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Improve sales performance by targeting, converting, and growing the highest-quality leads. Provide corporate leaders with rich workforce insights to help inform talent decisions and fuel productivity and efficiency.

Complement the workforce to transform critical business processes for 3x to 10x productivity gains. Discover how you can combine people and technology to enable conversations that deliver real business value.

How combining data and AI can create customer analytics solutions designed to build customer brand loyalty. The next AI revolution will be built by people like you. Pursue your passion and change the future of business using all things AI, analytics and automation.

AI is transforming nearly all industries, including automotive, banking, retail, consumer goods, health, life sciences, utilities, insurance, high tech, public service, resources, software and platforms, communications and media and more.

AI solutions are often pre-configured to solve for industry-specific challenges, like handling surges in insurance claims or helping retailers improve their marketing spend. Regardless of your industry, AI-powered solutions can help your organization become more efficient, profitable and competitive.

While AI has the potential to replace some jobs especially those that involve repetitive or standardized tasks , we believe AI will primarily be used to augment human intelligence and complement existing roles. It will never fully replace humans because machines will never be as creative, empathetic, or as culturally sensitive. Human oversight and critical thinking are key when working with data and AI solutions to ensure responsible decisions are being made every step of the way.

Reskilling affected workers should always be considered in large scale transformational AI projects. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Artificial Intelligence. AI solutions to change your business. What We Deliver. Putting AI to work across your business.

View Transcript. AI for Processing Explained. AI for Marketing Explained. AI for Customer Engagement Explained. AI for Pricing Explained. What we deliver. Speed to value We quickly configure and deploy solutions using pre-built, pre-integrated AI and machine learning ML models and real-time, industry-specific data sets.

Rapid innovation We create and update every solution with unique Accenture IP to supercharge co-innovation with clients. Client-first flexibility Our solutions are AI-powered and built to deliver client value, period. By the numbers. Case studies. Applied Intelligence. Using AI to anticipate customer needs and deliver better service. Public Service. Reinforcing brand leadership with the help of data and artificial intelligence.

AI Global Lead. Our AI solutions. Customer Engagement Grow revenue, reduce opex and increase customer lifetime value through exceptional, personalized customer service experiences. Marketing Facilitate incredible customer experiences that boost customer lifetime value and improve marketing efficiencies. Pricing Unlock margin by optimizing price, pack, and promotion with precision. B2B Growth Improve sales performance by targeting, converting, and growing the highest-quality leads.

Talent Provide corporate leaders with rich workforce insights to help inform talent decisions and fuel productivity and efficiency. Processing Complement the workforce to transform critical business processes for 3x to 10x productivity gains.

What we think. Industrialize AI with Applied Intelligence. The Professionalization of AI. From AI compliance to competitive advantage Explore organizations' attitudes towards AI regulation and their readiness to embrace it.

If you understand data science, statistics and most importantly, logic, I am sure that applied intelligence could be an extremely exciting field that could offer a long, successful career.

This is your opportunity to work in a diverse, global team of data and AI specialists and professionals to apply the power of automation, analytics and AI, and pave the way for innovation with the power to change businesses and society for the better. Join us , and use applied intelligence to help disrupt the business world.

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Accelerate the digital agenda with AI, machine-learning and big data-driven automations. Create a limitless, agile workforce by more efficiently combining human and digital.

How can the public sector deliver better, more effective automation strategies, avoid IT spaghetti or legacy debt, and scale automation faster? This webinar will give the answers. It challenges all the big preconceptions that surround automation and introduces a new approach to public sector automation. You will see how a government department has already employed this new approach to great effect. We all recognise the promise of automation, but the reality is holding us back.

A new approach to automation holds the answer. Meet our subject-matter experts and get their latest takes on the most pressing issues facing the public sector. Will the next generation of automation tie up people and time, require new expertise and turbo-charge technical debt? How public safety agencies can harness the Accenture Technology Vision trends amid the pandemic recovery to focus on fast-evolving threats. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Artificial Intelligence.

The Intelligent Automation Platform. Platform Features. Automation at rapid scale and speed. View Transcript. Platform features. Modular building blocks Snap together and create automations in a fraction of the time. Development accelerators Automate at speed with no need for client provided test environments or test data. Liquid infrastructure Instantly and automatically reacts to volume spikes and troughs.

Intelligent scheduling Self-manages robot allocation, drawing on unlimited capacity. Process on-demand A pay-per use model for Infrastructure, computer power and robot consumption. Applied Intelligence Brings big data, analytics, AI and machine learning to automations. Legacy optimisation Automations integrate with all legacy systems without making changes. Proven security Engineered to the highest government security standards.

That includes implementing technical guidelines to make sure that AI systems are safe, transparent and accountable, and training everyone in the organization, from general employees, to AI practitioners, to the C-suite, to use AI with context and confidence.

AI-as-a-service refers to pay-as-you-go AI services and solutions that are pre-configured on cloud and ready to implement. This allows the client to experiment with AI use cases and prove value before they make any large capex or opex investments to scale AI.

Skip to main content Skip to footer. Artificial Intelligence services. AI for business: Change what's possible. Our Artificial Intelligence AI capabilities. AI Scalable artificial intelligence solutions that deliver game-changing results, fast. Data-led Transformation Recognize the value of data to drive sustainable growth. Tune in: AI leaders podcast series. Case studies. Artificial Intelligence. The Automation Advantage. By the numbers.

What we think. Explore organizations' attitudes towards AI regulation and their readiness to embrace it. Explore how to power more intelligent supply chains with analytics and AI. Technology Innovation. Our leaders. AI Lead. Join us. Explore AI careers. Related capabilities. Technology Accelerate change across your enterprise to create lasting value.

Frequently asked questions. What are examples of AI services? How can businesses benefit from AI? What does an AI implementation look like?

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WebApplied intelligence features Powered by proven solutions With robust functional and industry offerings for analytics and data management, we are recognized leaders in . WebApr 7,  · Applied Intelligence is Accenture’s approach to scaling AI for clients by embedding AI-powered data, analytics and automation capabilities into business . WebIntelligent robots reinvent Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine-learning and data analytics enable hyper automation, while a partnership with .