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Inderpalsingh gill cognizant careers

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Alexander Savchenko: oleksandr. Alexander Schmidt: alexs! Alexander Schwartz: alexander. Alexander Shishkin: alexander. Alexander Shopov: alshopov! Alexander Simmerl: alx! Alexander Sitnik: alex. The school bagged 1st position in Punjab and 4th in India surpassing top ranking school nationwide for Green school Program organized by Center of Science and Environment in New Delhi in the year The achievement was applauded by honoring the school with an appreciation letter by the Cabinet Minister.

Woodlands partnered for the programme which was held for the first time in India since Independence. This programme has been held twice at Woodlands. Intensive Teacher Training Sessions as well as Orientations for students were held. The Inter Change of Culture values impinged everyone. With a vision to prepare our younger generations to make a mark in the field of education WOS was inaugurated by Sh.

Meenal Soni , a dynamic dancer from Grade XI , was awarded the consolation prize after a live performance with Gurdial Singh , a grade XI tabla maestro. Woodlander won a total of 40 Medals at the Open District Swimming Championship including 28 gold , 8 silver and 4 bronze , which was held on 18 September , at the Services Club in Hoshiarpur. Our Woodlanders won 08 Gold, 17 Silver and 18 Bronze medals. Congratulations to Pranjay Saini , who scored an exceptional Heartiest congratulations, Aarushi Vij!

He was honoured at the school on Monday, August 8, Ishita Mangle scored She has got admission to the government medical college in Patiala. Ambedkar Stadium, Saharanpur, UP. In the event, two of our steadfast Woodlanders Kunwarpreet Kaur and Akshita Sharma, won a silver medal and a bronze medal in the 78 kg and 57 kg categories, respectively.

With this win, they contributed to helping Team Punjab lift the overall third trophy amongst 17 states. Meharpreet Kaur of Grade 4 won the Silver Medal. Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Nawanshahr and Phagwara participated. Resilient Woodlanders who were 13 in number won 02 Gold, 04 Silver and 07 Bronze medals in National Karate Championship held in Kolkatta on 9th, 10th and 11th June, The precious gems of Woodlands i.

Komal Vasudeva scored Science, Commerce and Humanities, Session School, Hoshiarpur on Sunday, 6th Jalandhar , on Saturday, 6th August surpassing 48 participant schools. V Addiction. Swimming Competition held at Hoshiarpur. Competition , under 14 category boys and girls section held at Hoshiarpur in the month of October Ishaan Sharma of Grade-7 grabbed gold medal in under, 50m, Butterfly race and silver medal in under, m, Individual medley.

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Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. WebShare your videos with friends, family, and the world. 1 day ago · Q4CY22 guidance changed modestly For Q4CY22F, Cognizant has revised its revenue guidance to $ bn vs $bn earlier. For CY22F, revenue guidance has been raised modestly to $ bn, from.