4th gen cummins wheels
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4th gen cummins wheels amerigroup medicaid san antonio tx

4th gen cummins wheels

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If MoparMan. Com has helped you with quick and timely information for your repair please consider tossing a tip in the Tip Jar. Existing user? Sign in with Facebook. Facebook Youtube TikTok Instagram. Quadzilla Tunes. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Recommended Posts. OmahaGen2 Posted March 11, Posted March 11, I did find a pic of someone that just recently put the very wheel combo I am wanting to buy on his with the 2" spacers on the rear with zero problem so he stated Anyone have any other info on this be it good or bad??

Thx for the input. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Dieselfuture Posted March 11, MoparMan Posted March 11, Posted March 11, edited.

Edited March 11, by MoparMan. Manimalmother Posted March 12, Posted March 12, Stormin08 Posted March 12, Posted March 13, Bullet Posted March 13, OmahaGen2 Posted March 16, Posted March 16, See pic's: In the pic.

See pics My plan: Since we are literally talking such a small difference I plan to remove the part of the bevel and just a hair more so it will slide on. OmahaGen2 Posted March 27, Posted March 27, OmahaGen2 Posted April 3, Posted April 3, Here are a couple last details I dealt with making this swap out work. I get an ad up tomorrow sometime.

All the best! Go to topic listing. Rate The Author Please take the time and give the author a 1 to a 5-star rating for the information you have gained from anywhere on the website. After frequent use of the wheels, youll want to carry out some tasks so that they do not falter from wear and tear. You want to start with cleaning the wheels. Over time, especially in a vehicle that is meant to carry out tasks on- and off-road, tires and wheels will collect brake dust and loose dirt.

Be sure to wash them with soap in water to completely remove both of these properties that could corrode the tires if not removed regularly.

The wheels are great for both on-road and off-road settings. The Dodge Ram is often used in settings such as a construction site, where there is a lot of loose rocks and dirt involved to impact tires and wheels. They are highly durable in these settings. When taken care of properly, they can perform well for a long period of time. What are the main features? These features include: Chrome colored rims 8-inch rim diameter 8-inch rim width One-piece structure The one-piece structure of the rims makes it easier for the wheels to be installed onto the pickups.

What vehicles are these compatible with? How do you maintain the performance of these wheels?

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