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Nuance omnipage 20

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Here the entries are descriptive and feature-oriented, rather than technical. This simplifies the architecture and also makes the toolkit's offering more flexible: higher speed processing to simple text output or more thorough processing with formatted output. NET managed applications. IPRO serves as the base for a range of visual components. This is the basic API with page-level functions.

We recommend that you use it for applications that do not require total format retention and rich output formats. Since page formatting is not present here, page-oriented processing on the KernelAPI level will be faster. You can implement functionality similar to that of OmniPage 20 via just a handful of functions. When exporting multi-page documents you can use a series of output converters to provide layout retention quality equal to that in OmniPage Use the RecProcessPagesEx function to process many multi-page image files in one step.

In this case, CSDK runs processing on several image preprocessing and OCR threads multi-threading is supported on: Windows , enabling you to make the most of HyperThread and MultiCore processors and multi-processor computers.

Getting high quality page layout retention and document level formatting adds somewhat to total processing time. In both cases you can choose between three page parsing algorithms: Fast, Legacy or Standard. The latter is default and requires more time but delivers the best possible result, improving both recognition accuracy and format retention. Since the Standard page parsing package occupies some 20 MB, the Distribution Wizard offers it as a separate component. In default, RecAPI of the CSDK does not run in the most accurate mode, but in a less accurate and faster mode, which is a good compromise between the speed and the accuracy.

But it can be easily switched into the most accurate mode modifying the value of the setting Kernel. PreferAccurateEngine to true. This most accurate mode of the CSDK is equivalent to the default of the desktop application. Documentation The OmniPage Capture SDK online documentation comprises four help systems: General Information - This presents platform-independent information on installing the kit, obtaining help and technical support, testing, licensing and distributing applications, along with overview topics.

RecAPI - This is the help system you are now viewing. Visual Toolbox - This documents the range of visual controls built upon the IPRO interface which can be used as building block for the user interface of your application. Maximize efficiency.

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