upmc or highmark for heart failure
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Upmc or highmark for heart failure

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This situation is a microcosm of the larger problem with the U. They generate enormous revenues. Instead of those profits going to stockholders, like a for-profit company, or to significant charities, money is poured back into the hospitals themselves, allowing them to expand rapidly and inflate executive pay without paying taxes locally.

These nonprofit giants, "InHospitable" argues, can make whole communities dependent on them, but without accountability to taxpayers, employees, or their patients. Congratulations, first of all.

Just to start off with, if you could tell me just a little about your own background, but also what led you to want to focus on hospitals? Alvarez: I'm a documentary filmmaker, and I've worked on a lot of different projects and a lot of different types of worlds.

I did a series for Netflix about pornography in society, I've done projects about martial arts masters and, you know, makeover mavens, so I've been all over the place. I'm always really interested in asking questions, and during all the presidential debates, right in advance of the election, you just heard people talking about insurance and Big Pharma, medical devices, and you know, "our healthcare system is broken," but you just never hear anyone talking about hospitals.

What was their role? I just started doing some research and started to find some pretty alarming and disturbing information about hospital consolidation, and some of the bad behaviors that nonprofit hospitals were doing, and just got really interested in that. I realized, okay, well, there hasn't been a documentary about this. Regular folks don't know about what's going on with hospitals and it affects every single one of us, so I should probably do a documentary about it.

Normally people aren't thrilled to dive into healthcare. Was it really just listening to Congress, [and] public conversations and just thinking, "I wonder what's going on with hospitals? Alvarez: Yeah, I just was so shocked when I started to find out these points about nonprofit hospitals and the way that they're not being really held accountable and this idea that they have all these tax breaks.

It really affects the community. You still think of hospitals Not that there was anything nefarious -- but it just seemed like the hospitals are just being run like businesses and it bothered me because the product is a human life.

And I felt like as I started working on this, I was like, well, this is kind of the ultimate test of that -- what is more complex, besides like, the tax code, than our healthcare system?

Healthcare is hard to visualize. How did you make decisions about visual cues and video? What were some unique considerations when talking about something like healthcare? Alvarez: When we first started diving in, I think that the biggest challenge was figuring out how much of the personal story are we going to tell about the individuals and how it was personally affecting them. Because that's the thing that people really connect with, always. And how much of the bigger-picture story about hospital consolidation and accountability?

What's the balance of those two things? When I say we, I'm talking about Stacy Goldate, who is our editor and one of our producers, and my collaborator. To me, that situation in Pittsburgh was just so complicated because you had the consent decrees, and you had something that happened back in , and the consent decrees had expired, and who's the consent decree with?

And why? We thought the animation would be a really great way to tell this story. But the challenge is, we didn't want the animation to feel frivolous or feel cartoonish, or that we were almost ridiculing the situation, because it was so serious. So we asked the animator to use Pink Floyd's "The Wall" as a template and just go kind of pretty dark with the animation, so people could walk away with the information they needed about the complexities of the situation in Pittsburgh, but also come away with an emotional response as well.

It's something that Natasha Lindstrom, the reporter in Pittsburgh, and I talked about all the time. She said, "This is my challenge with writing about this situation and about healthcare.

How do you keep people engaged when you actually have to explain a really complex situation? How do they just not turn their computer off or just say, 'forget it'?

Was there anything that stood out to you, or what was the most surprising for you that you found out along the way? Alvarez: It wasn't necessarily surprising to me that hospitals were being run like businesses. The extent [to which they were] was kind of disturbing, but it wasn't surprising. We all know we've decided as a country that we are going to have private businesses run our healthcare.

But to me what was the most surprising was this question of nonprofit hospitals, and how the majority of hospitals in this country are nonprofit, and they're just, according to the communities in them, not benefiting the community in a way that justifies their large tax breaks. Also this idea that it's a self-perpetuating system, because as the hospitals make more money, they can't claim it as profit. So they have to reinvest it in themselves. So they keep building and building and building, and they're taking all this property and these communities off the tax rolls that otherwise [would be] businesses that would be paying taxes.

So now, you have less money going to schools and roads and transportation and affordable housing and all the things that we pay for with taxes, and these hospitals are making so much money. That all felt really -- it still doesn't feel right. There's really no incentive for the hospitals to put that money back in and pass it along -- as was talked about in the film -- to patients, or for services that will be preventive.

They want more patients, they want to do more services. Alvarez: Right, right. The other thing is, so many of the people that run these hospitals are business people. They have business degrees, and they come maybe from running some other large business. And so it's difficult because they're just doing their actual job and running a business, and they're trying to figure out, "okay, what's our bottom line?

How can we be most efficient? The goal is to help patients improve their quality of life in managing the chronic condition of heart failure. The open house will be held from 3 to 7 p. Erie VAMC staff will provide tours of the expanding facility. Health experts and program representatives will also be available in the second floor conference rooms to provide information about the variety of VA services and volunteer opportunities available to veterans.

Training rides are available for cyclists who want to prepare for the Highmark Quad Bike event July The rides, which are free and open to the public, are held Mondays in June at 6 p.

The training will be overseen by Quad coordinator Kelly Latimer.

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We have made commitments to building an AHN community-focused network that will reinvent health care for consumers. We are committing to driving change in how care is delivered at the community level.

Not at all. Competition in health care will help drive lower costs, higher quality and innovations in care. What does it mean for me right now? Members in these products will not have access to all UPMC facilities or doctors on July 1 st Certain services like exception hospitals and some community oncology services will be in-network. Other facilities and services like Hillman and Passavant will still be out-of-network. However, members will have affordable out-of-network protections for emergency department services at all UPMC facilities.

As more details become clear there will be specific outreach to members to clarify how this decision affects them. What about Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic? Will all of the planned AHN projects in the community continue? Will this change your strategy in investing in AHN and other health systems?

UPMC spokesman Paul Wood points out, "In a market where there are a lot of insurers, where no insurer has a dominant position, that bodes well for consumers in terms of price. Breisinger says, "The marketplace has changed dramatically in the last five years. There are 35 options to consider in Allegheny County alone for folks that they need to be considering especially on the individual side. Breisinger says plans, options, and prices are constantly changing so a year review of your plan is a must.

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