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Use Pixley benches with backs to define space and add privacy. Include the Stadium Shelf to create a highly functional, multi-tiered collaboration solution. AIS The user-friendly Upton chair pairs uncompromised comfort with clean lines. Various adjustability options allow the user to fine-tune Upton to their personal preference. AIS Grafton, is a robust mesh back side chair that can be stacked.

It offers clean lines and sleek design. The refined Grafton is ideally suited as a guest or visitor chair but will also serve its purpose in cafeteria, dining room, waiting rooms, or anywhere extra seating is required. Malik Gallery The new Memoria Series from Malik Gallery is comprised of a one, two and three seat sofa with matching coffee tables. The Memoria reinterprets the sofa by running through the last four generations of iconic sofas. The series also features an optional built-in charging unit and iPad holder.

Sterling Tree Studio The Duxbury is an extremely versatile collection combining a broad range of modular seating components with complimentary freestanding lounge components. Seating items may be specified with or without arms, with or without tablet arms and with or without power modules. Conveyance Mobile Carts. But if you are pursuing a nursing degree, does it really matter whether the nursing program is accredited? An accredited program is superior to one that is not accredited in a number of ways.

There are certain standardized requirements recognized as best practices by the U. S Department of Education. Only accredited schools are recognized to have met the requirements and deliver a comprehensive education that ensures graduates are eligible for Family Nurse Practitioner FNP certification exam.

This exam is relevant as it allows individuals to offer services as a certified FNP in all states. The ACEN accredits all graduate programs. Accreditation for a Family Nurse Practitioner program is separate from accreditation for the university. Here are some benefits to studying towards a degree from an accredited school.

Accreditation is a high mark of quality and some institutions choose not to hire FNPs who have earned their degrees from a program that is not accredited. While others may not require accreditation for employment, candidates with an accredited degree have got an upper hand when it comes to employment opportunities. The reason for this is that nursing programs must have strict standards to meet the accreditation requirements and employers are assured that the training offered gives the candidates the ability to perform to the highest standard.

For instance, those from non-accredited nursing schools lack an opportunity to participate in National Institute of Health research initiatives. For family nurse practitioners who wish to work as professional instructors in a nursing school, many states require the FNPs to have pursued their degrees from an accredited nursing program. This opens up full-time and part-time job opportunities, something that enables FNPs to continue with their studies making education a great investment.

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Opportunities abound in a variety of educational settings at all levels of licensure, and for eight decades the ACEN has been a supportive partner and the leading authority for nursing education accreditation for every educational setting and all levels of licensure. Over those 80 years, as nursing education changed to keep pace with the evolution of the nursing profession, the ACEN progressed too.

There have been many crossroads over those 80 years, and we are at another crossroad today. Additionally, this debate is often entwined with decades-held beliefs by some that only certain educational settings should offer a nursing program e. There is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to serve nursing education and the nursing profession by becoming a peer evaluator. The ACEN is growing; the number of site visits per semester has increased from an average of 80 visits to visits.

Every ACEN-accredited nursing program benefits from having at least one nurse educator serving as a peer evaluator, and there is no limit to the number of peer evaluators from a nursing program. Many consider serving in the role of peer evaluator as an opportunity for service and as a professional commitment. The leading authority for nursing education accreditation proudly brings you Transition-to-Practice TTP program accreditation. Transition to practice is a critical time during which a nurse develops the skills and attitudes necessary for autonomous nursing practice within her or his level of licensure.

Current research suggests that successful transitions to practice result in improved patient safety and a better quality of nursing care.

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