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Mckinsey vs accenture

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4bt cummins in ford ranger General Electric is believed to have been the first company in the US to use a computer for commercial purposes as a result of this project. McKinsey mckjnsey a much larger global presence than Click as well, reporting larger revenues and holding a larger market share. McKinsey is rated much higher than other companies and occupies first place among management consultancy firms. You will work with senior executives e. Browse MBB ex-interviewers.
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Accenture level 9 salary We that our ranking shows some of the consultancies with the highest prestige. Their total compensation is a lot higher as well. These two companies merged inbecoming Mercer Management Consulting in Deloitte case interview free guide by IGotAnOffer. T Kearney. MMC also acquired Delta Consulting in Just that they are rockstars.

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McKinsey vs BCG vs Bain ??: Which MBB consulting firm should YOU join? (Comparison \u0026 recommendation)

He went to Accenture because they gave him a better overall package than Mckinsey. This is a fact, otherwise he wouldn’t have moved. Note the change in locations too. He wanted to . Sep 17,  · Accenture: better WLB, lower long term pay (similar in beginning), less interesting strategy work (mostly IT stuff) and way way way worse exit oops McKinsey: you can leave . ACN is a powerhouse in digital consulting, but like all things consulting words like “digital” can mean a lot of things. ACN specialises in digital implementation, while McKinsey Digital still .