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Juniper networks srx210

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The Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways for the branch combine next generation firewall and unified threat management UTM services with routing and switching in a single, high-performance, cost-effective network device. SRX Series Services Gateways deliver next generation firewall protection with application awareness and extensive user rolebased control options plus bestof-breed UTM to protect and control your business assets. Next generation firewalls are able to perform full packet inspection and can apply security policies based on layer 7 information.

This means you can create security policies based on the application running across your network, the user who is receiving or sending network traffic or the content that is traveling across your network to protect your environment against threats, manage how your network bandwidth is allocated, and control who has access to what. AppSecure is a suite of application security capabilities for Juniper Networks SRX Series services Gateways that identifies applications for greater visibility, enforcement, control, and protection of the network.

The intrusion prevention system IPS understands application behaviors and weaknesses to prevent application-borne security threats that are difficult to detect and stop. SRX Series can include comprehensive content security against malware, viruses, phishing attacks, intrusions, spam and other threats with unified threat management UTM. Get a bestof-breed solution with anti-virus, anti-spam, web filtering and content filtering at a great value by easily adding these services to your SRX Series Services Gateway.

Cloud-based and on-box solutions are both available. Juniper offers a range of user role-based firewall control solutions that support dynamic security policies. User role-based firewall capabilities are integrated with the SRX Series Services Gateways for standard next generation firewall controls. More extensive, scalable, granular access controls for creating dynamic policies are available through the integration of SRX with a Juniper Unified Access Control solution. To address the evolving threat landscape that has made it imperative to integrate external threat intelligence into the firewall for thwarting advanced malware and other threats, some SRX Series Services Gateways include threat intelligence via integration with Spotlight Secure.

The Spotlight Secure threat intelligence platform aggregates threat feeds from multiple sources to deliver open, consolidated, actionable intelligence to SRX Series Services Gateways across the organization for policy enforcement. These sources include Juniper threat feeds, third party threat feeds and threat detection technologies that the customer can deploy. Administrators are able to define enforcement policies from all feeds via a single, centralized management point, Junos Space Security Director.

For many organizations, the SRX Series for the branch can fulfill both roles with one solution. Juniper built best-in-class routing, switching and firewall capabilities into one product. SRX Series for the branch checks the traffic to see if it is legitimate and permissible, and only forwards it on when it is.

This reduces the load on the network, allocates bandwidth for all other mission-critical applications, and secures the network from malicious users. The main purpose of a secure router is to provide firewall protection and apply policies.

The firewall zone functionality inspects traffic flows and state to ensure that originating and returning information in a session is expected and permitted for a particular zone. The security policy determines if the session can originate in one zone and traverse to another zone. Due to the architecture, SRX Series receives packets from a wide variety of clients and servers and keeps track of every session, of every application, and of every user.

This allows the enterprise to make sure that only legitimate traffic is on its network and that traffic is flowing in the expected direction. JSRP enables a pair of SRX Series systems to be easily integrated into a high availability network architecture, with redundant physical connections between the systems and the adjacent network switches. With link redundancy, Juniper Networks can address many common causes of system failures, such as a physical port going bad or a cable getting disconnected, to ensure that a connection is available without having to fail over the entire system.

The branch SRX Series synchronizes both configuration and runtime information. Some or all network sessions will have to restart depending on the convergence time of the links or nodes. By maintaining state, not only is the session preserved, but security is kept intact. In order to optimize the throughput and latency of the combined router and firewall, Junos OS implements session-based forwarding, an innovation that combines the session state information of a traditional firewall and the next-hop forwarding of a classic router into a single operation.

With Junos OS, a session that is permitted by the forwarding policy is added to the forwarding table along with a pointer to the next-hop route. Established sessions have a single table lookup to verify that the session has been permitted and to find the next hop. This efficient algorithm improves throughput and lowers latency for session traffic when compared with a classic router that performs multiple table lookups to verify session information and then to find a next-hop route. The SRX next-generation firewall connects and secures small distributed enterprise branch offices with consolidated security, SD-WAN, routing, switching, and WAN connectivity in a small, convenient desktop device.

The SRX next-generation firewall connects and secures midsized distributed enterprise branch offices. The SRX next-generation firewall is best suited for midsized and large distributed enterprise branch offices. It consolidates security, routing, switching, and WAN connectivity in a 1 U form factor. It integrates security, routing, and switching for distributed enterprise offices in a single device. These platforms deliver market-leading performance, scalability and service integration in a chassis-based form factor ideally suited for medium to large enterprise and service provider data centers and large campus environments where scalability, high performance and concurrent services, are essential.

Designed from the ground up to provide flexible processing and scalability, the SRX can meet the network and security requirements of data center hyper-consolidation, rapid managed services deployments, and aggregated security solutions. The SRX Series Services Gateways provide unrivaled performance and scalability, ensuring uninterrupted expansion and growth of your network infrastructure without sacrificing security.

The SRX Series is designed to meet the network and security requirements for data center consolidation, rapid services deployment, and aggregation of security services. The SRX is a high-performance, low-latency next-generation firewall for distributed enterprise campuses and small and midsized data centers. The SRX is a high-performance, low-latency firewall for small and mid-sized enterprise campuses and data centers. The SRX is a high-performance, low-latency firewall for small and midsized enterprise campuses and data centers.

The SRX firewall is optimized to provide consistent protection across diverse environments with fast, scalable defenses for private enterprise clouds, campus networks, and public cloud infrastructures. Highly effective protection, market-leading performance, reliability and availability ideally suited to service provider, large enterprise, and public sector organizations.

The SRX is ideal for securing large enterprise data centers and service provider infrastructures and for aggregating security services. The SRX Services Gateway is built for large enterprise data centers, service provider infrastructure, and public sector networks.

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Juniper Session Smart Router Our software-defined router provides a flexible, application-aware network fabric that meets stringent enterprise performance, security, and availability requirements. Session optimization, intelligent features, and granular service controls enable the highest-quality routing for diverse applications and services. At Juniper, we strive to deliver network experiences that transform how people connect, work and live. By challenging the inherent complexity in the 5G and cloud era, our solutions power the connections that matter most - from education to healthcare to secure banking. Welcome to Juniper | Juniper Networks US Welcome to Juniper We're here for you! Whether you are embracing Juniper for the first time or expanding your network, every Junivator on our team is committed to providing you with an exceptional experience. We’re your partner for every step of the journey, from purchase to training to implementation.