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Nuance law firm

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Life at Nuance. We asked other women we admire to share their experiences too. Networking Nuance was born. Studies show that more gender balanced leadership creates businesses that are more financially successful, diverse, collaborative and with higher staff retention.

In UK law firms, women are underrepresented at partner level in firms of all sizes. Of those female partners, only a quarter are equity partners. The pace at which women progress through the ranks can be fast tracked if they bring in work. There are career challenges which are acknowledged as disproportionality affecting women.

We think talking, reading and learning about practical solutions helps. What inspired you to ask for these women to share their experiences and give their advice? It is these networks that make these female lawyers irreplaceable, invaluable and independent and ultimately, allows them to gain leadership positions and equity in law firms.

These women are always the ones you see at the centre of things, but in very different ways. It may be the centre of a party, an organisation, a publication, their firms, LinkedIn or a huge social network. Remember to sign up to our newsletter for continuing inspiration. The more women that complete these courses, the more likely we will be able to increase female representation in firms and companies. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass. Part of a law firm?

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