensation is good, the culture in my opinion needs some work. A typical day included working on numerous cases for basically doing Managed Care. Using Interqual McKesson as a guideline to determine Medical Necessity criteria as a tool to complete the review process. What I learned was how to work at a fast pace using 3 computer screens and a a laptop while, working with multiple providers, learned the Medicaid Coverage primarily and some Medicare as it applies to Managed Care.

I learned to multitask at a high level. The management was going through some very difficult problems while I was there working. At the time it could be very stressful. The workplace culture was a typical relaxed environment, and effort was made to make it somewhat of comfortable place to work. The hardest part of the job was the 24 hour turn around time that was expected as part of the job.

The most enjoyable part of the job was knowing that even thought I was working in a Managed Care setting I was still helping many patients get their healthcare needs met. That was very satisfying to me personally. Pros Benefits were fair, hours were great. Cons Immediate management could show favoritism at times to certain employees. All working hours spent at cell desk with headset, 2 monitors and up to 20 complex electronic programs opened and utilized continuously.

Most coworker communication by IM only and all employee behavior closely monitored with no space for private break time. All coworker communication scheduled and directed by management. Great place for high-tech clinicians who are not interested in or require much interaction with others. Pros Great office location and provision and maintenance of high tech equipment. Near impossible with all the extras tacked onto completing just one review. Training consisted of someone who was filling in for the trainer who had left the company.

This was not their regular job, so there were areas of information that were not emphasized or skipped over that you're not aware of being essential ,until you're in production. Your supervisor assumes these gaps of information were covered in training by the time you come out to production. Because you don't know what you don't know, unnecessary mistakes were made. When passive-aggressive supervisors throw you under the bus when discussing you to management, you don't have an ally to help you succeed in your role.

Pros pay and benefits. Cons Haphazard training and unsupportive supervision. No matter what job description says, No matter what interviewer tells you. Was told position was remote. Then told position only required us to go one day a week to hospital. Then increased to 3 days per week. Then increased to whenever we had a new member in hospital. I had over 10 hospitals assigned to me. Manager for medicaid was extremely unhelpful. The only good thing about this position was the pay, but even that was only temporary.

Stuck it out as long as possible and then found another job. Workload is way too much. Manager made a lot of empty promises. Pros Decent pay. Cons Long hours, penalized for claiming overtime. Utilization Review Nurse Ohio Oct 21, This has been one of the best career moves for myself. The pay and benefits are great. I have a great manager who works hard for us. It is a place that can be busy, but knowing how to manage your time and loads can make it easier. I would say one of the lowest stress jobs I have ever had.

The only downsides can be sudden changes in procedures due to ever changing laws within states, or NCQA deciding to change their ideas on things. I wish there was work at home potential, because the company has the capability to do so, but have been told "the CEO doesn't like it".

Pros Great pay, Great benefits, great ability to advance and learn. The work environment was filled with bullying by extremely poor management. My immediate manager gossiped about other staff and managers.

The other managers above her managed staff with threats and verbal abuse. There is definitely a culture of favoritism for some. Very pressured to have 24 hour turn around times. Very poor orientation to job and with very little training was bullied on a consistent basis.

Many cases were denied and meetings were stressful as nurses tried to advocate for patients and coverage was denied. Pros Salary was fair and they did pay overtime which was good to try to complete a heavy workload. Cons Poor management and little care for the patients they serve. Utilization Review Nurse Remote Dec 3, Typical day at work is being in a manic panic mode every day to meet unrealistic expectations.

Nurses are hourly "worker bees " here as one Manager referred to them, suggestions on improvements receive no feedback from upper management even when middle management agrees the ideas are good ones.

Big change for the worse after Centene took over WellCare.

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The Centene Corporation leaders and executives have worked consistently to capitalize on its strong brand recognition and customer relationships.

Founded in , it continues to expand its footprint by acquiring other healthcare companies and expanding its reach through international markets, the United Kingdom and Europe. Sign Up Now! Table of Contents. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and serve targeted advertisements.

Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them on our Privacy Policy. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. The health and safety of our members, employees, and communities is our uncompromising priority. Transforming the health of the community, one person at a time. Featured Stories Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Through Service and Advancing an Inclusive Culture.

At Centene, healthcare is personal. Every family, individual, and community we serve is unique. Our Purpose. At Centene, we invest in communities. Local Partnerships.

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I've worked with the company for 3 years and have received great quarterly bonuses, 6 raises and 2 promotions. Centene is very generous with vacation time, sick time, and holidays. Centene . Centene is a managed care corporation that acts as an intermediary between government and public health care services. They are number 61 on the Fortune list and serve 2 Missing: laptop. Oct 1, аи Wellcare and Centene. Wellcare is now part of Centene creating a premier healthcare enterprise focused on government-sponsored healthcare programs. Learn More. Missing: laptop.