6.7 cummins problems 2007
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6.7 cummins problems 2007 social political changes in healthcare

6.7 cummins problems 2007

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And with any knowledge, some hand tools and a weekend in the shop you and your buds could do it no problem. Hope that helps man. Hogg Full Throttle Junkie. Joined Mar 30, Messages Location Illinois's. Click to expand The truck, not the engine. At 20 k miles installed new clutch and fly wheel, another at 22 k, new u joints at 30 , new seat, 3 more clutch ass. Finally at 60 k I done a delete and installed a smart jr. With a south bend clutch and other than a really noisy clutch, I have na problems.

I done a Would not buy another one ton with out The truck runs, rides, ad handles great, but dodge just can't seem to fix the nit picky things on there trucks. Had some dodges in the 60's and they ain't changed. Like I've always said, if you need some spare dodge parts jet wait a while something will fall off in a little while, and you'll have some! BigCountry Well-Known Member. Joined Apr 24, Messages 1, So what oil needs to be run in these engines?

BigCountry said:. So dont run Rotella? My specs I get around mpg. This truck is stronger than any other cummins I have owned or driven. So far so good No you're not supposed to run rotella t in the new 6.

Its a high ash oil and can gunk up the egr. If you've done the egr bypass you should be ok to run rotella t in it. You're supposed to run regular 15w 40 oil or one that says low ash or approved for and newer engines. Maybe run some Rotella T-6 full synthetic. With the price of an engine and the extended drain intervals from using full synthetic oil, there really isn't any reason to NOT run a top-of-the-line oil in your diesel I agree you can run the synthetic in your engine it is rated for the new engines.

Just make sure you have the engine flushed of the old conventional oil before running the synthetic. I use the synthetic in my 24 valve and love it. Kinda calms the valve chatter down a bit too lol. Worros Well-Known Member. Thanks for input,I've decided to keep the truck I got. I drove that Dodge for 2 nights and a 6spd isn't a Drinking Mans truck. It rattled bad and it just wasn't as good as my Duramax. Thanks alot for your opions,I would have regreted that probly.

Post reply. Insert quotes…. Similar threads. Good or bad???? Replies Views 27K. Jaydog Jan 27, 2 3. Replies 59 Views 1K. Mar 16, Lucky Jeff. RandysMJ Jul 1, 2 3 4. Replies 72 Views 7K. Jul 25, RandysMJ. Replies 7 Views 1K. Jan 19, 86chevota. LT 1 good or bad? Chuck19 Aug 10, 2. Replies 24 Views 4K.

Aug 15, Chuck Latest posts A. Is anyone actually riding? These DPF clogging issues were severely problematic in the earlier models, and to reduce further damage Dodge rolled out multiple PCM re-flashes. In , the manufacturer developed 6.

The aftermarket diesel particulate filters are available at approx. Another most commonly mentioned 6. Since turbochargers naturally consume a lot amount of abuse, the malfunctioning or failure can be unavoidable overtimes.

Other common symptoms were slow spool, poor performance, excess smoke from the exhaust, oil loss, and whining sounds. Besides noticing complete turbocharger failure, some other commonly reported Turbo related issues were premature seals problem or oil leaking from the seals, excess shaft play due to premature bearings wear, clinging VGT parts, and the compressor or turbine wheel deterioration.

Consumers also mentioned that the most common turbo problems occur at around , miles. It is one of the most expensive repair servicing of 6. New OEM turbochargers for 6. According to numerous user reports as well as expert reviews, the 6. This head gasket failure has been occurring most probably due to either the sheer power and torque that the manufacturer makes for the 6. Users also reported encountering common symptoms such as w hite smoke coming out from the exhaust, an unusual sweet smell coming due to coolant burning, a blown head gasket that allowed oil to mix coolant system, and prompt overheating due to high pressure in coolant or coolant pour out of the tank.

However, the good news is head gasket failure issue of the 6. Reports claim that encountering fuel dilution issues in the 6. In the regeneration managing process, the engine is supposed to trap the external particulates in the DPF and burn for cleaner emissions. Unfortunately, the 6. As a result, this entire process allows fuel to adhere to the cylinder wall and mix with the oil to cause dilution. Cummins has launched a new oil analysis program and under this program, you can get the oil analysis done at approx.

EGR cooler failure is not a new issue that only occurs with 6. However, most long-term diesel engine owners are already well aware of this trouble, and t he EGR issues mostly occur because 6. Fortunately, like all other 6. When the problem visibly pops up just delete the EGR system, and another solution is to clean up the EGR valve or simply replace it.

Taking your vehicle to any professional workshop, it will cost you approx. It is a relatively cheap repair service since professional assistance is not always required if you are maintaining its schedule maintenance.

With regularly scheduled maintenance and proper care, A 6. Cummins brand is internationally famous for offering high-quality diesel engines and available in different sizes to meet the standard for delivering products that fulfill most equipment application demands. Therefore, do not rush over and take your time to make the best decision.

DTC trouble codes are helpful. Most people think of them as the start of a calamity. In recent years, muscle cars have been popular, and the Dodge Charger is one of the best-known…. Some issues will always persist regardless of how careful you are with your vehicle.

For several reasons,…. Skip to content The Cummins engines are widely renowned for their durability and reliability, and the 6. Contents About 6. Worst 6.

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Everything Wrong with the 6.7L Cummins

WebApr 24,  · One of the most common issues with the L Cummins is the failure of the diesel particulate filter (DPF). The DPF is a device that captures and filters soot from the . WebJul 26,  · Various kinds of engine problems were reported for Cummins. Oil leaking was one of the most common issues. Other issues included check engine lights . WebFeb 12,  · No you're not supposed to run rotella t in the new trucks. Its a high ash oil and can gunk up the egr. If you've done the egr bypass you should be ok to run rotella t .