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Cummins 6.7 jake brake problems with epicor software

Cummins 6.7 jake brake

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This means you get two braking strokes from the engine per cycle and delete the expansion stroke, which also takes away unwanted power that aids in faster braking.

We contacted the experts at Redlands Truck and RV in Redlands, California, and were invited to come see an installation of a Pacbrake LoadLeash and then take a ride and see the difference one makes in braking performance. Our installation took just over a day, but this was partially due to the fact that the install was on a Ram and the factory had made a few changes that had to be addressed for the first time.

The Redlands crew did this with ease and got it right the first time. We can tell you from experience that the large trailer we towed had a dramatic effect on braking over the unburdened and empty truck alone. In our towing tests, the Ram truck braking was okay with just the factory hydraulic brakes, and better with the OEM exhaust brake.

However, engaging the LoadLeash brought in a new level of load control and braking advantage. Even with the factory exhaust brake button on, the large load would push the truck a little on steep downhill sections and the foot brakes were needed. However, with the LoadLeash on, the hydraulic brakes were never needed, during our test, and the accelerator was required to keep up with traffic on the downhill test section.

This unit installs in the exhaust pipe, and will fit virtually any diesel engine. Redlands Truck and RV www. Your email address will not be published. Share 0. Tweet 0. Pin it 0. Up next. Published on 31 May Author Trent Riddle. Share article The post has been shared by 0 people. Facebook 0. Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. Mail 0. LoadLeash Kits. Find for LoadLeash kit for your vehicle. LoadLeash Application Guide. Oops, no results were found. Please change your search criteria or try a different selection.

Still can't find what you are looking for? We're here to help - Contact us at We're here to help. LoadLeash Specifics.

Technical Support. Can I use this LoadLeash Engine brake with my performance tuner? Yes, your performance tuner will have no effect on the engine brake performance.

How much braking power will increase over the factory exhaust brake with the use of LoadLeash Engine Brake? Do I always have to turn on the Exhaust brake button to make this brake work properly? Do the municipal street signs that state "the use of engine brakes are strictly prohibited in urban areas" apply to my LoadLeash Engine Brake? No, the LoadLeash, although an engine brake, gives off very little noise or exhaust note. Yes, you can but it will not perform to its maximum braking performance.

Warranty Registration. View All Ford. We're just a phone call or an e-mail away! Contact Us. Support for all your Pacbrake products. Stay Up to Date.

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Center for medicare management Technical Support. Our installation took just over a day, but this was partially due to the fact that the install was on a Ram and the factory had made a changes that had to be addressed for the first time. This exhaust brake uses the variable geometry turbo on these engines to increase back pressure and thus improve engine braking, when the OEM unit is engaged. View All Ford. This is not a project for the novice do-it-yourself mechanic. Redlands Truck is an authorized dealer and installer for Pacbrake.
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Does cigna cover cvs minute clinic Factory exhaust brakes, like the one found on our truck, utilize llc accenture variable geometry turbo VGT to partially block the exhaust path. Find for LoadLeash kit for your vehicle. Well, first off, the unit replaces your OEM valve cover spacer, rather than being inserted into the exhaust pipe. For the majority of people that had never driven a vehicle with an exhaust brake, it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even with the factory exhaust brake button on, the large load would push the truck a little on steep downhill sections and the foot brakes were needed.
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Urologist amerigroup Model Select Model. If not, we highly recommend an authorized Pacbrake dealer install it for you. Description This product has been discontinued. We saw them at March Meet at Famoso a couple of years ago. The aluminum support housing replaces the factory more info cover spacer and contains the oil passages, control solenoid, and actuators for each exhaust valve. Build Year. A factory exhaust brake works during the exhaust cycle of the engine.
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Skip to content Close Menu. The following summaries about 6. You can refer to the answers below. LoadLeash Engine Brake Pacbrake 3. DODGE 6. Jake Brake on 6. Improve The Braking Of Your 6.

More : As the only true engine brake available for the class truck market, Pacbrake LoadLeash provides big-rig engine braking performance. More : Increase the engine retarding power of your 6. With the information shared above about 6. Good luck.

In particular, the VGT exhaust brake found on 6. To contrast, an engine brake is mounted to the head of the engine, and creates a similar type of back pressure, but done so by controlling the opening and closing of the exhaust valves.

The LoadLeash gives 6. As previously stated, the factory VGT brake does not provide nearly the retarding power as a traditional inline exhaust brake, and especially not as much as an engine brake, but by combining an engine brake with a VGT exhaust brake, the results are quite remarkable. The LoadLeash has been in development for the past several years to ensure, without a doubt, that every potential flaw had been addressed, and that its compatibility was not sacrificed for any normal modifications that many Cummins owners typically make to their vehicles.

The result is a product that will work on all I would love to have this installed on my truck however i am skeptical to do so.

My worries are warranty coverage based. How would this affect my 7 year factory warranty? What info can you provide me with regarding this issue? Great question! As with any aftermarket component added to a vehicle, there is potential for factory warranty complications, which is why it is imperative to select those products carefully from reputable manufacturers.

Essentially, if something as simple as a set of running boards are added to a vehicle, but they cause the frame to crack at their mounting points, any subsequent repairs would not be covered under the factory warranty if it is deemed that the running boards caused the damage.

But of course, these questions are more prevalent any time we are dealing with engine upgrades due to the complex nature and expense of an engine. PacBrake as a company has years of experience in engine braking technology, servicing both light duty applications, as well as Class 6, 7, and 8, and even providing OEM in many instances.

Further, they have years or research and development put into the LoadLeash itself, before even releasing to market. Further, PacBrake complements their LoadLeash with an extensive warranty, that depending on how many miles your truck has on it at time of installation, will cover any possible damage done to factory engine components.

For more information on their warranty, take a look at these two links:. Thank you for taking the time to respond. If so, the simplest method is done by the dealer, or with a scan tool as it can confirm actual versus commanded braking function without having to mechanically remove anything. There are two common issues with the HEVE turbos that cause the exhaust brakes to not work. To remedy this, you can remove the turbo, then remove the compressor housing, and liberally clean it with brake cleaner, or similar.

Secondly, the electronic actuators are also known to fail and the only way to remedy this would be to replace the actuator, or the entire turbo.

Many actuators require calibration, which also requires a trip to the dealer. Hope this helps, if you have any additional questions, please let us know. When the exhaust brake button is turned off the noise stops. Is my turbo going out? Typically a noise like that when the brake is being engaged is a sign that something is not working correctly. The turbo can get to the point where the soot build up internally is so much that it starts affecting the operation of the electronic actuator itself and can cause odd noises when the brake is applied.

Some are able to catch this early enough and have the turbo cleaned to regain proper actuation. For your particular issue, I would have the charger further inspected to see what is causing the issue.

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DODGE CUMMINS JAKE BRAKE. PACBRAKE load leash - YouTube / DODGE CUMMINS JAKE BRAKE. PACBRAKE load leash 42, views Jul 9, . About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Exhaust Brakes Cummins Exhaust Brakes Products [19] Sort by: Brand BD Remote Mount Exhaust Brake $1, Cummins Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Missing: jake brake.