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Dodge trucks for sale diesel cummins

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We don't have a full rundown of all the go-fast parts installed here, but it's built by Calvo Motorsports — a company known for creating some insanely fast Vipers.

While build details are neat, total power output is the need-to-know info here, and that comes very early in the action. Bolted to a hub dyno, this green machine maxes out at — wait for it — 3, hp and 2, pound-feet of torque. And that's measured at the wheels, so power at the crankshaft is even higher. That explains why the hulked-out Viper strains against its moorings during multiple dyno pulls. As the turbos spool, full power goes into the hub dyno and the front end immediately lifts up against the wheel straps.

Moreover, it stays there for the full run, finally relaxing when the throttle is released. And as an extra bonus, we're treated to flames popping from the exhaust on the wind-down. Stick around to the end of the video and you'll be treated to some idling clips, followed by a blast down a drag strip where we don't think traction was ever fully achieved. Folks, this Viper is no joke. Dodge Viper production ended in with the fifth generation.

When the muscular American supercar bowed out, its massive 8. The engine was originally designed by Lamborghini in the late s, and though it evolved through the years, it retained its pushrod two-valve operation until the very end.

It made quite a splash when Zeder parked it outside his Manhattan office, attracting so much attention that police got involved, Kendall said. Chrysler did consider a production version, but only briefly, Kendall said. The Storm was placed into storage, then acquired by Zeder outright. He later donated it to a college, but reacquired it, replacing the original engine, which was no longer working at that point. He also had the car repainted to its current color and added the current hubcaps during that second period of ownership.

Eventually, he donated the car to the Petersen. This is no mere show car. Before it was ensconced in the Los Angeles museum, Kendall said Zeder took him for a ride around Palm Springs, laying patches of rubber and sliding through corners. Chrysler did eventually launch a Dodge-branded sports car, albeit without the interchangeable bodies. The Dodge Viper launched in and kept the Corvette honest until its discontinuation in , just as the Storm Z might have done if Chrysler executives had made a different decision four decades earlier.

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19 hours ago · The Dodge Storm Z was the brainchild of advertising executive Fred Zeder, whose father (also named Fred) was a key figure in the early days of Chrysler and had worked on the Airflow models. 8 hours ago · An ultra-rare racing car was sold at auction for a record-breaking $ million. The Dodge Hemi Daytona was formerly owned by NFL player Kevin Greene and actor David Spade. WHY SHOULD I BUY A DODGE BRAND VEHICLE? Any performance enthusiast who needs a stylish yet powerful vehicle option that's built for the race and ready for the streets knows the Dodge Brand. When you drive select Dodge Brand vehicles, you drive with outstanding power and performance, high-end racing technology and jaw-dropping style.