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Cognizant technical writer interview questions centers for medicare and medicaide services

Cognizant technical writer interview questions

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When a function is executed, it takes more time to take control from function call to called function. In macros, the expression is directly replaced in the source code.

Hence, macro execution is faster than function execution. There are various models used in SDLC to represent the different phases of software development. There are various SDLC models available and developers choose the most suitable one depending on the project. Read More:- Software Development Lifecycle. Multithreading allows concurrent execution of multiple threads which increases the CPU utilization. This helps in making the system multitask.

Indexing allows the users to quickly retrieve records from the database file. There are four types of indexing Memory management is the process of handling all memory-related operations in the primary and secondary memory of an operating system. It handles the memory when multiple resources are using the memory. Read More:- Memory Management.

Psychometric Test. All Interview Exp. Wipro Placement Papers. Cognizant GenC Recruitment Process. Question What are the different types of storage specifiers in C?

Question What do you mean by process and thread? Answer:- Process is the active instance or executing instance of a program. Question What is a class? Answer:- A class represents the common properties and actions of an object. There are three types of access modifiers to control a class:- Public Private Protected.

Question What is Static and Dynamic Binding? Answer:- Static Binding is a binding in which the name can be combined with the class during collection time, and it is also called early binding.

Dynamic Binding is a binding in which name can be identified with the class during execution time, and it is also known as Late Binding. Question What are the types of inheritance? Answer:- Single inheritance Multi-level inheritance Multiple inheritance Multi-path inheritance Hierarchical inheritance Hybrid inheritance. Question What do you mean by polymorphism? Answer:- Polymorphism is the ability of the program to use an operator or function in different ways.

There are two types of polymorphism:- Compile-time Polymorphism Runtime Polymorphism. Question What is the difference between object-oriented programming and object-based programming? Has built-in objects. Follows all the concepts of oops:- polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction.

Does not support all oops concepts. It supports objects and encapsulation. Question What is a constructor? Question 1: What is a pointer? Answer: A variable that stores the address of another variable is called a pointer. The benefits of employing a pointer include the following: Allocation of dynamic memory Handling arrays, strings, and structures in functions improves execution performance.

They play a vital role in OS design. Question What do you mean by Inter-Process Communication? Question 3: What is a semaphore? Answer: Semaphore is also an entity devised by Edsger W. Questions 4: What do you mean by a Deadlock? Answer: Deadlock refers to the condition when 2 or more processes are waiting for each other to release a resource indefinitely.

Question 5: What is a dangling pointer? Answer: A dangling pointer is a pointer that still points to a memory address that has been removed. Question 7: What is the difference between a stack and an array? Question 8: What are deadlock prevention techniques?

Answer: The way to prevent deadlock is to ensure that at least one of these conditions does not hold : Mutual exclusion If 1 resource is non-shareable, then the mutual exclusion condition must hold.

Hold And wait For the Hold and wait condition to never occur, it should be made sure that whenever a process requests a resource, it does not hold any other resource. There can be many protocols implemented One protocol could be allocating all resources to a process before its execution.

Other Could be, A process can request resources only when it has no resources. Questions 9: What is recursion? Answer: Recursion is designed to solve problems that can be broken down into smaller, repeatable tasks.

Question Write a program to add two functions in Java. Question What is a Binary Tree? Answer: A binary tree is one type of data structure that has two nodes, a left node, and a right node. Question What is printf? Question What is the size of the float data type? Answer: The size of the float data type is 4bytes.

Question Define software engineering. Answer: Software engineering is made up of two terms that is software and engineering. Software refers to the set of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to perform any tasks. Engineering is the work to build and design something in an effective manner.

Question What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of white box testing? Answer: Advantages: Entire code and structures are tested in the white box testing.

It results in the optimization of code removing errors and helps in removing extra lines of code. This testing can start at an earlier stage. White box testing is easy to automate. Disadvantages: This testing is very expensive and time-consuming. Redesign of code needs test cases to be written again. Missing functionalities cannot be detected.

This technique can be very complex and at times, not realistic. Question Can we use int datatype to store values? Answer: No, the Integer data type does not support the range to Question Write a program to find the roots of a quadratic equation. Question What are the different types of normalization? Answer: Normalization is a step-by-step process via which we reduce the complexity of a database. Four major types of normalizations are First Normal Form 1NF : A relation is said to be in 1NF if and only if it does not have any multivalued attributes.

Example: A Student table containing a Phone number column must contain only one phone number value. After 1NF, we can still have redundant data. After 2NF, we can still have redundant data. In simple words, LHS should always be a super key. Question What is process synchronization? Answer: When several threads or processes share data, running in parallel on different cores, then changes made by one process may override changes made by another process running parallel, resulting in inconsistent data.

Only object-oriented programming models must be supported by Java. Memory management in Java is managed by the operating system. Java can be compiled as well as interpreted. Global scope is not supported in Java. Question What are the different types of SQL commands? Answer: SQL commands are broadly classified into 4 categories. In other words, DML statements are used for data management. They provide access permissions to different kinds of users to access data in the database based on privileges Like admin or a normal user or a super user.

Question What is overloading and overriding? Answer: Overloading: Function overloading is a concept in which two or more functions with the same name are defined in the same class with the condition that their parameters differ in number or type.

Question What is an Alternate Key? Answer: When a primary key is chosen from the set of candidate keys, the remaining keys are known as Alternate Keys. Question What is an object? Answer: The object is a class instance that holds the memory required for the logic in the class. Question What is the friend function? Question What are doubly-linked Lists? Answer: Doubly linked lists are a special type of linked list wherein traversal across the data elements can be done in both directions.

Question What is the Waterfall model? Answer: Waterfall Model This is the first software development model. Question What are the various types of software maintenance? Answer: There are basically 4 types of software maintenance. They are Corrective Maintenance: To correct any type of error present in the software product, corrective maintenance is used. Adaptive Maintenance: As new technology emerges, the software is updated by taking up adaptive maintenance.

Perfective Maintenance: The object of perfective maintenance is to improve software reliability and performance and add some new things to software products.

Preventive Maintenance: There is a need for updation to prevent or correction of future errors in the software. Question What is an Operating System?

Answer: The connecting interface between the hardware of the computer and the end-user or his actions is called an operating system. Question What are the 5 states in a process life cycle? Question What are the different types of process scheduling in an Operating System?

Answer: We divide Process Scheduling into the following two types: Preemptive Scheduling The scheduling in which a running process can be interrupted if a high-priority process enters the queue and is allocated to the CPU is called preemptive scheduling. In this case, the current process switches from the running queue to the ready queue and the high-priority process utilizes the CPU cycle.

Non-Preemptive Scheduling The scheduling in which a running process cannot be interrupted by any other process is called non-preemptive scheduling. Any other process which enters the queue has to wait until the current process finishes its CPU cycle. Question What are the different types of schedulers?

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WebSep 7, Top Cognizant Interview Technical Interview Questions Question 1: What is a pointer? Answer: A variable that stores the address of another variable is called a . WebCognizant's written test places high emphasis on the technical part, with three sections based on coding and programming concepts. The best way to prepare for this part is to . WebCognizant Senior Technical Writer interview questions and answers interview rounds and process GD topics test pattern shared by 1 candidate interviewed with .