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Zoe cummins

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Children under 12 years of age or fans not vaccinated will be required to present a COVID test result in accordance with these guidelines. Mask wearing will be strongly encouraged. Effective August 15, until future notice, all patrons, artists and staff entering both venues are required to present either proof of a full course of COVID vaccination, with their final dose at least fourteen days prior to the show or proof of a negative COVID test taken in the prior 48 hours.

We will continually assess the information and recommendations provided by the CDC and update our policy as needed. For more info visit thebasementnashville.

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Speaking of influences, what were you listening to growing up? There was a lot of rock and red dirt country surrounding me when I was growing up. I think both of those genres are pretty visible in my music. Miranda Lambert has always been one of my favorites and I have always and will always go back to her music.

Technically, Britney Spears was my first concert, but I was really young. The first concert that I remember was the Chicks, and they absolutely blew me away. That concert made me want to be a performer. I think I was about 8 years old. My mom loved pop music like Prince, my dad was really big on rock, like Eric Clapton. And, of course, the most important thing - that I still live by - is the importance of the quality of the songwriting.

Did you ever want to do something other than music? Not really. It always seemed like such a far fetched dream - and still it is. You just have to be crazy about it and I totally am. Some kids only want to play video games, some only want to play sports, some only want to be on a beach, and I only ever wanted to be playing music.

My aunt, who helped teach me how to write songs, said it the best - songwriters are just poetic observers. We see everything around us and translate it in simple ways that people can relate to.

What drives you the most? I think that ideas for music flood my mind constantly. And just really truly wanting to play all of the time. He is always creating opportunities for us to put out more music, get in front of more crowds, and collaborate with each other. When music is your career, you got to keep playing to make rent! In general, what comes first for you, the title or the song? I think it depends on the song.

I get hit with really good ideas sometimes, and those are the types of things I usually take into co-writes with me.

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