Innovative Non Dairy Infant-formula FOUNDATION FOR A WORLD of PROPER NUTRITION Hamutal Yitzhak CO FOUNDER / CO CEO BSc Psychology and general science, MBA marketing. Former head of infant nutrition dept. at Abbott labs ISRAEL. Team Uriel Kesler CO FOUNDER / CO CEO BSc Economics, Former GM PL infant formula company SHAKED TEVEL: Michael Azar CO FOUNDER / CTO BSc food technology, MBA Former CEO & Chief food technologist Materna (infant nutrition) Prof. Ron Shaoul M.D. DIRECTOR Advisory Board Head of Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition Institute, RAMBAM Medical Center Haifa Brigitte Cochavi, MSc CHIEF PEDIATRIC NUTRITIONIST Head of child & infant nutrition team. SHIBA Medical center Ramat Gan National representative at : ESPGHAN (European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition) AODA (American Overseas Dietetic Association ) Foundation for a world of proper nutrition INDI seeks to overcome young children’s 21st century ills by reforming nutritional foundation from infancy. Cow's milk protein is almost exclusively the ONLY protein source that the $55 BN industry feeding the world’s entire infant population relies on. Environment Livestock production accounts for 70% of agricultural land and it is one of the major contributors of greenhouses gas emission. Livestock farming uses huge amounts of water and land and produce enormous amounts of waste. Health Cows milk is full of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides Scientifically related to 21st century epidemics (obesity, diabetics, ADHD) and is one of the most powerful allergens Early Childhood Allergies • • • • • • • • • • ASTHMA RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS SKIN RASH ECZEMA REFUSE TO FEED COLIC REFLUX DIHARREA STOMACH DISCOMFORT CONSTIPATION The challenge: breast milk analogue Over a century industry seeks for AN ALTERNATIVE HIGH PROTEIN SOURCE - TRACING GOLD STANDARD BREAST MILK’S COMPLETE & BALANCED COMPOSITION. • Full amino acid profile • Fatty acids ratio • Macronutrients ratio: %protein % fat %carbs • Very specific ratios between amino acids , and between fatty acids The Solution THE FIRST NON DAIRY NO SOY BREAST MILK ANALOUGE • • • • Composition Performance Scalability Affordability • • • • Approval Patentability Availability Compliance World’s first dairy free soy free infant formula THE MAGIC OF INDI 2 SIMPLE PLANTS ARE TECHNOLOGICALY TRANSFORMED INTO AN ANALOUGUE of ONE of NATURE’S MOST COMPLEX SUBTANCES: BREAST MILK The Solution • • • • • Safe Healthy Nutritious Sustainable Economic World’s first dairy free soy free infant formula Safety Advantages The safest infant formula • • • • No Hormones No Antibiotics No Pesticides GMO free Health & Nutritional Advantages Perfect nutritional alternative • • • • Mothers milk analogue/equivalent Nutritionally complete & balanced Full amino and fatty acid profile Fully meets WHO/FAO codex for infant nutrition • Cholesterol and Gluten free • Cleanest lable - No added external macronutrients • Great taste Environmental Advantages Minimal Ecological footprint • Free of greenhouse gas pollution • Utilizing 5% of the water and land used for livestock production • No waste Economic Advantages Most cost effective infant formula • • • • Affordable competitive price Efficient and faster production cycle No feed to food conversion IP protected Market highlights SIZE • 55 BN$ • 8% avg. annual growth TRENDS • Centralized / Globalization • Low innovation • Highly conservative • Emerging markets bolster growth • Demand exceeds supply CONSUMER INSIGHT • High brand loyalty and involvement • Premium & Specialty share grow Market Segmentation AGE GROUP • 0-12m • 12-36m 40% 60% NUT. QUALITY/ PRICING • Basic I Premium PROTEIN SOURCE • Cow’s milk* 90% • Soy 10% * Regular, LF, Semi HA, HA, elemental, synthetic, goat, organic In the long term INDI will challenge global dairy industry providing efficient, sustainable, healthy & tasty whole protein source substitute. Same variety Comparable to cow's milk nutritional values without it's well known deficiencies . Future applications Vegan Clinical nutrition Vegan Cow’s milk Vegan High / Soy HIGH protein drinks PROTEIN substitute Vegan complementary balanced nutrition for kids Current Status Completed a series of successful industrial scale-up runs Ready to launch within 3-6 months “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet…” Albert Einstein JOIN OUR JOURNEY