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Carefirst blue choice maryland providers

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Have questions about health insurance? Explore our Insurance Basics pages. Need Insurance? Log In or Register. Insurance Basics. A PCP can be: a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or even a care team through a virtual-first primary care practice like CloseKnit. There are two reliable ways to start your search: Talk to your friends and family —personal recommendations can give you a good sense of whether you would be comfortable with a particular PCP. Otherwise, when it comes to receiving care, you have a choice: You can receive care from any doctor you would like to see.

However, using in-network doctors will often reduce the amount you pay for care. Selecting a PCP is not mandatory— but it is highly recommended. Want to check if your trusted doctors are part of our PPO network?

Find a Doctor. Your membership gives you a world of choices. Whether you need care here in the United States or abroad, you'll have access to health care in more than countries. With a provider network this comprehensive — more than 1 million physicians as well as provider facilities, hospitals and other care centers — most of your care needs are covered in-network, which means savings for you. CareFirst has programs which focus on the relationship between you and your doctor whether a physician or nurse practitioner.

Nurses can provide you with medical advice and recommend the most appropriate care. You can consult with a board-certified doctor whenever you want on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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CareFirst - Provider Network Provider Network Want to check if your trusted doctors are part of our PPO network? Simply search by inputting the zip code where you want to look for care . Using the Find a Doctor Tool. To use the Find a Doctor tool to help you choose a PCP, log in or select the Guest option. Then from the list of types of care, select Medical Care. You will then . [Maryland and WDC] Offers healthcare insurance to residents of Maryland and Washington, DC. Information for Brokers, employers, and providers, as well as links to consumer health and .