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Elemica history of christmas does caresource medicaid cover dental and vision

Elemica history of christmas

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But just like Jesus came to redeem the world from sin, Christians—through Him—can reclaim the holiday to celebrate our Savior, who is so worthy of honor. The most reasonable explanation for this is that the Bible makes no mention of the exact day Christ was born.

But even if Scripture would have provided us with a date, early Christians would likely have never considered the idea of a birthday celebration for Jesus, given that was not their custom. Saturnalia—a festival in honor of Saturn, was held from December 17 th to December 24 th. His assumption about the date was based upon other theories believed by scholars at that time.

Pope Julius 1 chose December 25 th for the holiday as a practical and symbolic means to dethrone the pagan gods—and place the Christ child in the seat of worship during the winter festivals and feasts. This kind of syncretism was often used by the Roman Catholic Church to acclimate pagan cultures to Christianity. The new holiday, originally branded The Feast of the Nativity , spread to Egypt by and reached England in the sixth century, where it was renamed Christmas.

However, the holiday bore little resemblance to Christmas today. On December 25th Christians would attend a special church service. Afterward parishioners would indulge in drunken feasts, engage in wanton sex, and mob the streets in carnival-like displays of revelry.

The poor would use the holiday as an excuse to terrorize the rich and demand gifts and food in recompense for their misfortune. This all changed during the early 17 th century when Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan forces took over England and sparked a surge of religious reform.

In an effort to rid England of the debauchery that had infiltrated the church, the Puritans not only canceled Christmas but also made the observation of the holiday illegal. Some believed strongly that Christmas should be celebrated—minus the immoral activities. Others considered the holiday sacrilegious.

Because of this controversy, the observance of Christmas was considered taboo in some states and illegal in others, until These books influenced Americans to embrace Christmas again and replace the raucous celebratory practices of their ancestors with more charitable, peace-filled, family-centered observances.

Queen Victoria affirmed these newfound themes of Christmas because they echoed traditions from her German Protestant roots. In , President Grant declared Christmas a national holiday in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christians expand on that reasoning to explain that Grant wanted to remind Americans of their common faith in Jesus Christ—the Prince of Peace, at a time when peace was desperately needed in our nation.

Christmas trees adorned one in five homes, gifts and cards were exchanged, stockings were hung, and Santa Clause became the holly-jolly hero for kids everywhere. Knowing the sordid origin of Christmas and realizing that most of our seasonal traditions are rooted in fictional literature, popular culture, and commercialism can be disheartening. Should Christians celebrate Christmas? The Puritans asked this question, as did the early American settlers, along with countless other Believers from that time to this.

Maybe a better question would be: Is Jesus any less worthy of worship on December 25 th? Of course not! How then can Christians celebrate Him on that day, and every day, in a way that will bring Him honor?

In the Old Testament God prescribed strict rules and regulations about worship and gave Israel specific guidelines, dates, and times for feasts and festivals to honor Him. What does that kind of worship look like during Christmastime? So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child … The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen.

Glory and praise spill from the soul that has been with Jesus. We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him. The gifts we give to each other in His name should be nothing compared to the gifts we give to Christ. Reach out to an Elemica consultant and see how you can start transforming your supply chain today.

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