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Juniper networks secure access 700 cognizant jobs uk

Juniper networks secure access 700

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Effective protection against threats and attacks. Cache Cleaner All proxy downloads and temp files installed during the session are erased at logout, ensuring that no data is left behind. Ensures that no potentially sensitive session data is left behind on the endpoint machine. Also includes a secure internal user database for enterprises that have not deployed third-party authentication. Auditing and logging Full auditing and logging capabilities in a clear, easy-tounderstand format.

Simplifies configuration, assessment and troubleshooting. Malware protection Enables customers to provision endpoint containment capabilities and secure the endpoint either prior to granting access or during the user session.

Provides comprehensive network protection. Table 3. Increased productivity for IT resources. Dynamically provisioned user connectivity At login, end users are immediately provisioned full connectivity as if running on the LAN, while important layered security functions run transparently.

Users provisioned using the Core Clientless access method upgrade are restricted to administrator configurable Webbased applications. Flexibility of allowing users access to different types of resources.

Simple, Web-based interfaces Both the end user and administrator interfaces are simple and Web-based, facilitating quick and easy use. Enables end user and administrator productivity. The Secure Access includes two different access methods. Table 4. Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network.

This fuels high-performance businesses. Additional information can be found at www. Phone: All rights reserved. All other trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks, or registered service marks are the property of their respective owners. Juniper Networks assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies in this document. Juniper Networks reserves the right to change, modify, transfer, or otherwise revise this publication without notice.

Juniper secure Access Secure Access. Secure Internet Access. Secure Access Rockwell. Secure Gateway vs Access Gateway. SSL delivery also eliminates the Network Address Translation NAT and firewall traversal issues encountered with traditional remote access products, allowing your remote users reliable and ubiquitous access from external networks such as home or hotels. The SA comes standard with Juniper Networks Network Connect access method, which creates a secure network-layer connection via a lightweight, cross-platform dynamic download.

The Secure Access deploys quickly and easily and does not require the costly deployment and maintenance of individual client software on each device. The SA delivers an appliance tailored to the specific needs of small to mid-sized companies, in an affordable plug-n-play form factor. Uses SSL, available in all standard Web browsers. Enables secure remote access from any browser. Leverages existing security infrastructure.

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WebThis Juniper Networks SA Secure Access SSL VPN Appliance is in refurbished condition and is fully guaranteed by our day warranty. Please feel free to contact us . WebThe Secure Access deploys quickly and easily and does not require the costly deployment and maintenance of individual client software on each device. The SA . WebJuniper Secure Access SSL VPN Appliance - 2G The Juniper Networks Secure Access (SA ) SSL VPN appliance provides small to medium enterpris.