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Vegan gains adventist health studies

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Adventist Health Study-1 The second major study was designed to determine which components of the Adventist lifestyle give protection against disease. Over the course of the study, several questionnaires were mailed to 34, California Adventists. In the beginning, AHS-1 was primarily a cancer investigation. In , a cardiovascular component was added. It is believed this population provides a unique opportunity for also investigating the health effects of long-term exposure to ambient air pollutants with very little confounding distortion by active tobacco exposure.

Since , the cohort has been followed and monitored for newly diagnosed malignant neoplasms, coronary heart disease, and all-cause mortality. The authors state a strong association exists between the vegan dietary pattern and metabolic signatures relevant to disease prevention and control.

Findings from this study agree with previously reported favorable health outcomes for vegans. For example, the study found lower levels of several types of fatty acids or other lipid metabolites that evidence suggests are associated with inflammation and insulin insensitivity.

This study also supports previous findings from AHS-2 of higher amounts of beneficial plant compounds in blood, urine, and adipose samples of vegans biologically active compounds believed to have anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting activity.

Some metabolites showing differences between the two dietary groups in this study are markers of dietary intakes or behaviors, whereas others may have additional biological activity, thus preventing or promoting disease.

For example, long-chain saturated fatty acids, acyl carnitines, histidine metabolites, branched chain fatty acids, and branched chain amino acids reflect consumption of meat, dairy, and animal protein or fat, but also have relevance to inflammation and cardiometabolic diseases.

Researchers found lower concentrations of these metabolite types in vegans. Miles says that seeing lower abundance of these and other metabolite subclasses is interesting because hypotheses can be proposed about why vegans are not as prone to some of the chronic diseases.

Metabolites higher in vegans, on the other hand, may reduce risk of these diseases through anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Vegans in AHS-2 consume the highest amounts of plant foods and were compared with non-vegetarians to maximize the contrast in metabolic profiles.

For the purposes of this study, vegans were defined as those who never or rarely less than once per month ate meat, eggs, and dairy, and non-vegetarians were defined as those who ate at least 28 grams of red meat per day, although the majority consumed at least 56 grams. Looking forward, Miles hopes to apply this research on a larger scale and to identify metabolic and genomic biomarkers linking dietary and lifestyle behaviors with cardiometabolic and other diseases, with a focus on addressing health disparities.

The original version of this story was posted on the Loma Linda University Health news site. Miles et al. To bind together the Adventist people as we wait for Jesus to come back, by sharing news and information about the church plus articles on doctrine, spiritual growth and mission. Research suggests they have better capabilities of fighting disease than non-vegetarians.

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What The Adventist Health Study Shows About Diet And The Longest Living People In The World

years of research. 96, participants. $ million NIH grant. Testimonial. "Faith and health is a good partnership and the way people focus on health, diet and exercise is a new fountain Missing: vegan. study was done in Seventh-day Adventist churches, and the vast majority of cohort members identify themselves as Adventists. There was a special effort to recruit black subjects . May 18, A big reason is that vegetarian Adventists are thinner. The average Adventist woman eating a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet weighs 19 pounds less than a non-vegetarian. A .