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Managing director accenture accenture technology development program salary

Managing director accenture

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Connect with me. How I put change in motion. A day in my life. Most of the work I do each day can be categorized into three buckets: Focused on our people , helping them navigate their business development or project delivery tasks, their clients and their careers at Accenture.

Focused on our clients , spending time every day helping them solve problems, sometimes small tactical, and sometimes large strategic ones. Focused on my family. I consider this part of my role. My advice. Stay connected. Join Our Team Search open positions that match your skills and interest.

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Dec 1,  · Overall, the percentage of women managing directors and above at Accenture, which includes managing directors, senior managing directors and members of the Global . Nov 14,  · There are five main categories for Accenture Managing Director compensation: Salary Annual cash bonus Annual equity bonus VEIP equity MD grant. Accenture Managing Director Jobs | Glassdoor Accenture Overview K Reviews -- K Salaries 24K Interviews 31K Benefits Photos + Add a Review Accenture Managing .